Simple visits Bay City: Falmouth Hotel + Archeological Site of Molexandria

The Falmouth Hotel of Bay City is “a hotel, built on top of the old Bay City asylum site. Or it was a hotel, before it had to be abandoned”. The nice background story to the place can be found at The history of Bay City is published on the wiki too: and a list of some of the point of interests there can be found at

I landed at (, directly in front of the entrance. The “Creepy Tree B, PYRI, EAR, OBJ” are made by Earthy Mole, the gate by Crazy Mole.

The Blood Fountain in front of the Hotel is created by Myopic Mole and Sylvan Mole. Most objects on the parcel are owned by Michael Linden. A lot of the Hotel building is made by Sylvan Mole, some additional stuff are from Naughty Mole and Smokey Mole.

There are a lot of details to explore and enjoy. The “Male Zombie Standing” is made by Crazy Mole, the “Falmouth Pic & Frame – mona” by Sylvan Mole.

Especially eerie are the Teddy Bears by Silent Mole in the restaurant …

A beautiful Ballroom with Skeleton “Frank” by Crazy Mole and Piano and Drums by Sylvan Mole on stage.

Some rooms and the corridors are decorated. I did not found an official way upstairs around the broken lift, so I used the cam. There are enough sits available to get you on the different floors. Here are some examples of the scenes you will find there.

This Bathroom is made by Silent Mole, the mirror is animated.

The animated Coffin is another creation of Silent Mole, the “Candleabra scripted to blow out when near” is made by Sylvan Mole.

The “Art Deco Bed” is made by Silent Mole, but after the long time in this creepy Hotel, I needed some fresh air and a better place to recover 😉

And voilà, wandering just a short stretch from Falmouth into Bay City, I found this interesting park in Imagenario.

It is the “Molexandria Archeological Site” build by Guaca Mole and Naughty Mole. You find it listed also as point of interest on

The Mole Ruins of Molexandria are made by Guaca Mole – a kind of prehistoric Linden Homes ?

The park offers a small Labyrinth, an Arena and this interesting exercise for three Avatars, also created by Guaca Mole.

I believe the glass windows on the Pavilion building are genuine Mole Art too 😉

This was a very interesting trip and I will sure do some more visits to Bay City in the near future – so take this as an appetizer 😉

until then …

be nice and have fun 😉

Simple’s Balloon Rides: Around Jeogeot Bay

The plan was to start at the northern end of the bay at Sacrelle, to follow then the eastern coast of Jeogeot into the bay to the South always staying over the protected ocean regions. To turn then at the Vulcano Island of Ichelus, to visit the Zebrasil Info Hub and the home of Michael Linden at Shamon, before cruising west and following the western coastline of the bay back to the North. The trip crosses about 25 regions, so I confined myself to taking pictures only at the most remarkable places 😉

The rezz zone at Sacrelle ( is around the “SLSA buoy location KC#25”, you find this place inworld in search too. The SLSA is the Second Life Sailing Association – “Do you love sailing? Have you always wanted to know how sailboats work? Check out the the SLSA! We enjoy sailing across the virtual waters of Second Life, competitively and recreationally. SLSA members sail realistically-modeled boats that react to the actual wind. The SLSA is free to join. Real-life and virtual sailors alike at all levels of ability are always welcomed. Visit and for more information. Formerly Second Life Sailing Federation”.

To correct any misunderstandings beforehand: The Balloon is not realistically-modeled nor does it react to the actual wind 😉

To honour the day, I choose a more colourful texture to the tube and, as I want this to be a bright sunny day, I set the sky to a slightly modified “[TOR] SUNSET – Holy romance” 😉

There seem to be some sailing races round Jeogeot bay. This is one end of a raceline by Yuu Nakamichi. You find the Ensel rezz zone at ( here, around the “Mooring Bouy – hybrid float” by Michael Linden. Sailing is a very popular sport and pastime in secondlife. There is a lot of information to find on the wiki ( and even more on the external forum of the sailors of secondlife at

In sight of Michael Linden’s “Linden Lighthouse v3.0” on the headland, I turn south.

The islands scattered around the bay like this one in Myatzo are rare. The circling “Sea Gull 3” is made by Silent Mole.

I spent some time admiring the View of the coast in Guksu into “One Dream – Land with a RIVER! Terraformable, this is SPECIAL LAND! Lots of landmarks point too here. We have been living here since 2006, and since we moved to our own sim, this land is now for sale. Buy it fast or it will be sold!”.

The region is owned by the One Dream group.

Too bad, access is restricted to members of the group.

In nearby Wylder there is a rezz zone around the “SLSA buoy location KC#21” at ( Gam, the Region to the west, is also protected, so I took a swing round there before returning at Pleiablo on my path to the south again. A wonderful scenery came into view then from the next region, Locksley.

The “Cornish Beach Hut- Chocolatev2” is made by Tilly Kiranov / LOVE interiors. The “[TUFF] Brown Fishing Boat v1.3” is created by Rya Nitely, read more about her products on

I cruised then over Lemongrass to the Qui Quon rezz zone around the “SLSA buoy location KC#9” at (  To follow the coastline, I swing there to the east, but there is nothing especially remarkable build on the coast of Dagjin.

There is a rezz zone around “SLSA buoy location KC#8”, in the next region, Chiyok at ( The Linden owned coast here is still completely bare 😦

Therefore I crossed straight through Damien to Glasso. But this region too is a homestead region with just about 100 prims used for some scattered plants. A lot of opportunities for some Mole creativity 😉 The whole area has an unfinished look to me, like the creators just made a first draw, to come back later to complete the sceneries. The same in Kyat Lun, 87 prims used, same in Orgamast, 108 prims used …

From there, before turning west to the volcano, I found this amazing building in the NW corner of Giyeok.

A sight wich more than compensates the long dry spell en route 😉

It consists of several parcels, one is the “XEMOR – Art Gallery”. It is owned and created by Romex Torricelli and set to The Sun and Moon group. The parcels are claimed Sep 2007 (!). Not all parts of the building are open to the public.

Uncountable the details in this creation. I almost couldn’t stop myself taking pictures 😉

Then I cruised west to the Volcano Island at Ichelus: “The Volcano – Looming over the nearby village. What horrible sacrifices keep the magma in check?” Lucky me, that I had the rised the draw distance beforehand, so I realized early enough, that this monster is actually throwing up huge glowing lava rocks! I decided to admire the volcano from a safe distance first, not to put my Balloon in danger before I took some pictures 😉

As I lowered the Balloon carefully, I found even a “Diving board!” by Mini Mole ready to jump into the flowing Lava made by Deep Mole. Buildings in the village are made by Naughty Mole. The volcano has damage enabled, so take really care when visiting.

I myself took too much risk in trying to lower the Balloon on the Lava, and promptly I was kicked away: “Second Life: You died and have been teleported to your home location”. The Balloon died too and was returned to my inventory. I think the heat was too much for both of us 😉 After a restart to clear any aftereffects, I went back, death is not reason enough for a dedicated explorer, to abandon his mission 😉

The rezz zone there at (, I found in search inworld. From there I turned north.

In Zebrasil, I passed the nice Info Hub there. The Tiki buildings are made by Naughty Mole.

Then I reached Michael Lindens homeplace in Shamon. There is a rezz zone just next to it around the “SLSA buoy location KC#11”  at (

The Head Mole of the Linden Department of Public Works has some amazing watercrafts docked. Mr. Michael Linden seems to be a collector and he has still some 11’000 prims available on his region 😉 Just two examples in detail out of this wonderful exhibition.

The “dolphin seeker Steam boat v1.5.7” is made by hoohaa Anaconda.

This “:1942: 17m-tantei-s01/ v1.0” is created by Kuroe2 Noel.

Then I crossed the bay, to follow the westshore regions north.

From the Ocean region Mitford, I had a good sight into this wonderful place in Quigley.

It is the “Yukon industry – It is a shop of the military base style that builts in the sea. There are an original tank, a helicopter, a submarine, and a commodity of arms etc. The vehicle of ghibli also is putting it^^” owned by Peel Bearcat, the land is set to the Yukon Foundation group.

On the headland in the NW corner of Panetalla, a “Linden Lighthouse v2.0” by Eric Linden warns, that the strip of protected water regions is ending here.

So I turned to the east and reached via Bestimax the Redazillion region, where I continued north, following the coastline again. There is a rezz zone around the “SLSA buoy location KC#10” at ( In Norvan again, there are only 226 prims used and the beach almost bare.

In Axcombe I passed the “Axcombe Race Start / Finish Line”. This is one end, a “Little BIGhorn tugboat” by Joepie Korobase 😉

Next by, in Kajjis, again only 184 prims in use, there is a rezz zone around the “SLSA buoy location KC#23” at ( The list of empty regions is sadly to continue: in Jharmelion 102 and in Kyun Kar just 149 prims used. The rezz zone there is located around the “SLSA buoy location KC#24” at (

And already I return to the palm islands of Sacrelle, where I started the ride.

I ended the circuit with a closer look into the parcel located on the North beach of neighboring Gloaming Vale: “The Elfenland – Mystic, Mieten, Entspannen,Verlieben, Zauber, Liebe, Exotic, ShopRelax, Meer, Natur, Fuchur, Elfen, Abenteuer, Tauchen, Kleidung. Mystic, rentals, relax, fall in love, magic, love, Exotic, shop, relax, sea, nature, Fuchur, elves, adventure, diving, clothes”. It is set to the Elfenland group and the scenery is created by Annamaria Boa.

It was a really long trip, a little tiresome because the water regions are mostly not decorated, but the spare points of interest are surely worth the distances to cross 😉 And the tour stimulated my appetite to start with sailing in secondlife – I so wish, there were 26 hours on a day 😉

be nice and have fun …

and Good winds!