Simple’s Balloon Rides: Sea of Fables

“Just East of Ice Bay, the Sea of Fables is a sailors dream with many points of interest and stopping off areas” – that’s how this region of about 30 sims is described on . Have a look there for a nice map and the location of the rezz zones. Read how this amazing work of the Moles from the Linden Department of Public Works was announced by Michael Linden on 10-20-2010 on the LDPW Blog: – and from a non-Linden point of view the birth of the Sea of Fables is described here: …

The region is not only a sailors dream, but also one of the most rewarding places to ride a balloon 😉 All the regions are Linden owned and the islands are very beautiful examples of the craftsmanship of the Moles.

I did start at the rezz zone on Mirtoon Islands also called the “Isles of the Blessed” at ( and visited all the scattered Isles on my tour. You will find here a selection of the pictures I took en route.

Walkways and buildings on the Isles of the Blessed, here a “Golden Gazebo and Platform”, are made by Naughty Mole, the “sho.DragonChair” by Opti Mole.

Nice walkways and bridges connect all the small Mirtoon islands to allow for a small tour with nice views on the sea.

Then I rode north to visit the historical “Teen Grid Transfer Station – This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!” on Baffin Island. The building is made by Lordfly Digeridoo, different creators for furnitures and decorations. This is older than the work of the moles 😉

On neighboring “Bacchus Island”, the “Hercules with Club (FINAL)” and the “Serpent Tree: Ladon” as on top of the hill in the background the “Atlas with Globe (FINAL)” are made by Garden Mole.

Still on Bacchus Island, this “Statue of Atalanta” and the “Fruit Tree C – Golden Apples” – yes, they let golden apples fall and roll down the hill – are made by Silent Mole.

Around the hill, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite by Silent Mole are debating on the right to the golden apple.

Hera has her own small island: “Hera’s Island” by Silent Mole.

Next I cross to “Poseidon Island”, a wonderful harbour village in greek style by Mysti Mole. There are some very beautiful places scattered around the Island for the visitor to explore and enjoy.

The building on “Joppa Island” is made by Bloomin Mole.

The same Bloomin Mole is the creator of the “Cave of the Gorgon” on “Gorgon Island”.

And the same Bloomin Mole is also the creator of the buildings on “Seriphos Island” with this “God Seated_SF_GOD_Bloomin_OB”.

And still the same Bloomin Mole also created the amazing complex building on “Perseus Island”.

Riding back to the West of the Sea, I passed “Hephaestus Isle” created by Hyper Mole.

To me the highlight of my visit to the Sea of Fables was walking the path up “Mount Olympus” made by Naughty Mole –

to find some rest playing a harp made by Myopic Mole on top 😉

Last of the landmarks en route was the vivid “Orwood Volcano” by Crazy Mole, a small brother of the Volcano of Ichelus I visited on my Balloon Ride here.

I also passed some really amazing privately owned residences around the coastline – so I’m sure I will return some time soon for another tour along the shores of the Sea of Fables.

And on another tour I will have a look at the underwater creations by the moles mentioned on the wiki – but first I have to find me a submarine I like 😉


be nice and have fun …

and Good Winds!

Simple’s Balloon Rides: Ice Bay

Some places in second life, you just have to explore from the air. As the Talakin Waterbird is more a sports equipment than a vehicle to scout unknown territories, I gave in to another of my long time wishes and bought myself a christmas present 😉

The “ND-Hot Air Balloon Sculpty w/cuddle v3.4.2” by Nicole Designs, made by Nicoladie Gymnast 😉 It carries pilot and 4 passengers. A sophisticated dropdown menu lets you change textures and colors of balloon, basket and floor separately. It has different cruise modes and several separate camera angles for pilot and passengers. And it is copiable. The only drawback so far: The sit animations are not modifiable – so the pilot is stuck in a static pose and has to hold a passenger in the arm the whole tour over 😉

Looks a little bit stupid, when the pilot does not ride with such an intimate friend 🙂

To get used to this new toy, I have chosen to explore Ice Bay, 6 regions extending the Sansara Snowlands to the east into the Sea of Fables. This wide inland Ocean on the Sansara subcontinent is a real Sailors Dream, with many areas of interest to visit. I found Ice Bay singly mentioned on the map (, there was no entry for any point of interest or rezz zone.

But a closer look on the map saved me from an extended search for a place to rezz my Balloon. In the NW corner of Svan, a bright green marking was shouting “COME SAIL” – and I guessed correctly – there was a rezz zone to the parcel 😉

The facility is offered by the ~Second Wind~ group as “Aspen Sailing Resource Center – Come Sail With Us – A sailing resource center with information about sailing, yacht clubs, and SL sail boats to welcome all SL residents to sailing”. There is a small detached rezz zone on the water at ( The Center offers a lot of different sailboats for free and a lot of information about sailing in secondlife in a wonderful scenery.

First, I spend a very rewarding hour playing around with sky and light presets. This white ice was outblinding any color in my familiar settings! In the end, I decided to use the very dramatic, only slightly modified “[TOR] SUNSET – Oriental delight 1” from Torley 😉

To the east, behind the first large icefield, I passed over this amazing ship by Lia Woodget, the parcel is set to the Black Spot group. The slowly drifting icefields of Ice Bay are made by Crazy Mole.

First I was heading to the north to Kara, I originally planned a roundtrip …

In Biscay, the icefields are changing to isolated small drifting icebergs. I turn south after the last one and follow the eastern coast. There are very wonderful sceneries to enjoy along most of the shores of Ice Bay.

These parcels in Lakeville are owned by the Little Dreams Skyboxes group.

While crossing the border to Amundsen, I was suddenly kicked out of the basket and dropped on the seaground. I could recover, nothing stucked or broken, but the Balloon was out of sight – so i started with a new one at the rezz zone again.

On second try, I had no problems crossing from Barents to Laptev in the south from there to Chukchi to the east and from there back to Amundsen. But the Balloon was nowhere to find, it seems to be lost in the void – since this day, it did not return to my inventory. That’s why I only buy vehicles wich are copiable 😉

Cruising over the icefields, I found two more creations by Crazy Mole. First this “Sledge_01_IceBay_CRA_OB”.

Then on the next iceberg, the “LPDW_ICE_Kano_01V2”. The eskimoes left them without leaving any trace …

For sure the best way to enter Ice Bay is from the Drawbridge region, where it connects to the Sea of Fables. This beautiful house towering over the pier is made by Saphron, owned by Kayleen Saphir and set to the Little Dreams Skybox group.

While rising the draw distance to have a look into the fjord, I crashed again 😦

Obviously my latop reaches its limits with this settings – at least this time I was able to recollect the balloon …

I’m absolutely confident, that more mole creations could be found underwater – but me, I have seen enough ice for now. Perhaps I will return another day – I still miss a submarine in my vehicle collection 😉

Ice Bay is a small but very beautiful area to explore. Just too bad there is no protected rezz zone for miles around. I recommend to do like I did, select on the map a promising place along the coast and look from there for a parcel wich has building enabled to the public. It shouldn’t prove too difficult, this seems to be a very friendly, openhearted and generous neighborhood. And as ever: All will be well, as long as you make a little effort yourself to

be nice and have fun …

Good winds!

New book – Simple’s Meditations: along High Mountain Road + Amundsen Road

Am I not productive ? Yes, I am 😉

As volume 5 in the series, more than 20 pictures by Traveling Albatros from his trips along Amundsen Road and the High Mountain Road, accompanied by some very wise words 😉

You will find this book as always for sale at the souvenir kiosk at the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and at several places at Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( of course 😉

And all sales as always in favor of Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria 😉


be nice and have fun …

The Amundsen Road in the Sansara Snowlands from Auschnar Run to Chamonix

This route is not yet documented on the secondlife wiki. Even on the map from the Protected Route Interest Group, on, made by Yevad Doobie and dating from the 29-05-11, this road is still marked as offroad route…

Here the 3 stages in sequence I needed, to travel the road:

I started at the snowman in Auschnar Run on the drop to Loveland. (Read about the route through Loveland and Bretton here).

The second part took me from Braggiani to Kendall.

On the third leg I finished the trip, traveling from Kendall to Chamonix.

It is a wonderful road to ride your bike or car. I never had problems crossing the sim borders. So rezz your set of wheels and explore the Snowlands of Secondlife. I hope to see you on the road soon 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …

Kendall – Grouse – Durango – Cortina – Chamonix (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

This continues the trip along Amundsen road I ended here, at  the branchoff to Arosa (

The road rises here, turns to the NE and runs along the foot of the snow mountains of the neighboring Kanin region.

The highest point is reached in Grouse from where the route runs straight again to the north along the border to Seefeld, but never crossing it. A nice ride with the bike I suppose.

Some very beautiful buildings in sight from the road in the Grouse region.

In Durango I reach this spectacular bridge. The river down the gorge comes from the frozen lake in Zermatt. The bridge seems to be made by Michael Linden with objects from Eric Linden. Simple but beautiful 😉 It seems to be an older build: The road parcels here are just named “Protected Land”. Probably, Amundsen Road officially ends here. 

I found the entrance to this wonderful wintergarden behind the “Yava Script Pod Station” ( “Xyza’s Place ” owned by Xyza Armistice is open to the public and worth an extended visit.

The speedmeter on the road at the Pod Station shows a record speed of 448.5 KpH! I have to travel this road on bike sometime soon 😉 The Yava Pod Station has rezzing enabled with a return time of 30 min. This comes very handy, as there is no Linden rezz zone for miles around 🙂

After this point, the road runs further down the slope through the SW corner of Cortina to reach Chamonix.

A wonderful view north of the road in Cortina. The parcel with this huge snow forest is owned by the “Domus – Rentals & Real Estate” group. Too bad it is not open to the public. On the hill in the background, wich is located in the Mimas and in the Thetis region, the terrain switches from snow to granite. The road along this hillrange runs along the whole north border of the Sansara Snwolands. I will sure travel this route another day 😉

In Chamonix (not to confuse with Chamonix City, the multisim wintersport region), a very cluttered sim, I reach a crossroad ( Even with some traffic 😉

One route starts just a short way to the west and runs along the north border of the Snowlands to the east. It is the same road I saw before from Cortina. The continuation of Amundsen Road runs to the north, to Pandora and to granite terrain. I think Amundsen Road ended officially on the bridge in Durango. The roads in these regions seem to be older,  no creations by the moles far around 😦

So I end my trip here and hope my report did give you desire to visit this nice route through a part of the Sansara Snowlands on your own 😉


be nice and have fun on the road …