New book – Simple’s Meditations: Second Wilderness

Already volume 7 in the collection 🙂 The last one in this strange format too. In the meantime I learned, that secondlife does mishandle roughly any textures not in the power of 2 …

These are pictures I took on my travels over the last two years. I’m deeply fascinated by the way, nature and wilderness are reconstructed by the residents.

Alone the fact, we are creating Wilderness in a completely virtual and completely human controlled world, is showing. In my opinion, some of these places are real topnotch pieces of art too. So I present you in ‘Second Wilderness’, as volume 7 in the series, more than 20 stylish pictures incoherently accompanied as usual by some deep wise words 😉

You will find this book for sale at the souvenir kiosk at the Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and at several places at Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( of course 😉

All sales as always in favor of Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria


be nice and have fun …


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