Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Goldbach to Japarid

The 6th step on my trip around this subcontinent – we made almost half of the course along Route 7 now 😉

I retake the road at Goldbach, where I stopped last time, on the junction of the inland crossroad 7A: (

The parcels in Goldbach are owned by the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group – “Offering affordable secondlife living. No premium membership required. You are authorized basically all the same rights of ownership. Rates: L$1.1 – L$1.25 per prim per week, depends on how many prims and location. Listings via or the Vendors in Murinata/82/17/40 IM Cedric Brown or Noirran Marx. if no group invite within 4 hours (which you need to use the land) a day will be added to the lease.”

They offer very nice public facilities too, including a giant chess set “Sculpted Chess Set V5.0.3 (Giant) – Fully-functional chess game. Please touch for more information” by Lamorna Proctor. But beware, some parcels are only open to age verified residents.

The whole road parcel in Goldbach has building enabled, with a return of 10′ set, only on the small patch on the border to Slayton is it disabled, just where the rezz zone sign is positioned – someone must have confused something here 😉 There also is no rezz zone in the next region. The road crosses the NW corner of Slayton to Sharman, still without rezz zone on the border there.

The parcels in Slayton I checked, were owned by the Slayton Shores group since 2008 (!): “This group is required to be active if you rent land or a home in Slayton Shores. Parcel renters get abilty to set media, terraform, ban, eject and create a new parcel name”, it was founded by Blaccard Burks.

Here the description of the public land: “Slayton Shores Community Land – Land rentals in a protected enviroment with access to over 50 Linden water sims. A Blaccard Burks Development”. Some parcels have building enabled with 25′ return time set. So, there is really no need for a rezz zone on the road here 😉

The Bridge is made by Abnor Mole.

The parcels in the next region, Sharman, are also owned by a longtime established rental group.

“Easter Islands – A small, quiet Mainland rental community with fun stuff to do: Playground, swimming, tubing, diving, underwater cavern, and our little hangout, Club Hanga Roa. Protected Linden ocean and roadside access. Low rents; bring your own house!” The group is called Easter Islands Friends, Esquievel Easterwood owns this land since 2009.

A small but complete children playground is located on the road, next to the rezz zone on the border to Seyfert: ( The sign is placed in Sharman, but the rezz zone actually does not start before the next region. I think, Mr. Abnor Mole was a bit in a hurry, when he build this part of the route 😉

In Seyfert too a lot of parcels are for rent, but the patrons here didn’t care about creating any scenery. So no wonder the facilities all seem to be vacant. The road runs through the SE corner and then through the NW part of Serpentia. Before the rezz zone on the border at (, an advertising in a very old school kind of way 😉

This sculpture for “IXTAR ANIMATIONS SCULPTURE ART – IXTAR ANIMATIONS” by Xavi Ixtar sits on a microparcel and sends a blinding column of glow some 100m up in the sky, impossible to ignore, even from a very far distance away. I remember in terror the time when this was customary …

In Serpentia, a nicely made wall runs on landside along the whole stretch of the road, the parcel, wich is mostly located in Seyfert, seems to be open to the public, but no door or gate to the traveller on the road 😦

The view on seaside into the “Roadside Forest Hideaway – 8192 sqm – 1875 Prims – Mainland No Covenant – Residential Commercial Tropical Sand Lot” more than compensates this 😉

The wonderful scenery is made by Sensational Fride and set to the Wild Hearts! group. The parcel was just claimed december 2011 and is open to the public. After the rezz zone on the border to Romanenko (, I passed a scene only to be found in secondlife. The land on both side of the road, “TALLY-HO”, is set to the “es forbidden fruit group” and owned by Shiho Maruti; access is open to the public.

This patron truly has a heart for Tinies and loves his vehicles 😉

A replica of the “normal”sized building downsized to fit to Tinies is located on the other side of the road. Both parkings proudly present the appropriate vehicles 😉

There is a lot of empty, unused or abanoned land in Romanenko, Ryumin and Polyakov to pass.

Now follows a difficult part of the road. After the rezz zone on the border to Ryumin (, the route runs just a short stretch through this region to enter Polyakov. From there it runs close along the border straight to the East. There is some roadwork going on, to slow the traffic down to prevent unintentional bordercrossings. The detour Mr. Abnor Mole placed here, was almost too narrow for me and my Steam Roller 😉

There is obviously no room for a rezz zone on this region border …

Just next to the road here, located in Ryumin, the “Kyuudou Space”, a japanese archery range is owned by the Clarity FL group. Building is enabled to the public and a return time of 10′ set.

The shrine is a “[KEMONO-System] Hokoramiya (Shinto shrine)(old)” made by Rouki Furse.

I came across an even more complicated situation on the next border.

Here the road runs exactly over the spot, where 4 (!) regions touch. A double detour slows down the unobservant traveller and in case of troubles, there are rezz zones available in 3 of the 4 regions. In Ryumin ( and in the adjoining parcels in Polyakov and Japarid – but not in Nemmers!

The road then runs along the northern border of Japarid to the crossing, where the 2nd inland crossroad called Route 7B branches off Route 7. A rezz zone is located directly on the junction (

The rezz zone is also used by “HaruMotors / Haru Motors Gas Route 7 AYA USA – HaruMotors / Haru Motors Gas Station Route 7 AYA USA. The best Automobiles in Second Life. Use RT7 REZ zone to rez your car. Test drive it on the Linden Route 7 in Gaeta Main Land, which is running by Class 5 server. Enjoy your ride”. Owner is Irvine Aya, the parcel is set to the Aya USA group – “Welcome to the Aya USA Group! This group is where Apolon, HaruMotors, Hitomi Racing, Szym Motors, Live Bunny and Nest and the others products owners could exchange information, and where members can be informed of all the news from Aya USA! Try Helicopter, Glider, Jet Ski, Racecars, and more, Have Fun! If you have issue with the any products purchased at Aya USA, please IM Irvine Aya. Thank you for joining to Aya USA. The best place to have fun! BLOG:”.

Here I break again my circumnavigation of Gaeta V, after this long ride on the Steam Roller. I will resume it just on the junction – as soon as possible, I have still a rather long way to go until the circle will be closed 😉

Until then

be nice and have fun …


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