Simple goes shopping

With the intention to free some more prims for the Zoo, Simple decided to go on a short shopping tour. I especially planned to replace the lampstands and a number of the free Paper lanterns. As already the first shop I landed at, was such a beautiful creation, I decided to take some pictures too 😉

This one is the “AZ Emporium – Village of Quilla – A delightful array of designs for sale and a beautiful place to dance, relax or indulge at the cafe. All are welcome” owned and created by Aarcher Zenovka.

Of course I couldn’t resist to take a closer look into some neighboring shops. Amazing discoveries to be made this way! This shop is the “Sound Gears – Musical instrument shop” of the Karabako co. owned by Karenblue Noel.

In the end, I bought only a set of 2prim  japanese paper lanterns at “Yamato’s Japanese Workshop” …

To keep me motivated in reducing prims in Lythria, I made then a short visit at “Mysterious Wave  – Mysterious Wave opens its doors. Sim minimalist, sculptures exhibition on a musical and outstanding atmosphere that inspires creativity. A world apart, must see! By Cherry Manga & Anley Piers”. This ‘small’ sculpture alone, “Seduction” by Cherry Manga, needs 100 prims, and there are a lot more like this one on display there, I’d really love to exhibit in the Zoo …

Then, as I was still in the right mood, I went looking for a submarine 😉

This search term led me to some really amazing buildings. This is the “JD Mechanical Toy Factory – Unique Steampunk and Art Nouveau designs in buildings, clothing and accessories here in our main shop. Our scripted, high detailed artworks presents the top of SL possibilities. Neko, suburban and wasteland stuff around too. Oldtimer vehicles” of Jenne Dibou and Mandy Marseille.

In this Zeppelin resides the “Timeless Curiosities, Steampunk Emporium – Timeless Curiosities Steampunk Emporium, for the curious Victorian, steampunk, or mad scientist. Tesla coil tophat, clockwork top hat, airship, lab equipment, Wimshurst machine, steam vent welcome mat, monocle, Vacuum tube sconce, sky platform, lamps” of Parrish Ashbourne.

This robot “TK-02 Steam Jarmet2+Cart” by Peel Bearcat waits for cargo in “Yukon industry – It is a shop of the military base style that builts in the sea. There are an original tank, a helicopter, a submarine, and a commodity of arms etc. The vehicle of ghibli also is putting it^^”.

I didn’t buy a submarine in the end, I couldn’t make up my mind – yet. So I still do have a good reason to go on another shopping tour – sometime soon 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …


PS. no landmarks this time: look up these places in search yourself, they are worth it!


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