Simple visits Bay City: Falmouth Hotel + Archeological Site of Molexandria

The Falmouth Hotel of Bay City is “a hotel, built on top of the old Bay City asylum site. Or it was a hotel, before it had to be abandoned”. The nice background story to the place can be found at The history of Bay City is published on the wiki too: and a list of some of the point of interests there can be found at

I landed at (, directly in front of the entrance. The “Creepy Tree B, PYRI, EAR, OBJ” are made by Earthy Mole, the gate by Crazy Mole.

The Blood Fountain in front of the Hotel is created by Myopic Mole and Sylvan Mole. Most objects on the parcel are owned by Michael Linden. A lot of the Hotel building is made by Sylvan Mole, some additional stuff are from Naughty Mole and Smokey Mole.

There are a lot of details to explore and enjoy. The “Male Zombie Standing” is made by Crazy Mole, the “Falmouth Pic & Frame – mona” by Sylvan Mole.

Especially eerie are the Teddy Bears by Silent Mole in the restaurant …

A beautiful Ballroom with Skeleton “Frank” by Crazy Mole and Piano and Drums by Sylvan Mole on stage.

Some rooms and the corridors are decorated. I did not found an official way upstairs around the broken lift, so I used the cam. There are enough sits available to get you on the different floors. Here are some examples of the scenes you will find there.

This Bathroom is made by Silent Mole, the mirror is animated.

The animated Coffin is another creation of Silent Mole, the “Candleabra scripted to blow out when near” is made by Sylvan Mole.

The “Art Deco Bed” is made by Silent Mole, but after the long time in this creepy Hotel, I needed some fresh air and a better place to recover 😉

And voilà, wandering just a short stretch from Falmouth into Bay City, I found this interesting park in Imagenario.

It is the “Molexandria Archeological Site” build by Guaca Mole and Naughty Mole. You find it listed also as point of interest on

The Mole Ruins of Molexandria are made by Guaca Mole – a kind of prehistoric Linden Homes ?

The park offers a small Labyrinth, an Arena and this interesting exercise for three Avatars, also created by Guaca Mole.

I believe the glass windows on the Pavilion building are genuine Mole Art too 😉

This was a very interesting trip and I will sure do some more visits to Bay City in the near future – so take this as an appetizer 😉

until then …

be nice and have fun 😉

Simple’s Balloon Rides: Sea of Fables

“Just East of Ice Bay, the Sea of Fables is a sailors dream with many points of interest and stopping off areas” – that’s how this region of about 30 sims is described on . Have a look there for a nice map and the location of the rezz zones. Read how this amazing work of the Moles from the Linden Department of Public Works was announced by Michael Linden on 10-20-2010 on the LDPW Blog: – and from a non-Linden point of view the birth of the Sea of Fables is described here: …

The region is not only a sailors dream, but also one of the most rewarding places to ride a balloon 😉 All the regions are Linden owned and the islands are very beautiful examples of the craftsmanship of the Moles.

I did start at the rezz zone on Mirtoon Islands also called the “Isles of the Blessed” at ( and visited all the scattered Isles on my tour. You will find here a selection of the pictures I took en route.

Walkways and buildings on the Isles of the Blessed, here a “Golden Gazebo and Platform”, are made by Naughty Mole, the “sho.DragonChair” by Opti Mole.

Nice walkways and bridges connect all the small Mirtoon islands to allow for a small tour with nice views on the sea.

Then I rode north to visit the historical “Teen Grid Transfer Station – This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!” on Baffin Island. The building is made by Lordfly Digeridoo, different creators for furnitures and decorations. This is older than the work of the moles 😉

On neighboring “Bacchus Island”, the “Hercules with Club (FINAL)” and the “Serpent Tree: Ladon” as on top of the hill in the background the “Atlas with Globe (FINAL)” are made by Garden Mole.

Still on Bacchus Island, this “Statue of Atalanta” and the “Fruit Tree C – Golden Apples” – yes, they let golden apples fall and roll down the hill – are made by Silent Mole.

Around the hill, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite by Silent Mole are debating on the right to the golden apple.

Hera has her own small island: “Hera’s Island” by Silent Mole.

Next I cross to “Poseidon Island”, a wonderful harbour village in greek style by Mysti Mole. There are some very beautiful places scattered around the Island for the visitor to explore and enjoy.

The building on “Joppa Island” is made by Bloomin Mole.

The same Bloomin Mole is the creator of the “Cave of the Gorgon” on “Gorgon Island”.

And the same Bloomin Mole is also the creator of the buildings on “Seriphos Island” with this “God Seated_SF_GOD_Bloomin_OB”.

And still the same Bloomin Mole also created the amazing complex building on “Perseus Island”.

Riding back to the West of the Sea, I passed “Hephaestus Isle” created by Hyper Mole.

To me the highlight of my visit to the Sea of Fables was walking the path up “Mount Olympus” made by Naughty Mole –

to find some rest playing a harp made by Myopic Mole on top 😉

Last of the landmarks en route was the vivid “Orwood Volcano” by Crazy Mole, a small brother of the Volcano of Ichelus I visited on my Balloon Ride here.

I also passed some really amazing privately owned residences around the coastline – so I’m sure I will return some time soon for another tour along the shores of the Sea of Fables.

And on another tour I will have a look at the underwater creations by the moles mentioned on the wiki – but first I have to find me a submarine I like 😉


be nice and have fun …

and Good Winds!

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Feoktistov to Puccetta

I plan to travel this coastal road for some time now . From my first trip, at least 2 years past, I remember some marvellous buildings and a very interesting scenic route along the whole coast of this relatively young continent.

(Orca Flotta presents another way to travel around the continent on her blog:

The route is documented on So this is ‘official’: “Gaeta is a small ‘peanut’ shaped continent to the east of Corsica and contains Route 7, a scenic road touring its coast, with two inland cross routes 7A and 7B completing the network”. There are not many points of interest along the route build by the moles listed because there is not much need – as we will see 😉

This is a rather long trip and will take some stages, so I beg you to follow this blog series patiently 😉

I started with a visit to Kimiko Dovers Mainshop (, where I found just the perfect vehicle for the heavy driverless traffic on the road 😉

This Steam Roller is almost as weighty and slow as possible. And with slow, I mean really, really slow: in 5th and highest gear it rolls in just little more than walking speed 😉 You can drive it forwards or backwards, it is nicely animated and, like most of her vehicles, you don’t have to press a key to keep moving. The perfect vehicle to take pictures en route. See the description on Kimiko Dovers blog and the demonstration video on (Only drawback : the Roller is not modifiable and as it is made by a small japanese girl, the steering is not perfectly positioned for my 1.97cm – but I’m used to that handicap 😉 )

On Kimiko Dovers pier I rezzed my boat to start the trip. There is some unfinished roadwork to the east by Mighty Mole, so I started the other way. Perhaps on the end of the trip I will find a new Mole creation here 😉

Several parts of the route are designed as waterways but most of the time there are rezz Zones and free boat vendors positioned where the road ends, to allow an easy switch of transportation method 😉

The route swings around the beautiful Libestus Pier made by Silent Mole. There is a Rezz Zone positioned around the head of the pier ( to allow the Sailors and Boaters to start their trip around the continent.

I stayed in my Talakin Boat on direction SW to the start of the road.

The first example of this handy arrangement of Rezz Zone with free boat vendor I encountered here in Angkasawan ( The Sailboat Vendor and the road further on are made by Abnor Mole.

So I left the boat already and rezzed the Steam Roller for the first time 😉

On the beachside of the rezz Zone, one of the most beautiful and athmospheric Beachbars I know: the Seaside Cafe Rocket’s owned and made by Est400 Beck.

You can take your time preparing for the road here ( It seems to offer a nice meeting point and place to wait on travel company 😉

Just in the next region, in Arcobluster, again on the beachside of the road, “The Tiny Bayou – Cajun Fest & Blues Living on the Bayou” – “Tinies Tiny Community Living in the Louisiana Swamp Rentals 7Seas Blake Sea Access Riverboat Airstrip Club Hangout Live Music Road Access Tiny Themed Living Gators Southern Bluegrass Creole music zydeco swamp blues swamp pop Cajun Fishing Voodoo Flying”

This is an absolutely amazing creation, build by sweecahcahche Ah. See some of her work on While I passed, she was still (or again?) at work. I for sure will go back there on the end of the trip to take some pictures more 😉

In Tamayo, the next region, there are some nice, flat Parcels for rent, nicely positioned on the road and on the beach. But completly bare, not very inviting to any occasional tenant …

Along the road, I found several small rezz Zones positioned directly on the sim borders. This sequence starts here in Tamayo –

In Teegarden, the next region, this beautiful arrangement behind the “BELLE ROSE stage” owned by Satonao Jewell. I couldn’t resist to capture that again 😉 (If you know my books, you know the scene …)

Read about Satonao Jewell’s work and her ” !!..BELLE ROSE..!! Musical Instruments Shop” on

It’s an amazing shop, a lot of realistic music Instruments on sale, some very highly animated and all very carefully crafted.

In front of here shop, another rezz Zone – .

And on the next border to Junapel already another one – .

Now this fantastic building dominates the view on the landside of the road. It is the “Basilica of saint toshu on the kyapa hill”, owned by kyapa Jorisch and created by Vilma Yoshikawa. See her own documentation of her work on

I only had a short look on the inside. It looked like they were preparing for a grand ceremony, it really seems to offer the perfect premises for the grandest 😉

A rezz Zone again on the border to Puccetta – . And in this region, on the start of the inland cross route called Route 7A, I will now suspend the trip for the first time.

The next rezz Zone lies around the corner, on the Route 7A on the border to Peeley Here I will resume my circumnavigation of Gaeta V – another day soon 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …