Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Riun Rol to Putnam

For the 9th step on my trip around this subcontinent, I retook the circumnavigation at the linden water region Riun Rol, where I stopped last time. The whole stretch of the waterway through this sim is set as rezz zone: (

I reboarded my Talakin Small Boat and continued on the waterway, direction NW to Skonber. This again is an undecorated Linden ocean region. The waterway to route 7 crosses the sim some distance from the shore and is not marked until the border to Lenimov. There is no rezz zone there.

At ( starts a short underwater tunnel made of “Roadway – Tunnel (Low Option)” by Mighty Mole. It runs to (, through 2 regions only. I decided to stay in my boat. I like to see what I pass en route 😉

In Lenimov, on the parcel “MASHUGANA MILLS @ ANGEL ISLAND – Under Construction: Fine Furniture & Decor, Rug Imporium, Art Gallery, Candle Chandler Company, Rare Book Dealer & Reading Room, Wine Connoisseur, Coffee & Tea Importer, Angel Island Oasis, Angels Seaside Studio, Tower Of The Angels, Virtual World Blogger” set to the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group, waited this building by Angel Kingmaker to be finished. Read more about her second life on There is again no rezz zone on the border to the next region, Sheershank.

Also set to the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group is in Sheershank the parcel “D’s Nutz Beach Bar & Shops in the Sand – Nice Beachside hangout with good dj and good music. lights for the midnight setting. All is welcome, Huge dancefloor and fun people to be around. Nice bar, stage for live events with wet t-shirt contest. Stripper poles (girls included). Beach party !!”.

Just opposite, a “SL Coast Guard outpost w/helipad above” owned and created by Cate Foulsbane. Some information panels and freebies are presented to help the secondlife sailor. The outpost seems to host a chapter of the Leeward Cruising Club too: “Our charter: to explore & sail the SL waters with friends and to enjoy ourselves and our boats. Our much respected and admired founders: TORY MICHELINE and MANUL ROTARU – Our Motto: NO ONE LEFT AT THE DOCK!”

Again no rezz zone and no markers on the border to the next region, Malitz. First I passed some abanoned land there, then the canal gets really narrow, with buildings close to the border of the waterway. Take care, some owners there can’t live without banlines 😦

Because of the banlines of the neighbors, I crashed while admiring this clever building on Jaron DeVinna’s parcel “Ocean Winds”. It is a “Zuma” House by Oct Oyen, owned by Zak Rhiano.

The waterway then runs through this wonderful Palm beach “Tropical Beach – Sunset View – Protected Water x2 – This parcel is awesome! Protected water sim to the West, along with an unobstructed view of the sunset, and a riverway to the South, also protected, great for boating, etc. The parcel to the East will be for sale upon request.  Cam under to see terrain!!!”, this and the neighboring “Dwell Cove – Kel is Swell…This place rocks!” is set to the Dwell Designs group, some parcels seem to be claimed since nov. 2009.

Again no rezz zone on the border to Wissendon. This again is a Linden owned sea region, so you can just head to the start of the road on the sandbank in the SW.

The only decoration I passed in Wissendon was this “Rotten Dock” by Crazy Mole. There is no rezz zone in this region. On the sandbank in Lucasian at (, the road starts again – still no rezz zone. The first parts are made of “SL – Route 7” by Mighty Mole. On a “Modern Cement Bridge” also by Mighty Mole, the road crosses a small waterarm, then turns away from the shore. Because there was still no rezz zone available, I continued my travel on horseback 😉

First the road runs through parcels owned by Ponsonby Low: “P Low Low P Studio Oceanfront, 11248 w of Route 7 in Lucasian – P.Low Low P. Studio – low prim, low price homes, furniture, trees, plants, flowers, mannequins & more. Freebies scattered around – explore!  Grab a free yacht on the beach and sail on out!”. Some of them are claimed in 2008. A lot of very old school stuff was sold there, but to my ignorant taste, nothing especially remarkable besides these nice mannequins. There were some different models more on display. The store itself is rather heartless decorated …

Again no rezz zone on the border to Cliffoed. The road runs to the south and rises smoothly – but this is more or less the only positive thing to say about this part of the route. A lot of abandoned land, unfinished buildings and a lot of parcels completely bare on the ground – even a store named “Devine Equine / Roses&Rust Designs / Racing Stable – Furniture, plants, stables, flower arrangements, Amaretto, Horse, Champion, Stables, Sculpt Plants, Furniture, Meeroos, Horses, Riding Wear, Landscaping, Buddah, Textures, Garden, Jodphurs, Orchid, Rose”. So nothing to report from Cliffoed, Jallis, Glaisher and Demorgan 😦

And still no rezz zone along the road …

Passing Demorgan, I remarked on the minimap a lot of traffic in the neighboring region, Shiroman. There was located the busy “Sandbox Shiromani – Sandbox For The Public! Build, Script or Hangout in our new game room!” owned by the Sandbox Shiromani group. The Sandbox has no gate to the road …

Take care and slow down, when you meet this sign on the road in Demorgan.

The road junction, where the inland road 7B starts, was still heavy under construction. After the short stretch through the NE corner of Fourman, one lane of the road was blocked for the whole distance of the junction and the road got very very narrow.

Some of the objects belong to Mighty Mole, some to Michael Linden. I hope one of them will return to his work soon, in the present condition, it’s a very difficult passage. At last, there is a very small rezz zone just after the border to the next sim Fourman on route 7B at (

From there, I will continue and finish the circumnavigation next time. This was for sure not a very interesting part of the route 7. I hope, the 10th and last step will lead us through some recommendable regions and parcels again 😉

Until the next step then,

be nice and have fun …


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