Simple’s Balloon Rides: Around Nascera

Nascera is the continent of the Linden Homes – “ready-to-move-in homes belonging to a themed community and available only to premium account members”. Read all about this on There are several landmasses with Linden Homes visible on the map now. But it seems, they still are all called Nascera 😉

Read how they were announced back in 2009 on Michael Linden posted about the Nascera Roads and Seas in Feb 2010 on I didn’t find much information more about the Linden regions on the Wiki or in the Blogs, so decided to send Simple on a Balloon Expedition into the Unknown – yes, neither Simple nor Traveling ever set food on this continent before 😉

There are some rezz zones on the different Nascera continents listed on

Of course, Simple did choose for his expedition the oldest of the Nascera continents. There is a rezz zone listed for Misacs, the region where the strip of Linden owned sims begins before the void in the SE of the landmass.

Landing on the bridge there at (, I discovered, that the whole watercourse in this region is set as rezz zone with a return time of 10min set.

The colours in Nascera are very bold, so I decided on a modified “[TOR] MIDDAY – Nostalgika” for the sky, rezzed my Balloon and started west.

First thing I noticed, was the amazing number of Moles and Lindens involved in the making. Simple didn’t pass many large buildings, but a lot of different themed public grounds and sceneries. The strip of regions are offering a collection of very atmospheric landscapes with a wide collection of amazing Mole work scattered throughout. It was a very rewarding trip, and I’m sure, I did miss alot of stuff, just because of the height I was flying 😉

To make a start to the recital: Garden Mole created bridges and mushrooms and the “LDPW Salmon Totem” in the picture above, Inconspicuous Mole tree and flowers, Igneous Mole rocks, Freerange Mole trees, Silent Mole benches and the “Wooden Wagon” above, Molly Linden made trees and more mushrooms, Naughty Mole the iron lamps in this region. I try to give the names of the creations and creators, Simple documented in the pictures here. But do not depend on the list, there are for sure more Mole creations to find …

This elegant “Wisteria and leaf roof” with “Leaf Chair EDG” and the fitting Table are made by Misty Mole. The “Leaf Lamp EDG” is created by Molly Linden.

These mysterious statues swimming just under the water surface are also created by Misty Mole.

The “LDPW MDB Firepit Set” and the “LDPW MDB Lounger Set” are made by Crafty Mole.

The “Elderglen Wishing Well – touch to make a wish” on the small peak over the lake is a creation of Igneous Mole. The “DPW.Swan – SwimmingCritter Script by Railway Mole” is made by Opti Mole.

Following the lakes and creeks through the regions, Simple passed this marvellous “Leaf bridge” by Misty Mole. The House and the garden in the background are creations of Molly Linden.

In this section of the Park, the scenery was decorated by some “MDB Small Bridge” and a fountain both made by Naughty Mole.

Simple rode the Balloon always west, arriving in Poach at the wide waterarm in the SW of Nascera. There on the road waited this “Ice Cream Truck v0.17 textured” by Myopic Mole. I decided to follow the protected waterregions north until the large bridge, visible on the map.

On my way, I passed the “MDB bus-depot 2.0” by Sylvan Mole. Sadly, there seem to be no bus lines connected …

The wonderful skyline of “Sequoia Tree Large Leaves Lower” by Garden Mole and the “Big Tree Red2” and “Giant Tree 2” by Freerange Mole on the other shore.

The Linden Homes are directly bordering the road along the shoreline. Simple most liked these japanese styled areas.

Finally the Balloon reached the bridge over the arm of the sea. This large building is made by Molly Linden.

The “Nipon-Stone-Light-02B” on the landings are made by Crazy Mole.

Here I ended this first expedition. These rather low-level decorated regions proved a very nice area to ride my Balloon. They may not be full of remarkable architecture, but the landscapes and parkgrounds are very beautiful examples of the craftsmanship of the Moles. Me, I will sure visit this continents soon again 😉

Until then,

be nice and have fun …

and Good winds!

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