Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Swanbridge to Riun Rol

For the 8th step on my circumnavigation of Gaeta V, I retook the road at Swanbridge, where I landed at the dock and rezz zone at ( last time. Here Route 7 is continued as the familiar “Beach road” by Abnor Mole.

Two marvellous statues, this one is “The Guardian Statue Red Granite – Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations” by Elicio Ember, were protecting some bare land for rent. Read more about the remarkable stuff from Cerridwen’s Cauldron on

There is no rezz zone on the border to Joxich. In this region then I passed a lot of small parcels, some with banlines up. Nothing special to see along the road, until this wide and strangely low decorated ranch came into view.

It is “Mo’s Breeding Ranch – Welcome! Make yourselves at home while your tour my Breeding Stables! Designed with Low Prim and Working Permission Doors! Special Feature includes, range set with Amaretto horses! ” owned by Mirella Alessa and claimed dec 12 2011. There were some very exotic animals owned by Morandi Gabardini on display when I passed. On one side of the road were horses.

Dogs on the other side of the road 😉

The rezz zone in the next region, Oxitage, at (, is extended over the whole stretch of the road through the SE corner of the sim to the border to Frostar. It is not continued there .

Frostar is a Linden owned sea region with a very simple but beautiful palmbeach and some huts. Just at the “Pier Section 3 (Shack)” by Silent Mole, a small rezz zone at ( lets you water your boat for a tour around the neighboring water regions. On the road, the next rezz zone is to find at the border to Warbunton at (

There were a lot of parcels owned by Boonwal Hirano set to the Beach Point group along the road there, perhaps for rent. One parcel was set to the “PALLAS GAY GYM & SAUNA (Gay Cruising, Gay Club) – Chill, relax, gay sex, workout, gay twinks, GBLT, gay bath house, gay sauna, gay gym, gay newbie friendly, gay video lounge, gay club, gay clubs, gay disco, gay place, gay guys, gay spa, gay, gay bar,age verified only, gay BDSM, gay dance studio”, but it had no building on the ground. Probably they are located up in the sky, there seems to be some heavy traffic on the parcel 😉

Again a long stretched rezz zone through the whole NW corner of Devon Rex at ( Devon Rex is a Linden owned sea region with a bare beach 😦 Next region is Tonkinese, but there were banlines on both side of the road through the whole region, although half of the ground was bare, on parcels without any description in the profile. I do not understand, why such people have to buy land on the road 😦

Nothing noteworthy too in the next region. The usual rezz zone on the border is to find at ( On the landside of the road through Toyger was running the wall of an elevated landingstrip on a large parcel just claimed dec 18 2011 by Tetsuya Juliana. The parcel description wasn’t updated yet, it was still named “Abandoned Land – For Sale” 😉 On seaside of the road, some smaller parcels and residences, rather heartless decorated.

Then at the border, I arrived at a rezz zone at (, wich again stretched along the whole length of the road through this region.

On the parcel “+,.::*McCallen International N*::.,+” owned by the McCallen International group, were some nice boats docked, ready to race 😉

Here in Geoffroy, the road already ends again and I had to pack the Steam Roller and water the Talakin boat on the Dock at ( to continue the trip. And the part that followed, did truly more than compensate all the mediocrity before 😉

First along the waterway came the beautiful parcel “Caroline’s Rose – visitors are welcome here, boats are ok. rez on the Linden waterway. autoreturn 10 Some meshes”, set to the Downstream Property group. The whole stretch of the canal through Geoffroy is set as rezz zone, like the road was.

The “BLACKSPOT Spray Sailboat v 5.0” by Lia Woodget is docked on an island created by Georgette Sands of the Downstream Property group.

In the next region Korat, the parcel named “SEA STARR”, was owned by Lance Windlow and generous decorated to very different landscapes. It resulted a really extensive composition – but of good taste 😉

From Lance Windlows profile: “I am a live SL entertainer. I do rock, country, blues, standards and originals. With my sexy dancers, special effects and sense of humor, I put on a show you will not soon forget. My manager is Adina46 Magic, who is also my beautiful wife, the woman I waited a lifetime to find. Contact her for booking information. Stream:, Web Site:, You Tube:“. The parcels in this region were all set to his Windlows Forever group.

Just on the waterway was located this “Tropic Dream Paradise Cave 25×25 M Footprim 161 Prim 2” by FelixvonKotwitz Alter.

The Windlow land was open to the public and had building enabled, only the house was restricted. Some of the parcels were already claimed in july 2009.

Again, the whole stretch of the canal through Korat at ( is set as rezz zone with 10′ return time. But this is not continued into the next region, Oghus. This one is a Linden owned, not (yet) decorated ocean region. Route 7 runs just through the SE corner there to the next region, Qyest.

On landside in Qyest was located the beautiful beach of “Curtain @ ! MiLa ‘s Creations – Flexi Scripted Prim & Sculpted Curtain, Smooth & Realistic Sliding, Highly Detailed, Window Shades, Blind, Draperie, Cortinas, gordijnen, rideaux, Vorhänge, Tende, Texture, Rugs, Furniture, Bangles, Hut, Free, Beach, Gift, Lucky Chair, Christmas Gift” created by Minou Laks, set to the MiLa’s Creations group. There was no shop on the ground, just this beautiful shore with a marvellous view over the canal to the sea 😉

The waterway then was running along the backside of a waterfall, the “DC Designs – Twin Sister Falls (S)(On-Sim)” by Denny Chrome. It was located on the parcel to “Jenny’s Beach Main House – Protected Waterfront – 8192 sqm – 1875 Prims – Great Sailing Lot – Mature / Moderate No Covenant – Residential / Commercial”. This one and the other parcels here were owned by the Guevara Ltd group, the places created by Fiddlejenny Rain, the founder of the group.

The canal in front of the waterfall was open to the public to pass to Riun Rol. In this Linden owned sea region again, the whole stretch of the waterway to Route 7 is again set as rezz zone. You find it at ( Here I will continue the trip next time – there is still some water to cross to the next dock. But after this long leg, I believe I’m able to finish the circle in 2 portions 😉

Until the next step then,

be nice and have fun …

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