Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: 2015

Not only is the Zoo of all Things still present, it is growing and expanding – there were 2 major reconstructions since my last post here. As promised, the place is ever a work in progress 😉

The Zoo now consists of parcels in 5 regions: Triphosa (6144m2), Phyllodesma (5136m2), Philereme (3968m2), Dimidiata (8160m2) and Lythria (about 53’000m2). This allows me to distribute the prim load evenly – and there are a lot of prims to distribute since a lot of exhibits were added (a lot of freebies to collect too 😉 )

There were so many changes and still more to come, that I decided to go now without a detailed directory and removed the plates in front of the exhibits too, it was way too much work to maintain that… Please use “inspect” or “edit” on the objects and read the profiles and descriptions to learn more about the creators. The tourguide consists of 5 panels, showing the last known position of the largest objects. Please get this documentation on place ( or on my flickr (

An overall view (the Panoptikum is already replaced by a smaller building and the pasture expanded for some horses):

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: 03-02-2014

and how it showed 2 years ago:

Old Lythria Map

The Zoo still has the same pleasant neighbors: Jeanna (genesis.dayafter) in her castle and DreamCrawler (dreamcrawler.martin)’s ever ugly update zone for his otherwise wonderful DreamCrawler’s Avatars. I recommend to derender the few too colored objects of his shop while visiting 😦

The empty parcel on the other side of the road belongs to Max Bergson since sep. 2007 and hosts the “Star Wars Combine Info Box & Amanora’s Art”.

The additional land gave me the opportunity to show a few more examples of the very interesting wildlife of Secondlife: As an example – on display in front of the new Exhibition place – some Animated Mushrooms made by fffred Auer from Eclyps 3D:

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: To the Exhibition

Added to the zoology were also an Animania Ants Nest by Vinnie Baxter, a pair of ducks – do not stumble over her massive eggs – an “Animated Little Tiger at scratch tree, with swing” by Bridget Lykin from Bridgets Pets and Outdoor, the wandering “lost flower eyes” by Cutea Benelli, some “INFINITUDE WILD HORSES” by Poppet McGimsie from ANTIQUE ARTISTRY and more.

And way too many decorations and artwork are new on display to list here in full. Wonderful – and somehow difficult to fit in – the “bridge of thighs – a bridge made of bones” by Cutea Benelli from Grim Bros:

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: The Bridge of Thighs

Many of these creators are gone or do not display their creations anymore – the land to support the prims needed is way too expensive. You will never find the “Circuits in Cyberspace” by Madcow Cosmos (548 prim!) and the “- Organic Tech – Future?” by Damanios (damanios.thetan) from Damani Sculpts (162 prim) anywhere else in SL on display together with the very prim heavy statues by Cheen Pitney (an eagle dancer alone is about 150 prims) – only possible in the Zoo of All Things 🙂

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

Along the road you will find some recently added statues by dileoo Kirax:

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: Garden Terraces

Dileoo Kirax’ profile: “Hello i represent an association of people working on the Internet and doing 2D and 3D artwork. We are in Second Life to provide some nice sculpties and will also do custom work on demand. Specialized in caricature of celebrities in sculpties you can come check our work at the place shown in my pics. For more information send me a notecard or contact Ub Yifu”. And Ub Yifu’s profile says: “After 7 years building statues in SL i have to leave my sim for a small shop in Paris 1900… I can still do custom statues for you and will be waiting in my new shop which you will find in my picks. I will move there the 15 july 2014” . And that is just paradigmatic – Ub Yifu’s Sky Gallery was an extensive and one of the most wonderful and comprehensive collection of creative SL craftmanship constantly on display inworld 😦

But the creations of these artisans are still to be found while traveling secondlife. And there are new builders making very exiting things. I do have some new wonderful pieces of art and artwork in my inventory to add to the exhibits soon – and some of the new garments are very, very ingenious creations too 😉 Secondlife is still alive – not exuberant, but alive – and the residents, oh my, still the most creative and crazy bunch of people imaginable 🙂

You will still make some wonderful discoveries en route on the roads and trails of the mainland. Just take a rest while traveling Route 4 ( at the 2 new picnic places in the Zoo with a wonderful view over the locations. You can choose between the EarthDwellings – Picnic Table by Twistit Saiman at the Garden Terraces:

Simple's Zoo of All Things @ Lythria: Picnic Table

Or get saturated at the fully equipped “BBQ Grill E4V2.8” by caroline Planer from Caro’s Barstuff on the Aquarium Terraces in Dimidiata.

Next on the list to thoroughly reconstruct is the area of the Watertower. I have a new building almost ready with some extraordinary dancing fountains. This will free some prims to add new exhibits. I hope it will get enough – I will not buy more land 😉

Of course all changes will be announced and documented on this blog – I hope better in time this time.

be nice and have fun…


Simple goes shopping again

It’s about time for another shopping tour with Simple, firstly to celebrate the completion of the circumnavigation of Gaeta V by Traveling Albatros and secondly to check out some of my favorite creators for stuff to add to the collection in the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria.

First I made a visit to “Herbalys ‘Sky Orchard'” owned by Albert Beerbaum (

These floating islands constitute a wonderful scenery, perfectly fitting to the very unique style of his products. There are only a few but very impressive creations for sale and everything is very carefully and lovingly crafted.

You find a lot of his stuff in the Zoo.

Then I made a tour at “DAMANI – mediaviewer, weather, kittens, prefab houses, video – Home of  Collection Damani, Damani Weather,  MediaViewer, Kittenz II and Damani Prefabs (and more)”.

Owner and creator of this island is Damanios Thetan. Read more about his work on He seems to have left second life for good: There are no news on the blog and no more new products presented since some time.

So enjoy this wonderful creation as long as it last! This statue is called “{damani} – Organic Tech – Future?”.

But perhaps there is hope: At least the “Damani Sculpts – Watching Robot” are decorated on time for Valentine’s Day 😉

Out of the Light and into the Dark: Next on my tour I visited the “Tormented Woods – A dark land overrun by the BloodWorx hordes: Metal Gear, PrimEvil, Dead Center, Hells Forge, and UberDark. Enter at own risk.”

The place is owned and created by JubJub Forder. Read more about his live and immense work on This is one of his statues: the “PrimEvil: Cthulhu Statue”.

You find a lot more of his creations used for the decorations and also some of his brands for sale here. Take your time exploring the many dark corners of the Woods, you don’t need fear a thing: Contrary to the parcel description, there are no hordes running wild there 😉

Of course, I did purchase some objects for the Zoo underway. Have a look yourself how they add to the scenery at Lythria.

Until then

be nice and have fun …

PS. no landmarks this time: look up these places in search yourself, they are worth it!

Simple goes shopping

With the intention to free some more prims for the Zoo, Simple decided to go on a short shopping tour. I especially planned to replace the lampstands and a number of the free Paper lanterns. As already the first shop I landed at, was such a beautiful creation, I decided to take some pictures too 😉

This one is the “AZ Emporium – Village of Quilla – A delightful array of designs for sale and a beautiful place to dance, relax or indulge at the cafe. All are welcome” owned and created by Aarcher Zenovka.

Of course I couldn’t resist to take a closer look into some neighboring shops. Amazing discoveries to be made this way! This shop is the “Sound Gears – Musical instrument shop” of the Karabako co. owned by Karenblue Noel.

In the end, I bought only a set of 2prim  japanese paper lanterns at “Yamato’s Japanese Workshop” …

To keep me motivated in reducing prims in Lythria, I made then a short visit at “Mysterious Wave  – Mysterious Wave opens its doors. Sim minimalist, sculptures exhibition on a musical and outstanding atmosphere that inspires creativity. A world apart, must see! By Cherry Manga & Anley Piers”. This ‘small’ sculpture alone, “Seduction” by Cherry Manga, needs 100 prims, and there are a lot more like this one on display there, I’d really love to exhibit in the Zoo …

Then, as I was still in the right mood, I went looking for a submarine 😉

This search term led me to some really amazing buildings. This is the “JD Mechanical Toy Factory – Unique Steampunk and Art Nouveau designs in buildings, clothing and accessories here in our main shop. Our scripted, high detailed artworks presents the top of SL possibilities. Neko, suburban and wasteland stuff around too. Oldtimer vehicles” of Jenne Dibou and Mandy Marseille.

In this Zeppelin resides the “Timeless Curiosities, Steampunk Emporium – Timeless Curiosities Steampunk Emporium, for the curious Victorian, steampunk, or mad scientist. Tesla coil tophat, clockwork top hat, airship, lab equipment, Wimshurst machine, steam vent welcome mat, monocle, Vacuum tube sconce, sky platform, lamps” of Parrish Ashbourne.

This robot “TK-02 Steam Jarmet2+Cart” by Peel Bearcat waits for cargo in “Yukon industry – It is a shop of the military base style that builts in the sea. There are an original tank, a helicopter, a submarine, and a commodity of arms etc. The vehicle of ghibli also is putting it^^”.

I didn’t buy a submarine in the end, I couldn’t make up my mind – yet. So I still do have a good reason to go on another shopping tour – sometime soon 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …


PS. no landmarks this time: look up these places in search yourself, they are worth it!

Sculptures, Statues and Paintings in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

I’m running out of prims at last, so I have to call the collection complete 😉

At least for now – but be sure, there will be still some additions and exchange in the future.

So here the complete list of all the sculptures, statues and paintings on display in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria as of End of December 2011 😉

  • “first nation series” by Cheen Pitney: “Bear Dancer”, “Eagle Dancer” and “Orca Dancer”
  • “MINOTAUR” by Cheen Pitney
  • “BRONCO RIDER”  by Cheen Pitney
  • “Greenies – Bud” by Light Waves
  • “Catastrophic” by Light Waves
  • “Yak” by Light Waves
  • “Illustrators Angel” by Madcow Cosmos
  • “Iron’s Grip” by Madcow Cosmos
  • “Taureau de Knossos” by Ub Yifu
  • “Buddha bronze” by Ub Yifu
  • “Seraph (dark gilded)” by Pumpkin Tripsa
  • “Ganesha (marble)” by Pumpkin Tripsa
  • “Adoration” by JubJub Forder
  • div. Totem statues by JubJub Forder
  • “Samson” by Starax Statosky
  • “normal life” by Yoa Ogee
  • “working robot” by Typote Beck
  • “Dream Black/White” by Dileoo Kirax
  • div. figurines by Cherry Manga
  • div. Animals painted by anonymous stone age artists
  • div. Animals painted by Hans Erni
  • div. Paintings by Chance Greatrex

Visit these masterpieces in ‘real’ at (

be nice and have fun …

New book – Simple’s Meditations: Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

As I have to call the sculpture collection complete, because I’m running out of prims, I did document it at last 😉

Some of the pictures I took before the statues were placed. Have a look, how that affected the impression …

The Zoo appears now as volume 6 in the series, more than 20 stylish pictures accompanied by some deep wise words 😉

You will find this book for sale at the souvenir kiosk at the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and at several places at Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( of course 😉

All sales as always in favor of Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria


be nice and have fun …

News from Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

Only few but very impressive additions to Simple’s Zoo of All Things in the last weeks.

First the colours. It started with the idea to plant all the bright yellow Common Brooms from Plebeja around the Zoo (I really missed some colours here 😉 ) But this let the balance tilt too much, so to equalize, I had to add some bright red coloured trees too. I think it’s best to stop now, before it looks like under a rainbow 😉

And finally, I gave in to my long time desire: to buy and display the work of some of my favourite second life sculptors. Too bad, I do not have enough prims on disposal to display all the statues I like …

Buddha and Yak keep watch at the Cafe. The first is made by Ubu Yifu, the second by Light Waves.

On the platform in front of the Souvenir Kiosk, this wonderful Ganesha Statue by Pumpkin Tripsa (the same who made the human body parts I used for the figures on the Ring of Fire and the Watertower 😉 )

This statue is created by JubJub Forder from Relics.

In front of the Panoptikum and the Ring of Fire are two of the amazing Greenie Statues from Light Waves on display. The large lurking cat is part of the “Catastrophic”, a generous donation by Aztek Aeon from Ethereal. You find more Greenie statues at her exhibition at

On the platform to the Watertower the amazing statues of the First Nations Dancers Series by Cheen Pitney. And just on the end of the walkway the impressive Samson by Starax Statosky.

Last but not least, the ravine got inhabitated 😉 The Azziesaurus is created by Aztek Aeon.

And some more additions and redecorations, but too small to remember in detail. You have to come and look for yourself, there is always more to see in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and as always – more to come soon 😉


be nice and have fun …

News from Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

The Zoo of All Things saw some changes and additions in the last weeks not yet documented here.

Some entertainment at the cafe and at the garden tent:

Diego Calavera is created by Citizen Dreamscape. Touch him for some fine tunes 😉

For some sporting activity for those not interested in the exhibits, I placed a basketball shoot game from Abramelin Wolfe / Abranimations in front of the exihibition building. Touch the ball to start and touch the start button on the board to try to beat the highscore. Yes, parents, you can leave your children playing here. It is safe – as long as they don’t wander to the raptors 😉

At the Tomato Park ( I found some very nice animals. The Pigs are made by Gian Allstar. They seem to like it at the Zoo. Touch the trough to feed the family.

Beautifully animated bunnies made by Nicehoon Langer / Tomato Park inhabit several places now.

Touch the tree beside the entrance to the Watertower to feed the squirrels made by Nicehoon Langer / Tomato Park.

To satisfy the global thirst for wine, I expanded the vineyards. The birds and scarecrow are from Albert Beerbaum / Herbalys.

The most important change was the redesign of the Dimidiata Entrance. Check here, how it looked before. It was an isolated building of no further use – now it is really a part of the Zoo. Watch out, there is a sim border to cross when you enter the zoo there …

More to see in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria and as always – more to come soon 😉


be nice and have fun …