Simple’s Balloon Rides: Sea of Fables

“Just East of Ice Bay, the Sea of Fables is a sailors dream with many points of interest and stopping off areas” – that’s how this region of about 30 sims is described on . Have a look there for a nice map and the location of the rezz zones. Read how this amazing work of the Moles from the Linden Department of Public Works was announced by Michael Linden on 10-20-2010 on the LDPW Blog: – and from a non-Linden point of view the birth of the Sea of Fables is described here: …

The region is not only a sailors dream, but also one of the most rewarding places to ride a balloon 😉 All the regions are Linden owned and the islands are very beautiful examples of the craftsmanship of the Moles.

I did start at the rezz zone on Mirtoon Islands also called the “Isles of the Blessed” at ( and visited all the scattered Isles on my tour. You will find here a selection of the pictures I took en route.

Walkways and buildings on the Isles of the Blessed, here a “Golden Gazebo and Platform”, are made by Naughty Mole, the “sho.DragonChair” by Opti Mole.

Nice walkways and bridges connect all the small Mirtoon islands to allow for a small tour with nice views on the sea.

Then I rode north to visit the historical “Teen Grid Transfer Station – This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!” on Baffin Island. The building is made by Lordfly Digeridoo, different creators for furnitures and decorations. This is older than the work of the moles 😉

On neighboring “Bacchus Island”, the “Hercules with Club (FINAL)” and the “Serpent Tree: Ladon” as on top of the hill in the background the “Atlas with Globe (FINAL)” are made by Garden Mole.

Still on Bacchus Island, this “Statue of Atalanta” and the “Fruit Tree C – Golden Apples” – yes, they let golden apples fall and roll down the hill – are made by Silent Mole.

Around the hill, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite by Silent Mole are debating on the right to the golden apple.

Hera has her own small island: “Hera’s Island” by Silent Mole.

Next I cross to “Poseidon Island”, a wonderful harbour village in greek style by Mysti Mole. There are some very beautiful places scattered around the Island for the visitor to explore and enjoy.

The building on “Joppa Island” is made by Bloomin Mole.

The same Bloomin Mole is the creator of the “Cave of the Gorgon” on “Gorgon Island”.

And the same Bloomin Mole is also the creator of the buildings on “Seriphos Island” with this “God Seated_SF_GOD_Bloomin_OB”.

And still the same Bloomin Mole also created the amazing complex building on “Perseus Island”.

Riding back to the West of the Sea, I passed “Hephaestus Isle” created by Hyper Mole.

To me the highlight of my visit to the Sea of Fables was walking the path up “Mount Olympus” made by Naughty Mole –

to find some rest playing a harp made by Myopic Mole on top 😉

Last of the landmarks en route was the vivid “Orwood Volcano” by Crazy Mole, a small brother of the Volcano of Ichelus I visited on my Balloon Ride here.

I also passed some really amazing privately owned residences around the coastline – so I’m sure I will return some time soon for another tour along the shores of the Sea of Fables.

And on another tour I will have a look at the underwater creations by the moles mentioned on the wiki – but first I have to find me a submarine I like 😉


be nice and have fun …

and Good Winds!

The Amundsen Road in the Sansara Snowlands from Auschnar Run to Chamonix

This route is not yet documented on the secondlife wiki. Even on the map from the Protected Route Interest Group, on, made by Yevad Doobie and dating from the 29-05-11, this road is still marked as offroad route…

Here the 3 stages in sequence I needed, to travel the road:

I started at the snowman in Auschnar Run on the drop to Loveland. (Read about the route through Loveland and Bretton here).

The second part took me from Braggiani to Kendall.

On the third leg I finished the trip, traveling from Kendall to Chamonix.

It is a wonderful road to ride your bike or car. I never had problems crossing the sim borders. So rezz your set of wheels and explore the Snowlands of Secondlife. I hope to see you on the road soon 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …

Braggiani – Minarlo Vite – Scorze – Jiminy – Eldora – Kendall (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

I decided to postpone my visit to Chamonix City and to continue to follow Amundsen Road. I’m not yet in the mood for wintersports 😉

So I start where I ended here, in front of Snuggles Christmas Showcase in Bretton, just before the branch to the west, to Chamonix (

The road continues straight to the north, along the border from Minarlo Vite to Loon, but always staying in the Minarlo Vite sim.

Here squats on the roadside this nice penguin by Hyper Mole with his igloo. On the other side of the road, you see in Loon the amazing building of “The Office of Professor Kaos” created by Skaht Kaos.

Too bad the neighbors buildings do not respect this masterpiece. Thats one of the disadvantages in living on the mainland 😦

A little further, still in Loon, there waits an outpost of the Biker Parties Group –  “Visit the BikerParties Information Center with a list of great Biker Areas in SL and Biker Events Calendar, Biker Bar, Salt Flats, Riding Track, Boxing Club, Orientation Center full of free stuff. HWD Fine Leather and Tattoos.” They offer a rezz zone beside the road (

In the next sim, Scorze, the road turns slowly to the NE, crosses to Jiminy, runs through the NW corner there, crosses to Eldora now running to the west, crosses the SE corner of this sim and turns again to the north in Kendall. The selection of names in this part of the Mainland is uncomprehensible. Nothing to find about RL Minarlo Vite (I suspect some spelling mistake), Jiminy I connect to Jiminy Cricket, Scorze is a municipality in Italy, Eldora a small town in Iowa, Kendall is a widespread surname and several counties and towns in the USA seem to be named after one or the other member of this lineage 😉

In Scorze again an official rezz zone: Two more of Hyper Moles snowmans are hanging around here.

After the sim border to Jiminy waits Eric Lindens “Snowcat 1. 2 snowplow” to clear the road from any snowy obstacles. You can sit in it, but it is not a driveable vehicle. As far as I know, Eric Linden himself is long gone from the Lab.

A strange building on this side of the road. The parcel was claimed on Nov 19 2005! The building seems to be made by Mtbshinji Quan. It is odd: Both, the owner of the parcel and the creator of the building are much younger than the date when the parcel was claimed …

Eldora, the next sim, needed some clean up when I visited. Some unused parcels where the owners left object rezzing enabled and didn’t set an object return time or left the parcel cluttered themselves are sufficient to ruin the sight in a sim. Especially with objects with glow set to unbearable … 

In Kendall I reach the branchoff to Arosa. This is the start to a privately owned and maintained roadsystem wich stretches over at least 4 sims. I will revisit that another day.

In this corner of Kendall I found a scene, very secondlife 😉

Front to the road to Arosa, a wonderful luxurious “Bi-double House” by Novocaine Islay, in the backyard the beautiful “Sculpty Roof Cabin for all seasons” by Kallie Miles.  Both have the same owner, are on the same parcel and both wear proudly an Australian flag 😉

I really love these unexpected surprises en route. But for now, I have to break the trip along Amundsen Road and will continue another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …

Auschnar Run – Piera Salino – Froumo – Braggiani (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

Let’s continue the travel we started here. After the drop to Loveland begins Amundsen Road ( Let’s see off Mr. Hyper Moles Snowman “snowman_pose4 (distressed)” and start the long trip along the westside of the Sansara Snowlands to the north.

This road was first mentioned by Michael Linden on the LDPW Blog on 05-13-2010. Nothing more to find in the Wiki about it. The road is in parts still marked as offroad route on

The road consists of “WHWY 10m raised” made by Sylvan Mole and switches later to the “WHWY 10m segment03” made by Michael Linden. Beware of the “snowman_pose6 (throwing)” by Hyper Mole, lying in waiting on the snowbridge on the sim border to Piera Salino. It seems like there was a whole team of Moles (and Lindens) involved in building the road. The embankment here “LDPW_SnowyEmbankment” is made by Mr. Garden Mole. I found also creations from Naughty Mole, Mysti Mole, Inconspicuous Mole, Michael and Eric Linden and more along the route…

In Piera Salino the first of many penguins by Hyper Mole. They and the snowmans are the guardians of the road here 😉

You will meet some automated traffic on the road. There are the pods “YavaScript Pod S0 (Southwestern mountains)” by Yavanna Llanfair and the well known cars and trucks by AnnMarie Oleander / AnnMarie Otoole. Fortunately Amundsen Road is wide enough to support this traffic.

Still in Piera Salino, just before crossing the border to Froumo, the road turns to the north.

“snowman_pose3 hand on hip” by Hyper Mole in marks the first rezz zone on the way.

If you rise your draw distance you see the backside of Castello Straulino in Loveland, wich I visited here.

Hyper Mole’s “snowman_pose2 (waving)” welcomes me in Braggiani. The border crossings on the way are very smooth. I suppose it’s because of the emtpy scenery. Not many builds on the road, a lot of unused land (but not abandoned or for sale when I visited).

The few building Landowners wonderfully add with their decorations to the snowland theme. This one I found in front of “Timber Creek Outfitters-Fine Cabins & Cabin Furnishings” and seems to be made by Gretchen Janick. The road runs along the sim border but stays completely in Braggiani. So you see far into Bretton but do not have to fear a sim crossing while driving. This road seems to be  ready for a run with the bike 😉

Here,, just in front of “Snuggles Christmas Showcase” in Bretton, a nice openair store with funny decorations for christmas by Teagan Parnas, a road branches off.   

I accepted this distraction and went looking for Chamonix City. The parcels for this road are no longer named Amundsen Road. But the route still is made out of the “WHWY 10m segment03” from Michael Linden and made by Hyper Mole. It leads to the west to the ocean to this interesting looking entrance on a bridge.

Here starts Chamonix City. The sims are owned by the Chamonix City Group: “Fantastic winter sports community inside Second Life! Sims located to the west of Braggiani. Come visit GOHA ice hockey, and try out hockey, snowboarding, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, and more. Everything is free! Chamonix-Mont-Blanc  was the site of the 1924 Winter Olympics (the first Winter Olympics). It has been described as “the death-sport capital of the world”. There seems to be a lot to discover and explore 😉

So I break the trip along Amundsen Road here and will continue another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …

Loveland – Bretton (Sansara Snowlands)

My first trip is a very, very short one, just 2 sims. A Proof of Concept 😉

We start in Loveland (, in the snowlands of Sansara. This is one of the oldest roads in Secondlife. A very short one, perhaps a proof of concept for Linden roads 😉 Made by Eric Linden (past Linden, even out of search). In the next region, Auschnar Run, starts Amundsen road, a recent addition to the road network. We will travel this one another time …

A steep wall of snow where the road just begins, without any formalities. High up you see the broken end of Amundsen Road with a snowman made by Hyper Mole.

Loveland is a deep gorge, wide just enough for a small creek and the road. The one (and only) dominating building is Castello Straulino in the NW. It is a nice and easy course, almost without any traffic 😉

There is no rezz zone along the route. You have to look for an open parcel, if you want to rez a vehicle. I just attached my horse for this short ride 😉

A very special scenery with these steep snowy hillsides. Fine to test some light and sky presets.

After a bridge and a turn we already are in Bretton. A smooth sim crossing.

The road ends here and there is no more protected land in Bretton to continue.

So I turned around and had a look at Castello Straulino.

The parcel was owned by “S&S Lands Trust” and was open to the public when I visited. A very nice building. Perhaps you can rent that. It seems to be ready to get furnished and decorated.

The footpath up from the road is a very fine work of landscaping. The building seems to be made by Lana Straulino and Syn Short.

Back where I started, I send my horse back and visited the snowman 😉

There are a lot more of these along Amundsen Road. This one is made by Hyper Mole (the Mole of Rantiness) and is called “snowman_pose4 (distressed)”. I like it 😉


be nice and have fun on the road …