Simple’s Balloon Rides: Sea of Fables

“Just East of Ice Bay, the Sea of Fables is a sailors dream with many points of interest and stopping off areas” – that’s how this region of about 30 sims is described on . Have a look there for a nice map and the location of the rezz zones. Read how this amazing work of the Moles from the Linden Department of Public Works was announced by Michael Linden on 10-20-2010 on the LDPW Blog: – and from a non-Linden point of view the birth of the Sea of Fables is described here: …

The region is not only a sailors dream, but also one of the most rewarding places to ride a balloon 😉 All the regions are Linden owned and the islands are very beautiful examples of the craftsmanship of the Moles.

I did start at the rezz zone on Mirtoon Islands also called the “Isles of the Blessed” at ( and visited all the scattered Isles on my tour. You will find here a selection of the pictures I took en route.

Walkways and buildings on the Isles of the Blessed, here a “Golden Gazebo and Platform”, are made by Naughty Mole, the “sho.DragonChair” by Opti Mole.

Nice walkways and bridges connect all the small Mirtoon islands to allow for a small tour with nice views on the sea.

Then I rode north to visit the historical “Teen Grid Transfer Station – This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!” on Baffin Island. The building is made by Lordfly Digeridoo, different creators for furnitures and decorations. This is older than the work of the moles 😉

On neighboring “Bacchus Island”, the “Hercules with Club (FINAL)” and the “Serpent Tree: Ladon” as on top of the hill in the background the “Atlas with Globe (FINAL)” are made by Garden Mole.

Still on Bacchus Island, this “Statue of Atalanta” and the “Fruit Tree C – Golden Apples” – yes, they let golden apples fall and roll down the hill – are made by Silent Mole.

Around the hill, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite by Silent Mole are debating on the right to the golden apple.

Hera has her own small island: “Hera’s Island” by Silent Mole.

Next I cross to “Poseidon Island”, a wonderful harbour village in greek style by Mysti Mole. There are some very beautiful places scattered around the Island for the visitor to explore and enjoy.

The building on “Joppa Island” is made by Bloomin Mole.

The same Bloomin Mole is the creator of the “Cave of the Gorgon” on “Gorgon Island”.

And the same Bloomin Mole is also the creator of the buildings on “Seriphos Island” with this “God Seated_SF_GOD_Bloomin_OB”.

And still the same Bloomin Mole also created the amazing complex building on “Perseus Island”.

Riding back to the West of the Sea, I passed “Hephaestus Isle” created by Hyper Mole.

To me the highlight of my visit to the Sea of Fables was walking the path up “Mount Olympus” made by Naughty Mole –

to find some rest playing a harp made by Myopic Mole on top 😉

Last of the landmarks en route was the vivid “Orwood Volcano” by Crazy Mole, a small brother of the Volcano of Ichelus I visited on my Balloon Ride here.

I also passed some really amazing privately owned residences around the coastline – so I’m sure I will return some time soon for another tour along the shores of the Sea of Fables.

And on another tour I will have a look at the underwater creations by the moles mentioned on the wiki – but first I have to find me a submarine I like 😉


be nice and have fun …

and Good Winds!


Treet TV / Rails & Trails

Simple Wunderlich was guest on the wonderful Designing Worlds show on ! It came as a surprise and I still do not grasp, why I was so honored (and who is to blame) 😉

And I’m ROFLMAO every time I hear my accent. I for sure should switch to Voice and exercise some pronunciations 😉


be nice and have fun …

The High Mountain Road (Route 6) on Heterocera Atoll from Pavonia to Athetis

This route is well documented on the secondlife wiki: I like the descriptions by Hyper Mole: “Much civil engineering work has been carried out on this lonely and at times vertiginous road linking the SLRR with the Great Wall of Second Life, along a twisting, climbing route navigating the footslopes of the highest peak on the mainland, Mount Campion. Hardy travellers not afraid of mud, giddy heights or splinters in the foot, may now travel this way. The eastern hitherto impassable cliff face sections have now been bridged and made free to explore, while the western hillsides nearer to the broken wall still require an all terrain vehicle ideally of the four legged variety .. neigh !”  The pictures on the wiki are taken by Mr. Garden Mole himself.

Here my trip along the backbone of the Atoll in sequence:

I started in Pavonia, rode then from

Nolidae to Campion (highest point in Secondlife),

Campion to Arches

Lapara to Fucosa

ending on the foot of the Great Wall in Athetis.

see you on the road 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …

Lota – Euclidia – Parva – Deltote – Athetis (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This ends the trip I last ended here and started here. As I leave the rezz zone in Moth ( this wonderful building came into view.

A “Brueghel Castle” by Oriolus Oliva. The land is open to the public.

Owned by ThomasD Felisimo and set to the “Sardines don’t Panic” group (group description: “Bring your towel”, members title: “Mostly Harmless”) 😉

This is an amazing work and creation. And some beautiful surprises inside. Mr. Felisimo seems to be a gentleman with a very fine taste 😉

A “Belle Belle Time Machine” made by Leyla Firefly.

Here in Lota, the hillside gets almost vertical again. Mr. Garden Mole did an amazing work in carving out a paved road made of “GreatWallCobbleRoad+patch” lined with “Great Wall Pillar fragment 1” (both made by Garden Mole) along this wall.

The route gives a wide open view to the parcels below with some wonderful creations. This one is owned by Mr. ThomasD Felisimo again …

Just before the crossing to Euclidia, a beautiful rezz zone ( In Euclidia you can see the railway of the SLRR from the road, you don’t even have to rise up your draw distance very much. I usually travel at 176m and rise it to 256m for some pictures. I do not have enough bandwidth for more 😦

After a short bridge build using the “LDPW_trestle_bridge_section”, there is a privately owned path wich connects the High Mountain Road with the SLRR. The entry is not marked but easy to find. The land “The Swamp (Horses and Turtles)” is open to the public.

Just before the border another short bridge, the waterfall is added by Bree Birke, and then I arrive at the Parva rezz zone (

The High Mountain Road runs just through the NW corner of Parva. Like in Moth, the whole stretch of the road is set as rezz zone. There I found the “Route 6 Lookout Point”, privately owned by the “Paradise Railroad Holdings” group. It is a station for the Great Wall Pedaloon Tour by Pedal Balloon and the  Hooktip Horse Tour on Horseback by the Guided Tours Company. A TP point invites you to the hilltop, where a long ZipLine Ride down the hillside starts.

The road here and the first part in Deltote is made by Garden Mole out of “GreatWallCobbleGrassedRoadLumpy” – some rough terrain 😉

It follows, after that short stretch, in my opinion the most beautiful part of the route.

There are even some “Road Horse Trough” to find. Touch the lid to open them and get to the water 😉

On the parcel “Paradise Rendevous, The Tranquility Oasis” owned by Indyjoe Rinkitink a historic relic, a “Sally’s Genie Bottle, all proceeds go to 2006 Relay for Life” made by HoseQueen McLean. Still one of the most wonderful examples of secondlife creativity. The land is open to visit.

Some rats made by Garden Mole scurry over the pavement.

The High Mountain Road ends here at the Athetis rezz zone. I’m now at the foot of the Great Wall. This is a real antiquity, wich stretches over at least 12 regions. I for sure will travel that another time.

The “Bridle Path Horse Riding Depot, Come get a free horse to ride on a beautiful bridal trail or sit a spell and check out the strange artifacts. Trains to ride, too! Or explore the secret passage. Porch swing. SL Public Land Preserve $5 one-time fee to help keep SL free!” owned by the “Ravenglass Rentals” group / Prokofy Neva, offers a free “Crimson Phoenix Saddle Rezzer IV” to choose from 4 horses. Read the notecard, you have to join the open group before the ride. These are very nice and beautiful horses, a generous offer from Mr. Prokofy Neva. The parcel has access to the railway too.

There are 4 (!) routes running through Athetis. No connection for miles around 😉

But you can easy cross over the public Ravenglass Rentals land with the horse rezzer down to the railway and the Athetis RR Station (

Perhaps I will start a new trip there – another day 😉

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …

Lapara – Plebeja – Fucosa (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I ended here, on the bridge crossing from Arches to Lapara.

In Lapara the road reaches one of the wonders of secondlife, the “Mountain Avalanche Tunnel”, made by Mr. Garden Mole ( The hillside is on its maximum steepness here, an impressive sight. And an almost impossible building ground.

The tunnel is a wonderful solution to that problem and in itself a piece of art.

It is inhabited 😉

On the other side, the road begins to fall as the hillside is not so high anymore.

The route is build out of Garden Mole’s “LDPW_R6_loghillsideroad_sculpt” again and crosses, sometimes elevated, the difficult terrain through Plebeja.

A short bridge section just after the border to Plebeja crosses an indentation in the hillside. The waterfall is added by Simple Wunderlich – and not finished yet 😉

Mr. Garden Mole was also so very kind to place a rezz zone ( in front of Simple’s Mountain Retreat – “A long walk on the steepest mountainside in SL mainland. Explore the gardens, the waterfalls, the view from the top. Free Hanggliding! Some freebies. Buy Simple’s Meditation Books to support 😉 (Almost) everybody welcome – Be nice and have fun ;)”, the homeplace of my main 😉  Read more about this place here.

In the SE corner of Astylus is a wonderful building placed on the hilltop, owned by the Sugar Land group: “Enjoy all there is to enjoy but know that there is security on the hilltop at the house and also in the patio/swimming area both will boot you they are private please respect that” . It is really worth to rise the draw distance and swing the camera up for 😉 The wonderful waterfall arrangement you can admire best while traveling along route 3A on the other side of the hillrange.

Crossing to Fucosa begins another masterpiece of Mr. Garden Mole. The road runs over natural ground again, Mr. Mole just flattened the difficult ground out using “Atoll grass/rock cobble” from Igneous Mole and supported it with logs. The art is in the wonderful placing and composing of the plant and tree arrangements. It has an amazing ‘natural’ look. In some places, “Great Wall Ruin fragments” by Garden Mole keep the steep hillside from sliding on the trail.

Fucosa is a sim with an overdose on transport connections 😉 Through Fucosa run the High Mountain Road, the Railroad and the route 3A. No link between the routes anywhere. The secondlife routes where obviously not planned to build a network 😦 The High Mountain Road runs a very short way through the SE corner of Moth. The whole strip of the road through Moth is a rezz zone ( so I will continue this trip right here on another day.

I for sure will then have a closer look at this wonderful building in perfect view from the road.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …

Campion – Campanula – Arches (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I started here.

The very appropriate road bed here consists of the “LDPW_R6_loghillsideroad_sculpt” made by Garden Mole. The sight is very typical for the High Mountain Road.

On my way to the location where I left, I met one of the “sitting girls” on the bridge. You find them more or less frequently along the routes. Always in this sitting pose, always girls, sometimes hidden in the bushes, sometimes like in this example, in the middle of the road, always with completed profiles, never newbies. Sometimes they sit on the same spot for days. They never answer. First I thought them playing one of these HUD games, now I believe that they are some kind of ghosts. It is a mystery and I like it this way. Please do not give me a technical explanation. Some time or other I will contact one – but not now, not soon 😉

The hillside in Campion is not worth a look. It is a pain for every concerning builder to see how these preferred locations are abused …

Just before the road crosses to Campanula, this strange tibetan influenced castle / monastery by Matty Rickenbacker: “Perched on some of the highest mountains in SL, the Monastery offers stunning views, cooling pools and a quiet place for contemplation and meditation. A rest stop along the path of enligthenment – travellers are always welcome. Nastame!”. I remember that I admired a tibetan building here already in 2008, when this road was just an almost impassable strip of protected land – that was Greenlaning at it’s best 😉

The highest point in Campion is to find on the parcel “Castle Bella” (, owned by the RatPac group and claimed in march 2008. It is open to the public and a small chapel was build on the top on 365m. The door was closed when I visited 😦

 A rather large rezz zone in Campanula (

The road swings very smooth along the hillside and if you rise your draw distance accordingly, it gives a nice view on the lands down to the railroad and the neighboring regions Sagittata and Foxglove.

In the next region, Arches, is the second place located, wich can call himself the highest point in secondlife. On the “Paraglider glide slope” of famous Kou Umaga (, the ‘natural’ ground reaches 365m too. The buildings at his homeplace are the only significant architecture for a long stretch of  this side of the hillrange.

He is a paraglider pilot (and teacher) and a rather roundish rabbit 😉 So he does not care very much about footpaths. The japanese archways lead straight up the hillside to his wonderful place. Check out his blog He is as much an excellent photographer, paraglider and aircraft pilot as an observant explorer of the wonders of secondlife. I love his work – even if I don’t understand any japanese 😉

After Kou Umaga’s place, Mr. Garden Mole had to run the road over a long bridge again. This time it is a real viaduct: “LDPW_R6_viaduct(8m)”. It follows the hillside until Lapara, where I will continue the trip another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …

Nolidae – Immidae – Perizoma – Taeniatum – Campion (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I started here. You find the whole route on as “Route 6”. Here we will name this the “High Mountain Road” like the moles / LDPW named it inworld. I start where I ended the last section of the travel: stepping from the bridge crossing Nolidae on solid ground again (

If you increase your field of vision, you see the railroad down in Immidae. There are some simple but beautiful rural buildings between the road and the railway. This is desirable ground for the concerning builder: road and railway give visibility and in combination with the steep hillside, protect from neighbors unfitting builds.

It’s a short way to the next bridge. After leaving Nolidae there is a short stretch solid ground through Immidae, and straight after the border to Perizoma, Mr. Garden Mole had to conduct the route over a bridge again. We are coming near the highest point in whole Secondlife, so the hillside is very, very steep: the ground gets flat again at about 100m, the road is on 138m and the top of the hillrange at about 220m. 120m height in 30m distance!

The bridge runs through Perizoma. Its the same structure “LDPW_R6_plankbase” made by Garden Mole as the bridge to Nolidae. A very beautiful rezz zone here interrupts the plankway.

After the rezz zone, the bridge gets a little bit simpler. Now it’s based on the “LDPW_trestle_bridge_section”, made by Garden Mole.

Just before leaving Perizoma, I found this wonderful building “La Mandragola” made by Luna McMillan, I have to check out her stuff! The parcel “The Wizards’s House” belongs to Nephilim estates, according to the landinfo: “Visitors Welcome when the owner is away”. The parcel has even building enabled with a return time of 90min, that’s what I call hospitality!

In the next sim, Taeniatum, still on the bridge, you have a nice view down on the impressive buildings and vehicles of the “TRAIN & TRAM STORE –  H8 Motors Company”, “Home of the 1st sensor, high-prim, passenger trains. steam engine, locomotives, diesel electric, monorail, and trolley. Drive on Linden railroad, or automatic on your land. Railway track sets available”. 

The Store covers all of Taeniatum between railroad and High Mountain Road. The exhibited trains are absolutely fabulous, worth a long visit 😉

The bridge runs through to Campion, where I broke my trip again. I for sure will continue this route another day, until then

be nice and have fun on the road …