Traveling Albatros

I travel the roads and routes of Secondlife Mainland, taking pictures, notes and landmarks. The results of some of the trips will be shown here. I invite you to explore Secondlife along the routes Traveling Albatros recommends here. When you do so, may your border crossings always be smooth 😉

Traveling Albatros wears:

Shape – modified “Spartacus – Adult Male Shape” – by Clarissa Lowell – (free!)(
Skin – modified newbie skin – in your inventory
Hair – “.:EMO-tions:.SCHATTENREITER – shadow*rider Hair” – by Mirja Mills /
Eyes – modified newbie “MaleWoodElf Eyes” – in your inventory
Pants – “MayCreations Leatherpants black” – by Indira Perl / MayCreations
Tattoo – “Skulll Tattoo Front&arm (nt15)” – by  Dunja Hian / visit this very beautiful island!
Belt (replaced by horse while riding) – “grim bros pouchy belt brown” – by Cutea Benelli / Grim Bros.
Scarf – “*DL* Palestine O.D. color” – by Toxic Lemon / Dirty  Lynx
Googles – “grim bros mc sepia gogglets sepia” – by Cutea Benelli / Grim Bros.
Vest – “MayCreations biker vest shiny black” – by Maymay Matova / Maycreations
Horse (replaces belt) – “Ruby Midnight” – by Casey Burleigh / Crimson Phoenix Creations
Wings (sometimes) – “<I> ArchAngel” – by Ishtara Rothschild / Dark Delights


be nice and have fun …


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