Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Rebin to Einer

I continue my trip around Gaeta V where I left, at the rezz Zone in Rebin, where the road starts again after the long waterway

No Art to find in the building to the right. It was completely empty 😦

Along the road in Rebin are a lot of parcels for sale or rent. The familiar sequence of rezz Zones on the region borders is continued on the border to Inspire

This is a nice region to spend some time: On the landside shopping at “StarChild Designs” by Tatiana Starsider “Gorgeous Designs-vintage,costume,weddings & formal wear. $1 Madness Sale-cheap costumes, shoes, skins & clothing. Flapper, gangster, 1920s, 1950s pin up girl, WWII Flying Ace, gothic & bridal. Free gifts! Free clothing! 20s,30s,40s,50s,60”,

On the ocean coast relaxing at the public beach from “Moon Healing Als” – “Musical Instruments Shop -Wear Type Drums, Rez Type Drums, Conga, Crystal drum stick”. Land and objects are mostly owned by Satonao Jewell from the ~ BELLE ROSE MINT ~ Group.

On the road the next rezz Zone

The route just crosses the northwest corner of Lumoli. Again some parcels for rent along the road.

The next rezz Zone ( came in handy. I had a difficult crossing to Xeriacle. Perhaps it was because of the huge construction of megaprims and sculpty rocks on the border to the parcels of “A Dreamscape Honeymoon Production”. But I do not complain! These places are really worth a look (owned by “Tranquil Peace Group” – “Honeymoon & Fantasy Escapes, Beach rentals, lovely regions, beautiful landscaping, friendly management!”).

There was “The Lodge, Soraya’s Winter Enchantment” – “The Lodge, a spacious, well appointed luxury cabin set in its own private grounds is decorated for the Holiday Season. Roaring fires and warm furnishings shelter you from the wintery setting outside.” with “Soraya’s Winter Enchantment Public Snow Playground (Dreamscape)” – “Enjoy our small Winter Village and its holiday fun. Ski Lift & Runs, Ice Skating, Pictures with Santa, Snowman Building and Christmas rentals winter rentals log cabin honeymoon lodge Dreamscape”.

And the “Lovers Lagoon ~ A Dreamscape Honeymoon Production on the sea”. These wonderful athmospheric places seem to be created by Mikhail Obscure and Sophia Vandeverre.

I did just cam around from the rezz Zone in Gumtree

Gumtree and the neighboring region Ponchau are almost bare. They are owned by “Pulseburst Design” owned by PulseBurst Flow. Bu the little decoration just intensifies the beauty of the ocean view.

Then as surprise on the border to Squall this amazing scene 😉 Mr. PulseBurst Flow (Ants are made by Qarl Fizz) has some style 😉

The next region Squall is owned by the Management. Here on the rezz Zone of the Squall Public Beach I get off the Steam Roller and continue along the sand beach on foot. On the rezz Zone you find a “Free Diving Gear!_1.0_Sea of Fables_ABN_OB_vendor” by Abnor Mole. You can start exploring the seaworld from here or from the other end of this long public beach.

The first part, “Squall Beach and Route 7” – “Protected Land” is owned by the Linden Departement of Public Works and has building enabled with a 5min. return time set!

On the next parcel, a big surprise: I found the “Camp Site” – “Let those follow me who can!” owned by the famous and very mysterious Magellan Linden!

In a tent build out of the wreckage of a plain crash, I found his Bear waiting, but unfortunately no further sign of a recent visit of the hero and paragon to all second life explorers 😉

Behind the beach is Linden’s HelFell InfoHub located. The wonderful mediterranean buildings in roman style are made by Mr. Glamorous Mole. I didn’t visit (yet).

The parcel on the beach is named “Squall Beach and Route 7” again and has building enabled I had a shallow lagoon to cross and reached on Einer Beach the next region, Einer. The rezz Zone ends on the border.

But behind the beach you find the “LOVERS COVE” – “Dance Romance – Love Marriage Salsa Ballroom Jazz – VALENTINE SIM – PERFECT FOR DANCING & ROMANCING – ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN SL. DANCE at TEMPLE, BOOGIE at BEACH, KISS at COVE, MELLOW at MIDNIGHT AND GET HITCHED at HEAVEN. WEDDING GAZEBO FOUNTAIN SANCTUARY TWILIGHT GOTH AUSTRALIA AUSSIE UK US” owned by <<~The Silhillians ~>> Group. There building is enabled with a return time of 5 min. Just next to the beach you find some of the marvelous Elven Drums by Robbie Dingo. The Cove is owned and created by Cirrus McKinney.

Einer Beach ends with the paved road (“Beach road cobble” by Abnor Mole) rising from the bottom of the ocean and with a rezz Zone Here Mr. Abnor Mole offers another “Free Diving Gear!_1.0_Sea of Fables_ABN_OB_vendor” to explore the sea ground. I just had a short swim and I’m already convinced to return sometime soon to discover some wonderful mole creations 😉

But for now I have to break my circumnavigation of Gaeta V. I will resume it here another day soon – on the Steam Roller again 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …