Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Putnam to Feoktistov

The final leg of my trip around this subcontinent! I retook the circumnavigation at the linden road junction under construction at Putnam, where I stopped last time.

The nearest rezz zone is located  just after the border in Fourman at ( I recommend to drive slowly, the road is really narrow around the junction 😉 This part of route 7 is made by Mighty Mole.

A major accident happened obviously at “VARRIALE DESIGNS  in Putnam – Live your Dream in Second Life.  Homes, prefabs, villas, mansions, lodge, cabin, cottage, beach, tropical, bungalow” owned and created by Skyeryder Varriale, set to the Varriale Holdings group. Perhaps answering to the ugly sight on the parcel on the other side of the road. The land is without description, and restricted to age verified residents. It is set to the White River Enterprises group, claimed in May 2011 and presents an ugly, unfinished, too huge and even partially untextured construction. Really no place to live your dream next to …

The road passes more abandoned land in the next region Motru. There was no rezz zone on the border.

Also abandoned some dogs owned by Darrk Iceghost on the parcel “::SCREAM:: MAINSTORE & FISHING LOCATION – clothes, 7 seas fishing, tutus, boomers, neko, baggies, rave, lucky chairs” owned by the ::SCREAM:: cUStOmEr FaNS group. Read more about these Amaretto breedables on

The Road runs directly to the NW corner of the region, where it leads a very short stretch through Banyaga. The whole part of the route there at ( is set as rezz zone. This is not continued to the next region, Troelstra.

There, the road runs through the Bloom Estates owned by David Bloom and set to the Bloom Estates group. On both side of the road were a lot of parcels for rent with some very beautiful buildings. Read more about this place on

This is a “*Funky*Junk* Ariel” house by Ulaa Coronet.

On another parcel a “Thistle Rendezvous Cottage LE B.Unique (cm)” by Liz Gealach. Read more about all things thistle on

This is a “Bahia Tiki- Panama House” by Aral Levitt. Read more about her stuff on

There is a small rezz zone on the next region border at (, not continued into the next region Elbert.

In Elbert I passed the Shamrock Estates, set to the Shamrock Quality Rentals group, with some large public areas. From the group description: “Welcome to Shamrock Estates Elbert & ShamRock Island. “Shamrock the symbol of good luck”. This is what we wish you in our new homes. * We provide good quality housing and an excellent customer service * Our aim to Provide Quality housing and customer satisfaction – Property in Elbert & ShamRock Island presently available and under development – Dabs Shamrock, Shamrock Estates Owner/Landlady”. The group was founded by Dabs Shamrock. Read more about these estates on

On the road, this beautiful “Windmill v11” by Marian Lean, owned by Dabs Shamrock.

A rezz zone is located on the next region border at (

Most of the land in Eyharts belongs to the Second Life TV STAFF ONLY group. This impressive glass building sits on the parcel “**  SLTV Cube  ** – [Second Life TV Cube]: Eyharts (200, 206, 30), [GaetaV], (放送時 URL), (投稿時URL)” owned by Tamu Anton.

The building seems to be created by Hsr Voom.

Still in Eyharts, I found on the parcel “EYHARTS STATION” owned by the Shamrock Quality Rentals group, the beautiful “Beeston Station” created by Followmeimthe Piedpiper and owned by Dabs Shamrock. The engine is a “Thomas the Tank Engine” by Pine Martinek also owned by Dabs Shamrock. Too bad, there is no railroad connected …

Another short rezz zone on the next region border at ( Not continued into the next region Fenomess again.

On one side of the road there was an interesting mall area, set to the blue palm studio group – “WELCOME to Blue Palm Entreprise: Shops (free, tattoos & shapes and more), Clubs, Studio (Photography), Garden appartements, Shoutcast server, Garden boutique. For more information contact Louna Or City”. There were some stalls available. The buildings had different creators, most were owned by Louna Preis and City Dawg.

Entrance and view to the parcel on the other side of the road was blocked by a huge screen without gate …

The road ended then in another construction site by Mighty Mole in Feoktistov. There is a rezz zone on the water at (, without free sailboat vendor this time. You have to rezz your own vehicle to continue the route. The building elements of the bridge are set to phantom, so you can sail through them. Take care, there are some banlines along the waterway …

After a very short stretch on the waterway I was back at Kimiko Dovers place: “Vehicle (no need to Rez) Jeep, Bike, Helicopter, Balloon, Plane, Boat – Vehicles: Attach (Wear) only type and another Rez type ;), no need to keep on pressing keys to go straight, multi speed. Jeep, Willys, Scooter, Bike, Horse, Hot air Balloon, Helicopter, Heli, Hangglider, AirPlane, Kayak, Schooner, Sloop, Yacht, Tug boat”.

Here I started the trip with this post. It was a long travel, through some very different and interesting scenes. The route passes a lot of mostly residential areas with some very nice creations and landscapes along the way.

I hope you liked these short reports from Gaeta V as I loved creating them 😉 It is just a small view on this subcontinent, as it presented itself ca Dec – Jan 2011 / 12, but I believe, I listed many good locations to start a short tour and I’m sure, you find the right spot to start and explore it yourself 😉

Me, I’m confident I will repeat this roundtrip sometime. I’m curious to see how the land will develop and evolve.


As always, be nice and have fun on your travels sl or rl …


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