Greenlaning on abandoned land

Traveling Albatros is always ready for “Don’t be where you want to drive, drive where you want to be!” – the motto of Yevad Doobie’s Greenlaners group (find the work of this explorer of the mainland roads on and 

So standing at the rezz zone on Route 12A at ( on Nautilus and realizing all the abandoned parcels for sale in the neighborhood, it came just natural to him to try a way south, but away from the Linden Route. About 10 regions south starts Route 13, so the intention was to look for a path there, using only linden owned land or parcels for sale.

Very handy for a tour like this comes the “Path_Map_v14” by Kimiko Dover, a small HUD device, which shows for a whole region the access settings of every parcel. With this attached, you can circumvent easy the banned properties.

And as last resort, my horsey can grow himself some wings, and jump the obstacles 😉

But there was just once the need for that. This part of the mainland is a real mess in desperate need of some deep maintenance. There were even linden owned parcels of abandoned land with their old access restrictions still active …

Even the rare larger privately owned holdings were more or less derelict. I had to cross two Rentals on my way. On the first one, there were apparently vampire squatters active in the past.

The second one here looked not much more busy, some of these parcels were set to the Austria in SL group.

These two Rentals were the only parcels I had to cross which were not linden owned parcels or parcels set for sale by their owners 😦

It really is not a good message about the economy of second life, that it was possible to take almost a straight path to the south to arrive at Route 13 at the rezz zone in Borland Fell at  (, and that I never needed to teleport to the other side of a banned parcel …

About 12 regions were crossed this way – and not one place was it really worth to have another look or take a picture – I think I will keep my travels along the official routes from now on 😉

be nice and have fun …