Simple takes a YavaScript pod tour: Corsica East

Sometimes I’m too lazy to drive myself but still want to do some sightseeing. Then it’s time to take one of the marvellous YavaScript Pod Tours offered by Yavanna Llanfair on almost all mainland continents: “The stations have live maps, updated with the locations of all the running pods on the continent. You can use the maps to locate a pod, then get up the map in your SL client and TP to where one is, if you want to pick up a tour at a certain location. Individual pod tours run at intervals of around 30 minutes.”

The only drawback to this method of exploring the Mainlands to me is caused by my limited internet access. The pods travel just a little too fast to take usuable pictures underway. So I’m forced to relax and just note the region names – and hope to find later the time to come back to revisit some highlights encountered en route, some of these tours are very, very long!

This time, I started at the small station in Corfeld at ( and took the Corsica East Tour with a stated duration of 25:09. The route runs along a part of the official ‘Circuit La Corse’, you find more about the roads on Corsica on This is just a small collection of some of the highlights you will pass on the tour:

In Joffy: “Laika’s village” set to the Braveheart Rentals group, created by Laika Amat.

In Delizmo: The “Small Steampunk Skybox Main” by Koshari Mahana owned by Lillylou Lomes hovering over the parcel “InnerChild Safe Haven – Inner Child Safe Haven is a safe place for people who play child avatars and the adults who care for them to gather and have fun.  We will have dancing, good music, contests, fishing, information to help you keep yourself safe as a child avatar and more!!” set to the Child Avatar Safe Hub group.

In Fourd: “-a homewere store  Naoki-” set to -Naoki’s hause- group, owned and created by Naoki Xomotron.

In Ensleigh: A “Vintage Greenhouse” owned by Deanna Genesis located on the parcel “Ensleigh Greenhouse” set to deanna’s properties group.

In Shempo: Some “LDPW, Object, Roadside Topiary” by Earthy Mole.

In Ashenlave: Covering several parcels, this weird lonely mountain peak.

In Knarley: A cathedral created by Rizla Lavalby on the parcel “* Trenza * in Knarley, Welcome to Trenza Cafe branch office. – The policy of Trenza is a “pure mind”. Let’s enjoy the creation and communications. Daikin Air Resort camp Money Hair Shirt clothes zyngo Freebie SandBox Bar Trenza cafe mall store shops fashion events xploder fishing dj dance floor script sculpt” owned by Dkoo1 Doobie.

More YavaScript pod tours are leaving from: (, (, (, (, ( and ( Enjoy your rides 😉

and as always – be nice and have fun …