Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Starborn to Goldbach

The 5th stage of my circumnavigation of Gaeta V…

I resumed the trip, where I left the boat last time, where the Route 7 continues as road from the Dock in Eddison ( There was a lot to see on this step of the trip, so this will be a rather long post 😉

A short stretch first, the road is made out of the wooden planking of the “Gaeta dock (road/canal transition)” by Abnor Mole. It forms a very nice beach road wich follows the coastline through Starborn and Phasic Foo. The route runs along the southern region borders, but does not cross it. Both bordering regions Torben Cove and Stellar Drift are Linden owned Ocean Sims.

Just next to the rezz zone I passed on landside “Cailin’s Serenity – Cailin’s beachfront home away from home”, a beautiful residence open to the public.

This beautiful railing, one of the rare mole decorations along Route 7, is made by Abnor Mole.

On the region border from Starborn to Phasic Foo, the road is blocked by a pile of rocks. You find the rezz zone in Phasic Foo after the barrier at (

On the land side an interesting shop. “KANAE PROJECT Reiko House” owned by the KANAE PROJECT group. There are several tools to create and texture sculpty and mesh prims for sale and for free. “TATARA and ROKURO Pro SOMATO, SHIBORI, NOMI, KUMIKI Serial Box Shop” as it is described in Yuzuru Jewell’s profile, who seems to be the owner / creator of this stuff. Read more on Also on display are some objects from different designers made with these tools. Definitively very interesting stuff for builders and creators. Simple needs to make a visit there soon …

After the obstacle, the surface of the road switches to black cracked asphalt of the “Beach road”, still by Abnor Mole.

The prices for some of the parcels for sale along the road now, would not be looking so absurdly excessive, if the objects were included in the sale 😦 These are some very beautiful sceneries indeed …

A very nice lookout / temple with a fountain by Pumpkin Tripsa I found next to the rezz zone on the region border to Orbitalis (

While I cammed around, Orbitalis disappeared 😉 Fortunately it was just a short hiccup of some servers and I was able to continue without a restart. Because of the increasing traffic, I changed vehicle there and continued on steam roller again 😉

In Orbitalis I passed the wonderful place of Ktaro Enzo – “— Hitori, kokoroyori… — You are free to explore our gardens, but please respect that this is where we live in Second Life, so give us our privacy and treat us with respect please, otherwise you will be banned.” Find some of his wonderful secondlife pictures on and more on, including pictures from his RL. I do only know him from his pictures and a short contact inworld, but I feel closely related. Perhaps, because I’m a cat man myself 😉

Have a look underwater too, some interesting creatures swimming around there 😉 The Turtle is made by ee Oh.

Just before the rezz zone at ( near the border to Clemence, have a seat at this Bus Stop by Yacchan Clip and watch how the tree trunk protruding on the road annoys the automated traffic 😉

Hanging over the road / rezz zone, this traffic light by Loco Rau in front of Ktaro’s small shop. Nice try too 😉

On the land side of the road, I passed then “Varriale Designs-Homes- Clemence – All Homes Rezzer for Amazing Varriale Designs Homes! Drop by and take a tour” owned by SkyeRyder Varriale.

On seaside, two nice beach parcels with public access. They have building enabled and a generous return time of 60min. set: “Swede Steamers home at Clemence” by Sede Steamers and “Logan’s Landing – Seaside Retreat.  This parcel is open to any who may wish to enjoy it” by Dustin Cristole.

The road runs through the NW corner of Feschenko. The first rezz zone is to find at (

The parcels along the road here are again a nice starting point for your exploration tours: “* Waypoint Airport and Marina * – Gaeta V-based public airport and marina. Direct access to Linden waters and Route 7. Fly your plane from the airport or set sail from the dock. Play Greedy in the Compass Rose lounge. Waypoint Diner Ship airplane navy nautical airstrip boat garage”. They are owned by the SL-Index Land Rental 11 group, most have building enabled and 30 min return time set.

Next I drove past the cozy “*Blue Moon Burlesque Cabaret Theatre – Weekly shows – Sorta hirin – Blue Moon Theatre! Chill by the bar, or visit the owl quarters and lick pirate owls to the best sounds in jazz & blues music. We present Burlesque Dancing and Shows, Drama Productions, Cabarets, Live Music, odd DJ’s, balls, vintage radio shows and stuff” owned by Naiki Muliaina and set to the BlueMoon Group. Read more about this place at

On the other side of the road, there were a lot of fishing contests going on at “Hugh Enderfield’s Realm – Under Reconstruction! – Medieval-themed hangout for tiny empire players in the line of Hugh Enderfield. Recruitment point for the Kingdom of Laurelin; recruiting/bribing for other kingdoms prohibited! Gruppe für deutsche spieler in Tiny Empire.” The place is owned by Tiffany’s Castle group.

At the rezz zone ( the road crosses the region border, to run through the SE corner of Takeuti.

Here I spent some time looking around in the wonderful detailed scenery of “Takeuti Town 1cyome” by Poponi Wiefel. The parcel is set to the Takeuti Town 1 chome group. The descriptions are in japanese, but you can get a first impression of her stuff and personality at I have to tell Simple about it, this place is worth a panorama shoot 😉

After the rezz zone at (, the road runs through the NW corner of Banneker. But this impressive tower located there is to see from rather a distance 😉

The parcel is called “Our Dream by the Sea & Stars….” and set to the ~2 Peas In A Pod~ group. The Tower seems to be created / owned by Allellia Sweetwater and Allellia Zebberman.

To admire it in all its glory, I had to rise the draw distance so high, my poor laptop cought an acute fear of heights and crashed 😉 But it was definitively worth it …

This next parcel on both side of the road is called “Capicua” and set to the Capicua group. Mr. Pirocas is the founder and seems to be owner and creator of this residence. A very young account, created feb 2011, but what a tasteful composition! Too bad, access is restricted to the group 😦

At the rezz zone on the region border at (, I already arrived at Goldbach. Here the inland cross route called Route 7A joins with the coastal road. The other junction I passed here, on the end of the first step of this trip.

On both side of the road are several parcels located, owned by the Alotta Fagina Filataponic group. Most are created by Zoidyn Kytori and are open to the public.

On the street corner, part of the premises is the “Z&A Coffeehouse & Art Studio – Welcome to Z&A, a warm and friendly place to hang out and talk for hours, dance, play a game of chess on the deck and enjoy original artwork created in SL and RL”. This parcel even has building enabled …

On the parcel “Jack and Jill – Jack and Jill… Party of Two…”, just next to the junction, there also waits a free “Psyclefox Bike Rezzer v1.1” owned by Cedric Brown to help the unprepared traveller get ready for the road 😉

The road junction at ( in itself is a rezz zone. So much support to the traveller, I’m positively overwhelmed 😉

So this is the right place to break again my circumnavigation of Gaeta V, after this long but rewarding ride. I will resume it just here – as soon as possible 😉

Until then

be nice and have fun …


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