Simple takes a YavaScript pod tour: Satori South Tour

Sooner as expected, Simple took another of these wonderful YavaScript Pod Tours offered by Yavanna Llanfair (read more about this tours here). Not because I was too lazy to steer myself, but because according to my plans, I will not find time in the next weeks to make a visit to Satori, also called Maebaleia or the Japanese Continent. And because these tours are a great way to get a quick overall view, I just couldn’t resist …

So, at the small station on the beach of Yavanna Llanfair’s “Ger Y Lli – classical ballroom, YavaScript shop and gardens – SL’s oldest classical-only ballroom. Yavanna jewellery – finest detail, scripted. YavaScript shop – pod guided tour and other items. Mahjong, boat rides. Fantasy art; original artwork” at (, I took the Satori South Tour with a stated duration of 1:02:53.

The Route follows in the first part the Coastal Waterway and makes then a sim jump to Route 8C. Some stretches were travelled very fast, there is a lot of distance to cover. You find more about the roads and the ‘official’ points of interest on Satori / Maebaleia on

Because the network of roads and routes on this continent isn’t really connecting, the tour runs the journey back on the same track. But this will not get boring: not only because there is so much to see, there were nice detours installed too 😉

This is just a small personal selection of some of the highlights you will pass on the tour:

In Chloris: This building is a “[143]tenpo C*” owned and created by AMI Lemon, set to the Blessed Fellows group, as the parcel “Blessed sea side” it sits on, wich is owned by Narris Tachikawa. The “Floating Fairy Sky Island – 30mx40m” and the plants are made by Dolly and Lilith Heart and owned by Kaoru Darkstone. Read more about the shop there on

In Hathor: This is one of the wonderful “Hydro Homes – The Avenger – Funky Modern Prefab Specialists” by Porky Gorky. It is located on the parcel “Chuginadak by the Sea – Private Land”, owned by Ryan Nadir and set to the DMCSGC group, the land is claimed oct 2008 …

In Iseghey: The “Haus DaBe Seeterrasse gelinkt 20120105 1632” is created and owned by Alina Carlberg and set to the A Carlberg Development group. It is located on the parcel “A Carlberg Development” set to the same group.

In Eostre: This is a “>>KAZZA << Line Breeze – Lighthouse C” by Danilo Pexie owned by Brigith Arsenault on “Zeroze’s place – Linden protected oceanfront in Eostre”, owned by the Zeroze Landholding group.

In Montlaur: The “Grimalkin General Store – Here you’ll find a selection of Grimalkin Workshop items in the barn. Also here is a demo of the Acadian Cottage, an authentic historical Louisiana Cajun house” owned by Nikita Weymann, set to the ~ chiaroscuro ~ group.

In Drax: The exhibition of the “60 paintings by Earl Dinkin” on the parcel “Eye Duct Works” owned by Earl Dinkin. Read more about this artist on

Also in Drax: This bike is a “SLC – The Reaper V12.1” by Black Lisle owned by Devil Xenno. It has a living, pulsating and bleeding heart!

In Kananga: In Kananga Town this “DAITARN3 COMP” by Joacim Jacobus owned by Lorelei Mertel.

Also in Kananga Town this “APHRODI A” also made by Joacim Jacobus.

In Auric: Owned and created by Surfaqua Oh, this market consisting of the “Faery & Fantasy Avatars – fairy. faery Avatars, Fae, Fairy, fay, creature, Alien avatar, Fantasy av, Faery shapes and skin, Elf, Free Avatars, Free skins, butterflies and flowers, fairy garden”, set to the Tiny avatar group and the “Aqualand Shop and Sandbox”, set to the Aqualand Sandbox group. More about this community on

From Dent and Clement a view on the “sci – fi cathedral” by Chengs Kidd owned by Rajamapuradjoloun Shichiroji on the parcel “A church on the rim of an event horizon – Due to the EXTREME churlishness & impoliteness of certain people, this land is closed to the public. If you need to access to my land, send me a notecard. IM will be rejected” owned by Rajamapuradjoloun Shichiroji and set to the Raja’s Close Pool of Friends group.

In Dinah: Houses made by Loly Xua, owned by Lockifluff Clarity and set to the Clarity Homes group.

In Sutekh: On the parcel “Sutekh – the Dark Side of Second Life …… enjoy live DJs spinning gothic, elektro, ebm, rock and medieval for you. Welcome to the Dark Prince, Hall of the Drunken, The Church of Evil! Club for the creatures of night. Bloodline & Vita” set to the Dark Prince v^ Evil Crew ^v group, this cathedral. Some parts of the building are owned and created by Xandra Barbosa, but I couldn’t find out the original creator of the church.

In Ling: In the foreground a “Toscana Viaggiatore” by BeckHan Ra, owned by Janeth Nirvana and behind a “Gmund Typ.356” also by BeckHan Ra but owned by Marybeth Maertens. The parcel is owned by Yukon Mills.

In Ogilvie: The small parcel “A.E. Construktion – Items for Home, Garden & Shop, Pavillon Gazebo Gardendeck Garden-corner Beachbar Skybox Skyplatform Marketstall Marktstand Plant Kaufmannsladen Smurf’s resting place Smurfs little Bar Sculpti Carport Rocking chair Lamp Campfire Beachfire Fence Plankway” owned by Akiti Ember.

And also in Ogilvie: “May’s Garden – Ogilvie (158,76)” set to Zoe’s rental group. This Garden is created by May Bird.

More YavaScript pod tours are leaving from: (, (, (, (, ( and (

Enjoy your rides 😉

and as always – be nice and have fun …

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