Simple Wunderlich

I was created as an Alt, but as my Main had to retire from the stage of Second Life in an ugly newbie drama, I proudly and dutifully took over in 2007 and started my own life. And look what I made of me 😉

First of all I love to build, to fiddle about with prims and landscapes (less experience with scripts and textures, even less with animations and absolutely no with clothes, sculpts and mesh). I like to build without a plan, just with a rough idea and then to experiment about, how to carry that out within the limitations of Second Life.  As much as I like to create, I like to delete and try another approach. I’m never satisfied with my own creations 😉

I create as l’art pour l’art. I do not create a product. And I like to keep it second life, not to rebuild things from first life but to make them genuinely second life 😉

My home is in the Plebeja Sim ( Feel free to visit.  It was really fun to build that, because you don’t find a more difficult landscape in Second Life to build on. I think I was fiddling about almost a year before I was satisfied.

My mission for a long time now and for the predictable future is the Lythria Zoo of All Things, the main theme of this blog ( 😉

Last but not least, I like to travel the roads of the Mainland. It is absolutely amazing and breathtaking what the residents of this virtual world realize in Second Life:  Each prim was touched by a human mind and positioned and textured with a purpose, with an idea behind. This world is the canvas for a gigantic painting of the human dream. I can’t stop gaze at it in wonder – and take some pictures:

Visit the exhibitions in the Lythria Zoo of All Things ( or this blog or for some examples 😉


be nice and have fun …


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