Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja: 2015

My long time home and beloved workplace in Plebeja on the Heterocera Atoll ( More about this place here. You can’t miss it traveling the High Mountain Road. It even found its way into the secondlife Wiki now: 🙂

Too bad the Rezz Zone on the road as mentioned in the Wiki ( doesn’t exist anymore. Now you find the nearest Rezz Zone along the road in Moth (

Simple's Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja (13-11-2014)

The parcel includes 24’176sqm / ~ 5’500 prims. Before the partial reconstruction sometimes I was running short of prims while building or sorting inventory. Just in rebuilding the old school floors and replacing the complicated ramps / stairs by spiral staircases, I did spare more than enough prims – even enough to add some new fancy waterfalls. And I still have some 1500 prims in reserve 🙂

Simple's Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja: New Waterfall

I like the look of these staircases – they are realistically massive but still elegant and wide and secure enough for an easy walk. Here a view of the balcony:

Simple's Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja: Balcony

Like the Zoo, this is and will ever be a work in progress. Some ideas prove worthwhile, some don’t turn out the way I imagined and stay more or less unfinished, waiting for the next attempt. But some places really feel like home 🙂 Here a detail of the garden located on the top terrace:

Simple's Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja: Top Garden

The “Mookah (Multi Chair Hookah) v1.0.43” by Timeless Prototype – Timeless Gadget – is one of the oldest objects in my inventory – and still much in use 😉

On the middle terrace you will find a wonderful addition, the “~*FF*~ Elemental Falls “Earth” by Uni Ninetails – ~*Forest Floor*~ Gardens & Dreamscapes. It makes a nice place to fiddle around with the lights, shadows and Depth of Field settings of the phototools.

Simple's Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja: Midgarden

The head here and the hands of the new waterfall are from a set of sculpties called “Chakra Nova BODY PRIMS” by Pumpkin Tripsa. According his profile he is “Currently working on coming back to SL. Very excited about that.” I’m very exited about his return too. He is one of my favourite creators but did leave sl before I started collecting for real. So you find only two of his statues on display in the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( A “Seraph (dark gilded)” and the “Ganesha (marble)”. I hope he will bring his old work back too, I remember seeing some fantastic gargoyle statues in his shop 🙂

Next, I plan to reconstruct the wooden ramps / walkway from the road. I do have a set of building elements in my inventory from dop Kidd (dop.kidd) – KIDD Grass that will fit very nicely. But there are some other items on the sl todo-list for both Simple and Traveling. So do not expect this reconstruction happening soon. You will read all about it on this blog 🙂

be nice and have fun…


Treet TV / Rails & Trails

Simple Wunderlich was guest on the wonderful Designing Worlds show on ! It came as a surprise and I still do not grasp, why I was so honored (and who is to blame) 😉

And I’m ROFLMAO every time I hear my accent. I for sure should switch to Voice and exercise some pronunciations 😉


be nice and have fun …

New book – Simple’s Meditations: Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja

Yes, I did document it at last 😉

Thanks to the nice people of the Designing Worlds show on, my homeplace in secondlife appears now as volume 4 in the series, more than 20 pictures accompanied by some wise words 😉

You will find this book for sale at the souvenir kiosk at the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and at several places at Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( of course 😉

All sales as always in favor of Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria


be nice and have fun …

Welcome to Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja

It took me some months of try and error until I was satisfied at last with my home place on the steepest mountainside on the mainlands (

I wanted it to be a place of gardens and scenic views, with different places outdoor to have a quiet time away from the eyesores and the hectic of everyday Second Life. I wanted it to be a prestigious place to meet and greet fellow avatars, for group and business meetings and last but not least my own low lag sandbox on a spacious sky platform 😉

Feel free to visit as long as you wish. There is enough place and places for all kind of residents and (almost) everybody is welcome. Most of the time I’m up in the sky building – there I usually do not want to be disturbed.

But feel free to use the rest of the place 😉

On the landing point you will find a selection of freebie boxes with useful stuff for your second life. And the takeoff place for the free hang glider. DO NOT TURN RIGHT / WEST AFTER TAKEOFF! My neighbours have their banlines up. They want to keep their place private. Please respect that…

Follow the ramps or choose a location from the teleport pad to the gardens and up to the Top. On the roof you will find a small bar and the radio where you can change the music of the place to the radio station you like. You’re welcome to party 😉

Follow the wooden boardwalk all the way down to the road. You will find route 6, one of the most beautiful roads made by the LDPW moles. The trail starts at the railway station in Pavonia ( and follows the mountainside to the start of the ancient Great Wall in Spini ( Mount your horses and enjoy this very scenic route 😉

Please donate generously if you like the place. All donations will be in favour of the continuous elaboration and extension of Simple’s Lythria Zoo of all Things (

And send a postcard of your visit in Plebeja to 😉


be nice and have fun …