New book – Simple’s Meditations: Along Route 7 around Gaeta V

Volume 8 in the series collects the most beautiful and remarkable pictures from Traveling Albatros’ cirumnavigation of Gaeta V along Route 7 as described in this post.

The Route follows mostly the coastline and is even sometimes continued as waterway or canal.

It is a very rewarding trip. I recommend to take your time, some of the creations of the residents you will pass en route are worth a second look 😉

As with all the other books in the series, the 28 stylish pictures are accompanied by some deep wise words 😉

You will find this book for sale only in Second Life at the souvenir kiosk in the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and at several places in Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( 😉

All sales as always in favor of Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria.

be nice and have fun …


Along Route 7 all around Gaeta V

Now at last the whole circumnavigation in the correct sequence.

You find the Route documented on “Gaeta is a small ‘peanut’ shaped continent to the east of Corsica and contains Route 7, a scenic road touring its coast, with two inland cross routes 7A and 7B completing the network”. I will travel another time these inland branches, the circumnavigation followed the coastal Route 7.

from Feoktistov to Puccetta

from Puccetta to Rebin

from Rebin to Einer

from Einer to Eddison

from Starborn to Goldbach

from Goldbach to Japarid

from Japarid to Swanbridge

from Swanbridge to Riun Rol

from Riun Rol to Putnam

from Putnam to Feoktistov

Expect soon for sale in the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria another one of Simple’s Meditation Books collecting the very best of the pictures taken along the route 😉

be nice and have fun …

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Putnam to Feoktistov

The final leg of my trip around this subcontinent! I retook the circumnavigation at the linden road junction under construction at Putnam, where I stopped last time.

The nearest rezz zone is located  just after the border in Fourman at ( I recommend to drive slowly, the road is really narrow around the junction 😉 This part of route 7 is made by Mighty Mole.

A major accident happened obviously at “VARRIALE DESIGNS  in Putnam – Live your Dream in Second Life.  Homes, prefabs, villas, mansions, lodge, cabin, cottage, beach, tropical, bungalow” owned and created by Skyeryder Varriale, set to the Varriale Holdings group. Perhaps answering to the ugly sight on the parcel on the other side of the road. The land is without description, and restricted to age verified residents. It is set to the White River Enterprises group, claimed in May 2011 and presents an ugly, unfinished, too huge and even partially untextured construction. Really no place to live your dream next to …

The road passes more abandoned land in the next region Motru. There was no rezz zone on the border.

Also abandoned some dogs owned by Darrk Iceghost on the parcel “::SCREAM:: MAINSTORE & FISHING LOCATION – clothes, 7 seas fishing, tutus, boomers, neko, baggies, rave, lucky chairs” owned by the ::SCREAM:: cUStOmEr FaNS group. Read more about these Amaretto breedables on

The Road runs directly to the NW corner of the region, where it leads a very short stretch through Banyaga. The whole part of the route there at ( is set as rezz zone. This is not continued to the next region, Troelstra.

There, the road runs through the Bloom Estates owned by David Bloom and set to the Bloom Estates group. On both side of the road were a lot of parcels for rent with some very beautiful buildings. Read more about this place on

This is a “*Funky*Junk* Ariel” house by Ulaa Coronet.

On another parcel a “Thistle Rendezvous Cottage LE B.Unique (cm)” by Liz Gealach. Read more about all things thistle on

This is a “Bahia Tiki- Panama House” by Aral Levitt. Read more about her stuff on

There is a small rezz zone on the next region border at (, not continued into the next region Elbert.

In Elbert I passed the Shamrock Estates, set to the Shamrock Quality Rentals group, with some large public areas. From the group description: “Welcome to Shamrock Estates Elbert & ShamRock Island. “Shamrock the symbol of good luck”. This is what we wish you in our new homes. * We provide good quality housing and an excellent customer service * Our aim to Provide Quality housing and customer satisfaction – Property in Elbert & ShamRock Island presently available and under development – Dabs Shamrock, Shamrock Estates Owner/Landlady”. The group was founded by Dabs Shamrock. Read more about these estates on

On the road, this beautiful “Windmill v11” by Marian Lean, owned by Dabs Shamrock.

A rezz zone is located on the next region border at (

Most of the land in Eyharts belongs to the Second Life TV STAFF ONLY group. This impressive glass building sits on the parcel “**  SLTV Cube  ** – [Second Life TV Cube]: Eyharts (200, 206, 30), [GaetaV], (放送時 URL), (投稿時URL)” owned by Tamu Anton.

The building seems to be created by Hsr Voom.

Still in Eyharts, I found on the parcel “EYHARTS STATION” owned by the Shamrock Quality Rentals group, the beautiful “Beeston Station” created by Followmeimthe Piedpiper and owned by Dabs Shamrock. The engine is a “Thomas the Tank Engine” by Pine Martinek also owned by Dabs Shamrock. Too bad, there is no railroad connected …

Another short rezz zone on the next region border at ( Not continued into the next region Fenomess again.

On one side of the road there was an interesting mall area, set to the blue palm studio group – “WELCOME to Blue Palm Entreprise: Shops (free, tattoos & shapes and more), Clubs, Studio (Photography), Garden appartements, Shoutcast server, Garden boutique. For more information contact Louna Or City”. There were some stalls available. The buildings had different creators, most were owned by Louna Preis and City Dawg.

Entrance and view to the parcel on the other side of the road was blocked by a huge screen without gate …

The road ended then in another construction site by Mighty Mole in Feoktistov. There is a rezz zone on the water at (, without free sailboat vendor this time. You have to rezz your own vehicle to continue the route. The building elements of the bridge are set to phantom, so you can sail through them. Take care, there are some banlines along the waterway …

After a very short stretch on the waterway I was back at Kimiko Dovers place: “Vehicle (no need to Rez) Jeep, Bike, Helicopter, Balloon, Plane, Boat – Vehicles: Attach (Wear) only type and another Rez type ;), no need to keep on pressing keys to go straight, multi speed. Jeep, Willys, Scooter, Bike, Horse, Hot air Balloon, Helicopter, Heli, Hangglider, AirPlane, Kayak, Schooner, Sloop, Yacht, Tug boat”.

Here I started the trip with this post. It was a long travel, through some very different and interesting scenes. The route passes a lot of mostly residential areas with some very nice creations and landscapes along the way.

I hope you liked these short reports from Gaeta V as I loved creating them 😉 It is just a small view on this subcontinent, as it presented itself ca Dec – Jan 2011 / 12, but I believe, I listed many good locations to start a short tour and I’m sure, you find the right spot to start and explore it yourself 😉

Me, I’m confident I will repeat this roundtrip sometime. I’m curious to see how the land will develop and evolve.


As always, be nice and have fun on your travels sl or rl …

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Riun Rol to Putnam

For the 9th step on my trip around this subcontinent, I retook the circumnavigation at the linden water region Riun Rol, where I stopped last time. The whole stretch of the waterway through this sim is set as rezz zone: (

I reboarded my Talakin Small Boat and continued on the waterway, direction NW to Skonber. This again is an undecorated Linden ocean region. The waterway to route 7 crosses the sim some distance from the shore and is not marked until the border to Lenimov. There is no rezz zone there.

At ( starts a short underwater tunnel made of “Roadway – Tunnel (Low Option)” by Mighty Mole. It runs to (, through 2 regions only. I decided to stay in my boat. I like to see what I pass en route 😉

In Lenimov, on the parcel “MASHUGANA MILLS @ ANGEL ISLAND – Under Construction: Fine Furniture & Decor, Rug Imporium, Art Gallery, Candle Chandler Company, Rare Book Dealer & Reading Room, Wine Connoisseur, Coffee & Tea Importer, Angel Island Oasis, Angels Seaside Studio, Tower Of The Angels, Virtual World Blogger” set to the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group, waited this building by Angel Kingmaker to be finished. Read more about her second life on There is again no rezz zone on the border to the next region, Sheershank.

Also set to the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group is in Sheershank the parcel “D’s Nutz Beach Bar & Shops in the Sand – Nice Beachside hangout with good dj and good music. lights for the midnight setting. All is welcome, Huge dancefloor and fun people to be around. Nice bar, stage for live events with wet t-shirt contest. Stripper poles (girls included). Beach party !!”.

Just opposite, a “SL Coast Guard outpost w/helipad above” owned and created by Cate Foulsbane. Some information panels and freebies are presented to help the secondlife sailor. The outpost seems to host a chapter of the Leeward Cruising Club too: “Our charter: to explore & sail the SL waters with friends and to enjoy ourselves and our boats. Our much respected and admired founders: TORY MICHELINE and MANUL ROTARU – Our Motto: NO ONE LEFT AT THE DOCK!”

Again no rezz zone and no markers on the border to the next region, Malitz. First I passed some abanoned land there, then the canal gets really narrow, with buildings close to the border of the waterway. Take care, some owners there can’t live without banlines 😦

Because of the banlines of the neighbors, I crashed while admiring this clever building on Jaron DeVinna’s parcel “Ocean Winds”. It is a “Zuma” House by Oct Oyen, owned by Zak Rhiano.

The waterway then runs through this wonderful Palm beach “Tropical Beach – Sunset View – Protected Water x2 – This parcel is awesome! Protected water sim to the West, along with an unobstructed view of the sunset, and a riverway to the South, also protected, great for boating, etc. The parcel to the East will be for sale upon request.  Cam under to see terrain!!!”, this and the neighboring “Dwell Cove – Kel is Swell…This place rocks!” is set to the Dwell Designs group, some parcels seem to be claimed since nov. 2009.

Again no rezz zone on the border to Wissendon. This again is a Linden owned sea region, so you can just head to the start of the road on the sandbank in the SW.

The only decoration I passed in Wissendon was this “Rotten Dock” by Crazy Mole. There is no rezz zone in this region. On the sandbank in Lucasian at (, the road starts again – still no rezz zone. The first parts are made of “SL – Route 7” by Mighty Mole. On a “Modern Cement Bridge” also by Mighty Mole, the road crosses a small waterarm, then turns away from the shore. Because there was still no rezz zone available, I continued my travel on horseback 😉

First the road runs through parcels owned by Ponsonby Low: “P Low Low P Studio Oceanfront, 11248 w of Route 7 in Lucasian – P.Low Low P. Studio – low prim, low price homes, furniture, trees, plants, flowers, mannequins & more. Freebies scattered around – explore!  Grab a free yacht on the beach and sail on out!”. Some of them are claimed in 2008. A lot of very old school stuff was sold there, but to my ignorant taste, nothing especially remarkable besides these nice mannequins. There were some different models more on display. The store itself is rather heartless decorated …

Again no rezz zone on the border to Cliffoed. The road runs to the south and rises smoothly – but this is more or less the only positive thing to say about this part of the route. A lot of abandoned land, unfinished buildings and a lot of parcels completely bare on the ground – even a store named “Devine Equine / Roses&Rust Designs / Racing Stable – Furniture, plants, stables, flower arrangements, Amaretto, Horse, Champion, Stables, Sculpt Plants, Furniture, Meeroos, Horses, Riding Wear, Landscaping, Buddah, Textures, Garden, Jodphurs, Orchid, Rose”. So nothing to report from Cliffoed, Jallis, Glaisher and Demorgan 😦

And still no rezz zone along the road …

Passing Demorgan, I remarked on the minimap a lot of traffic in the neighboring region, Shiroman. There was located the busy “Sandbox Shiromani – Sandbox For The Public! Build, Script or Hangout in our new game room!” owned by the Sandbox Shiromani group. The Sandbox has no gate to the road …

Take care and slow down, when you meet this sign on the road in Demorgan.

The road junction, where the inland road 7B starts, was still heavy under construction. After the short stretch through the NE corner of Fourman, one lane of the road was blocked for the whole distance of the junction and the road got very very narrow.

Some of the objects belong to Mighty Mole, some to Michael Linden. I hope one of them will return to his work soon, in the present condition, it’s a very difficult passage. At last, there is a very small rezz zone just after the border to the next sim Fourman on route 7B at (

From there, I will continue and finish the circumnavigation next time. This was for sure not a very interesting part of the route 7. I hope, the 10th and last step will lead us through some recommendable regions and parcels again 😉

Until the next step then,

be nice and have fun …

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Swanbridge to Riun Rol

For the 8th step on my circumnavigation of Gaeta V, I retook the road at Swanbridge, where I landed at the dock and rezz zone at ( last time. Here Route 7 is continued as the familiar “Beach road” by Abnor Mole.

Two marvellous statues, this one is “The Guardian Statue Red Granite – Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations” by Elicio Ember, were protecting some bare land for rent. Read more about the remarkable stuff from Cerridwen’s Cauldron on

There is no rezz zone on the border to Joxich. In this region then I passed a lot of small parcels, some with banlines up. Nothing special to see along the road, until this wide and strangely low decorated ranch came into view.

It is “Mo’s Breeding Ranch – Welcome! Make yourselves at home while your tour my Breeding Stables! Designed with Low Prim and Working Permission Doors! Special Feature includes, range set with Amaretto horses! ” owned by Mirella Alessa and claimed dec 12 2011. There were some very exotic animals owned by Morandi Gabardini on display when I passed. On one side of the road were horses.

Dogs on the other side of the road 😉

The rezz zone in the next region, Oxitage, at (, is extended over the whole stretch of the road through the SE corner of the sim to the border to Frostar. It is not continued there .

Frostar is a Linden owned sea region with a very simple but beautiful palmbeach and some huts. Just at the “Pier Section 3 (Shack)” by Silent Mole, a small rezz zone at ( lets you water your boat for a tour around the neighboring water regions. On the road, the next rezz zone is to find at the border to Warbunton at (

There were a lot of parcels owned by Boonwal Hirano set to the Beach Point group along the road there, perhaps for rent. One parcel was set to the “PALLAS GAY GYM & SAUNA (Gay Cruising, Gay Club) – Chill, relax, gay sex, workout, gay twinks, GBLT, gay bath house, gay sauna, gay gym, gay newbie friendly, gay video lounge, gay club, gay clubs, gay disco, gay place, gay guys, gay spa, gay, gay bar,age verified only, gay BDSM, gay dance studio”, but it had no building on the ground. Probably they are located up in the sky, there seems to be some heavy traffic on the parcel 😉

Again a long stretched rezz zone through the whole NW corner of Devon Rex at ( Devon Rex is a Linden owned sea region with a bare beach 😦 Next region is Tonkinese, but there were banlines on both side of the road through the whole region, although half of the ground was bare, on parcels without any description in the profile. I do not understand, why such people have to buy land on the road 😦

Nothing noteworthy too in the next region. The usual rezz zone on the border is to find at ( On the landside of the road through Toyger was running the wall of an elevated landingstrip on a large parcel just claimed dec 18 2011 by Tetsuya Juliana. The parcel description wasn’t updated yet, it was still named “Abandoned Land – For Sale” 😉 On seaside of the road, some smaller parcels and residences, rather heartless decorated.

Then at the border, I arrived at a rezz zone at (, wich again stretched along the whole length of the road through this region.

On the parcel “+,.::*McCallen International N*::.,+” owned by the McCallen International group, were some nice boats docked, ready to race 😉

Here in Geoffroy, the road already ends again and I had to pack the Steam Roller and water the Talakin boat on the Dock at ( to continue the trip. And the part that followed, did truly more than compensate all the mediocrity before 😉

First along the waterway came the beautiful parcel “Caroline’s Rose – visitors are welcome here, boats are ok. rez on the Linden waterway. autoreturn 10 Some meshes”, set to the Downstream Property group. The whole stretch of the canal through Geoffroy is set as rezz zone, like the road was.

The “BLACKSPOT Spray Sailboat v 5.0” by Lia Woodget is docked on an island created by Georgette Sands of the Downstream Property group.

In the next region Korat, the parcel named “SEA STARR”, was owned by Lance Windlow and generous decorated to very different landscapes. It resulted a really extensive composition – but of good taste 😉

From Lance Windlows profile: “I am a live SL entertainer. I do rock, country, blues, standards and originals. With my sexy dancers, special effects and sense of humor, I put on a show you will not soon forget. My manager is Adina46 Magic, who is also my beautiful wife, the woman I waited a lifetime to find. Contact her for booking information. Stream:, Web Site:, You Tube:“. The parcels in this region were all set to his Windlows Forever group.

Just on the waterway was located this “Tropic Dream Paradise Cave 25×25 M Footprim 161 Prim 2” by FelixvonKotwitz Alter.

The Windlow land was open to the public and had building enabled, only the house was restricted. Some of the parcels were already claimed in july 2009.

Again, the whole stretch of the canal through Korat at ( is set as rezz zone with 10′ return time. But this is not continued into the next region, Oghus. This one is a Linden owned, not (yet) decorated ocean region. Route 7 runs just through the SE corner there to the next region, Qyest.

On landside in Qyest was located the beautiful beach of “Curtain @ ! MiLa ‘s Creations – Flexi Scripted Prim & Sculpted Curtain, Smooth & Realistic Sliding, Highly Detailed, Window Shades, Blind, Draperie, Cortinas, gordijnen, rideaux, Vorhänge, Tende, Texture, Rugs, Furniture, Bangles, Hut, Free, Beach, Gift, Lucky Chair, Christmas Gift” created by Minou Laks, set to the MiLa’s Creations group. There was no shop on the ground, just this beautiful shore with a marvellous view over the canal to the sea 😉

The waterway then was running along the backside of a waterfall, the “DC Designs – Twin Sister Falls (S)(On-Sim)” by Denny Chrome. It was located on the parcel to “Jenny’s Beach Main House – Protected Waterfront – 8192 sqm – 1875 Prims – Great Sailing Lot – Mature / Moderate No Covenant – Residential / Commercial”. This one and the other parcels here were owned by the Guevara Ltd group, the places created by Fiddlejenny Rain, the founder of the group.

The canal in front of the waterfall was open to the public to pass to Riun Rol. In this Linden owned sea region again, the whole stretch of the waterway to Route 7 is again set as rezz zone. You find it at ( Here I will continue the trip next time – there is still some water to cross to the next dock. But after this long leg, I believe I’m able to finish the circle in 2 portions 😉

Until the next step then,

be nice and have fun …

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Japarid to Swanbridge

For the 7th step on my trip around this subcontinent, I retook the road at Japarid, where I stopped at the road junction and rezz zone at ( last time. On this part of the route, I will travel through 14 regions, so expect a rather longish post again 😉

This nice building is the “Lacie Dayz Main Store – Casual fashion Jeans Tops Shirts Blouses Pants Skirts Dresses Jewelry Mens Womens Tshirts Sexy Clothes Boots Shoes Denim Corset Lace” owned by Scottie Criss, from her profile pick: “Just a little place where I hang out and make stuff. Its not a huge chain of stores just my little corner of SL. Come on by and have a look I think you’ll like what you’ll find. Each item is an expression of my art and I put my heart and soul into all of it.”

On the region border to Crinkle, I passed the next rezz zone at ( There, the “Bar Yin Yang & KittyCats CAFE – KittyCats kittycat kitten pet breed. new born kitty box SALE. 2 traits Box is just 100L$. 3 traits is 150L$. we have BAR at sky. enjoy :-)” set to the NEW Yin Yang group, has moved skywards, the floor was left almost bare.

A lot more welcoming to the traveller on the road was then the parcel just at the next region border. The “Zeeva’s Retreat – Event center, dance club, art gallery — also a place to launch your car or motorbike from (look for rez section near garage). Also a Zyngo machine in lounge. Need a car? IM me and I’ll send you a free one. Home to Senna Image Studio”, owned by Zeeva Quitessa.

Take care, the rezz zone there at ( is a really short one, as it is not continued into the next region Venn. A sad amount of empty, bare or abandoned land there …

Next to the road in Venn, I passed a parcel to advertise the “Heaton Research Books in Second Life – Here you can obtain the sample scripts for all of our second life books. Learn Linden Scripting Language. For more information visit“. From the website: “Second Life is another area of interest for Heaton Research. Second Life is a “virtual world” where avatars can explore virtual land “owned” and created by other avatars. What is particularly interesting about Second Life is that very complex 3D objects can be created in the Second Life world. These objects can be scripted using a somewhat primitive computer language named Linden Scripting Language (LSL). I published several books on LSL programming. I also use Second Life as a platform for AI research. Heaton Research maintains several islands in Second Life.” The parcel and the objects are owned by Encog Dod. Learn more about his rl on

There was the usual rezz zone on the next region border at (,  Mr. Abnor Mole only forgot to place the according signs 😉

Two beautiful designed stores next on the road. On landside the “Annika, Cave, caves, waterfall, waterfalls, grottos, gorean – Designing unique realistic nature prefabs” created by Bitsy Giano. The parcel is set to the Annika Land group like the parcel on the other side of the road.

There was located the “Sci-fi, Scifi, Industrial, Urban – Space Port Parts – sci fi sci-fi scifi science fiction space ship space station Digital art textures Industrial Urban Scifi prefab build cryo bed high tech scifi turret engine cyber Fan Rockets doors Jeans scifi Reactor Sci fi builders pack Cargo”, created and stuffed by Raymon Baran. If you are looking for fullperm prefabs to any kind of spacebased creations, I recommend to make first a visit here 😉

The road crosses at the rezz zone ( to Plumpton, where it leads just through the NE corner of the region to end at the dock at Maclane.

The beautiful “Albi & Brigitta’s Beach Retreat” by Albi Young and Brigitta Boa, set to the 49Years group, just next to the dock, was protected by a home security system.

On the other side of the road, in the “”CLUB DREAMLAND”  FOR SALE $25,000 (468 PRIMS ) – 1,450 MEMBERS AND GROWING, JOIN OUR FAMILY, EARN LINDENS DANCING, CONTESTS. OPEN TO ALL AVATARS. WEDDING/ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL BALLS, KISSIN BALLS, BOAT RIDES, ROMANTIC SETTIN, SPOLDER, PICNIC AREA, GAZEBO’S WITH KISS/DANCE BALLS” set to the ***CLUB DREAMLAND*** group and owned by Biancha Bachem, some avatars were still camping / dancing – to 1L$ / 15min. …

The rezz zone before the road block by Abnor Mole is located at (, you will land directly at the rezz zone on the dock with ( Again a free sailboat vendor placed there for the unprepared traveller – but Traveling Albatros does prefer his familiar Talakin boat 😉

The castle in view from the dock is the “Morgy’s Abode” and set to the Zen Addicts group: “Zen Addicts Alternate Land Rental Group. If you are in this group, you rent land from Zen which is owned by Jason1 Draconia and Emsi Zobovic. The Addicts group, always helping the others get thru the hard times. We offer alot thru the Zen group. Open SIM’s to explore, a place to relax and listen to good music at the groups club, if you love to sail, ride or explore we have open SIM’s decorated and ready for visitors! A sandbox for Creative sorts! Art Gallery, free shop space! With your help”. Me and Simple both did encounter on our travels across the Mainland already some parcels set to this group, always very beautiful detailed sceneries like this one.

Along the canal followed “Yamato’s Japanese Workshop & Tanabe & Mixy Design – Furniture Fish buildings gothic club seating wedding church textures texture shark manta bar fountain door window cannon dj booth globe telephone box piano topiary hedge bar pew” by Hiroshu Tanabe. Too bad the parcel had no gate to the waterway to the incidental traveller, Simple visited this store before and recommends the creations …

The beautiful small building on the water in the foreground is a “*Y’s HOUSE* KOUBOU_full set” by Yacchan Clip. The parcel it sits on, is “Reika’s home”, owned by Reika Darkfold and located just next to the rezz zone and region border at  (

In Comfrey, the waterway crosses the parcel of the “Apolon, Police, car, F1, Helicopter, airship, flight, ship, airplane  – Apolon, auto, flight, f16, f14, f22, f18, f35, Lambo, Jetski, Jet, Motorcycle, pilot, apolon, military, fire, truck, sky, ship, drift, Carrera, GT, Race, robot, police, Airport, Boat, Surf, Haru Motors, アポロン, 自動車, ヘリコプター, 飛行機, 船, バイク” by Irvine Aya, set to the Aya USA group. Expect some air traffic 😉

On seaside followed this impressive club building, the “Run Wolf Run – _/_/_/ BAD COMPANY “Run Wolf Run” _/_/_/ BIKEWOLF Amusement Discovery COMPANY Run Wolf Run” by Bikewolf Kidd, set to the Run Wolf Run group.

On landside in contrast, the “Xx TJ: SMOKY Beach & Base xX” by Tetsuya Juliana. This beautifully decorated parcel was only claimed on Dec 2011 and is set to the xX.:::SMOKY MC:::.Xx group.

From the next rezz zone at (, the waterway crosses the NW corner of Geoduck. I’m sure, you didn’t know that a geoduck is a “species of very large saltwater clam – Geoducks are one of the longest-living organisms in the Animal Kingdom. The oldest recorded specimen was 168 years old …” 😉

A Detail of the scenery on the “I LOVE Mushrooms” parcel by Temo Yokosuka and set to the Second Channel group on seaside there.

These are “8 Palms 2 Prims  no.2 (20m) – no magic , just good sculpties :-)” by Tobias Novi, a detail of the scenery on the other side of the canal. From the rezz zone at (, the waterway crosses the SE corner of Shrikhande. Me, I also didn’t know that “Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande (born on October 19, 1917) is an Indian mathematician with distinguished and well-recognized achievements in combinatorial mathematics” … Sometimes I’d really like to know how these regions got their names 😉

In Shrikhande, a lot of abandoned and empty land and rentals until this beautiful residence.

It is the “Jardin Tremont – My Sweet Home!” by Gloria Tremont.

At the rezz zone at (, the canal crosses to Beliandro. Not many interesting decorations there, a lot of rentals and bare land.

The whole stretch of the waterway through the next region Sun Trap is set as rezz zone. It is located at (

In Sun Trap, I passed the “CLUB JAXX & GAMES – Club, Nightclub, beach, games, Specialty shops, Solitaire, Zyngo, gamming, DJ, dancing, Gold Fortune, No Devils, Newbie friendly. Newest club & games in SL”. The parcel was claimed in Dec 2011 and set to the COMET LAND group. If I ever get bored in secondlife, I will visit this place 😉

Simple told me already about this wonderful shop in Schoomere, the next region, he remembered an extended visit on an earlier travel. It is the “*^@RoyalDandie@^* – ファンシーショップでふ^@@^” by Tepo Bellic. The translation by google is not intelligible: “Blocked by fancy shops” ^??^

For sure some of the cutest cuddle things in secondlife 😉 Read more about Royal Dandie at

After some bare land and a view blocking cliff wall, I arrived at the rezz zone at ( Through the NW corner of Sorbet, the end of the canal gets into view from there 😉

From the Sorbet region, these nice details from the sandy beach along the canal. On seaside was anchored a beautiful “Nautical Dreams Xcited! Sail Boat, CLASSIC WHITE” by 2WAT Michigan. It waited on “Arunia – waterside paradise open access to sea good boat mooring – I will include copy of house as built to fit this plot (only 19 prims” owned by Ahelmil Arun.

On landside, some writings in the sand on the parcel “Rhubarb Sorbet – Where the rhubarbs go to play” set to the Rhubarbs group.

The rezz zone on the Swanbridge Dock, where the waterway ends, is located at ( Here – for now – I suspended again my circumnavigation of Gaeta V. I will continue on Steam Roller  just after the road blocking rocks by Abnor Mole at ( I just hope, you have the stamina to endure with me the 4 stages still needed to close the circle 😉

Until the next step then,

be nice and have fun …

Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Goldbach to Japarid

The 6th step on my trip around this subcontinent – we made almost half of the course along Route 7 now 😉

I retake the road at Goldbach, where I stopped last time, on the junction of the inland crossroad 7A: (

The parcels in Goldbach are owned by the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group – “Offering affordable secondlife living. No premium membership required. You are authorized basically all the same rights of ownership. Rates: L$1.1 – L$1.25 per prim per week, depends on how many prims and location. Listings via or the Vendors in Murinata/82/17/40 IM Cedric Brown or Noirran Marx. if no group invite within 4 hours (which you need to use the land) a day will be added to the lease.”

They offer very nice public facilities too, including a giant chess set “Sculpted Chess Set V5.0.3 (Giant) – Fully-functional chess game. Please touch for more information” by Lamorna Proctor. But beware, some parcels are only open to age verified residents.

The whole road parcel in Goldbach has building enabled, with a return of 10′ set, only on the small patch on the border to Slayton is it disabled, just where the rezz zone sign is positioned – someone must have confused something here 😉 There also is no rezz zone in the next region. The road crosses the NW corner of Slayton to Sharman, still without rezz zone on the border there.

The parcels in Slayton I checked, were owned by the Slayton Shores group since 2008 (!): “This group is required to be active if you rent land or a home in Slayton Shores. Parcel renters get abilty to set media, terraform, ban, eject and create a new parcel name”, it was founded by Blaccard Burks.

Here the description of the public land: “Slayton Shores Community Land – Land rentals in a protected enviroment with access to over 50 Linden water sims. A Blaccard Burks Development”. Some parcels have building enabled with 25′ return time set. So, there is really no need for a rezz zone on the road here 😉

The Bridge is made by Abnor Mole.

The parcels in the next region, Sharman, are also owned by a longtime established rental group.

“Easter Islands – A small, quiet Mainland rental community with fun stuff to do: Playground, swimming, tubing, diving, underwater cavern, and our little hangout, Club Hanga Roa. Protected Linden ocean and roadside access. Low rents; bring your own house!” The group is called Easter Islands Friends, Esquievel Easterwood owns this land since 2009.

A small but complete children playground is located on the road, next to the rezz zone on the border to Seyfert: ( The sign is placed in Sharman, but the rezz zone actually does not start before the next region. I think, Mr. Abnor Mole was a bit in a hurry, when he build this part of the route 😉

In Seyfert too a lot of parcels are for rent, but the patrons here didn’t care about creating any scenery. So no wonder the facilities all seem to be vacant. The road runs through the SE corner and then through the NW part of Serpentia. Before the rezz zone on the border at (, an advertising in a very old school kind of way 😉

This sculpture for “IXTAR ANIMATIONS SCULPTURE ART – IXTAR ANIMATIONS” by Xavi Ixtar sits on a microparcel and sends a blinding column of glow some 100m up in the sky, impossible to ignore, even from a very far distance away. I remember in terror the time when this was customary …

In Serpentia, a nicely made wall runs on landside along the whole stretch of the road, the parcel, wich is mostly located in Seyfert, seems to be open to the public, but no door or gate to the traveller on the road 😦

The view on seaside into the “Roadside Forest Hideaway – 8192 sqm – 1875 Prims – Mainland No Covenant – Residential Commercial Tropical Sand Lot” more than compensates this 😉

The wonderful scenery is made by Sensational Fride and set to the Wild Hearts! group. The parcel was just claimed december 2011 and is open to the public. After the rezz zone on the border to Romanenko (, I passed a scene only to be found in secondlife. The land on both side of the road, “TALLY-HO”, is set to the “es forbidden fruit group” and owned by Shiho Maruti; access is open to the public.

This patron truly has a heart for Tinies and loves his vehicles 😉

A replica of the “normal”sized building downsized to fit to Tinies is located on the other side of the road. Both parkings proudly present the appropriate vehicles 😉

There is a lot of empty, unused or abanoned land in Romanenko, Ryumin and Polyakov to pass.

Now follows a difficult part of the road. After the rezz zone on the border to Ryumin (, the route runs just a short stretch through this region to enter Polyakov. From there it runs close along the border straight to the East. There is some roadwork going on, to slow the traffic down to prevent unintentional bordercrossings. The detour Mr. Abnor Mole placed here, was almost too narrow for me and my Steam Roller 😉

There is obviously no room for a rezz zone on this region border …

Just next to the road here, located in Ryumin, the “Kyuudou Space”, a japanese archery range is owned by the Clarity FL group. Building is enabled to the public and a return time of 10′ set.

The shrine is a “[KEMONO-System] Hokoramiya (Shinto shrine)(old)” made by Rouki Furse.

I came across an even more complicated situation on the next border.

Here the road runs exactly over the spot, where 4 (!) regions touch. A double detour slows down the unobservant traveller and in case of troubles, there are rezz zones available in 3 of the 4 regions. In Ryumin ( and in the adjoining parcels in Polyakov and Japarid – but not in Nemmers!

The road then runs along the northern border of Japarid to the crossing, where the 2nd inland crossroad called Route 7B branches off Route 7. A rezz zone is located directly on the junction (

The rezz zone is also used by “HaruMotors / Haru Motors Gas Route 7 AYA USA – HaruMotors / Haru Motors Gas Station Route 7 AYA USA. The best Automobiles in Second Life. Use RT7 REZ zone to rez your car. Test drive it on the Linden Route 7 in Gaeta Main Land, which is running by Class 5 server. Enjoy your ride”. Owner is Irvine Aya, the parcel is set to the Aya USA group – “Welcome to the Aya USA Group! This group is where Apolon, HaruMotors, Hitomi Racing, Szym Motors, Live Bunny and Nest and the others products owners could exchange information, and where members can be informed of all the news from Aya USA! Try Helicopter, Glider, Jet Ski, Racecars, and more, Have Fun! If you have issue with the any products purchased at Aya USA, please IM Irvine Aya. Thank you for joining to Aya USA. The best place to have fun! BLOG:”.

Here I break again my circumnavigation of Gaeta V, after this long ride on the Steam Roller. I will resume it just on the junction – as soon as possible, I have still a rather long way to go until the circle will be closed 😉

Until then

be nice and have fun …