Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Einer to Eddison

Already the 4th step on my trip around Gaeta V.

I left at the rezz Zone in Einer, where the road rises out of the sea. You find a “Free Diving Gear!_1.0_Sea of Fables_ABN_OB_vendor” by Abnor Mole here, if you rather like to explore the underwater scenery first. The rezz Zone is to find at (

I do not want to damage the pavement of the “Beach road cobble” by Abnor Mole, so I travel this part on horseback 😉

Ominor is part of the Lovers Cove, I already had a look on this place on the end of the last post.

“LOVERS COVE – Dance Romance – Love Marriage Salsa Ballroom Jazz” – “VALENTINE SIM – PERFECT FOR DANCING & ROMANCING – ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN SL. DANCE at TEMPLE, BOOGIE at BEACH, KISS at COVE, MELLOW at MIDNIGHT AND GET HITCHED at HEAVEN. WEDDING GAZEBO FOUNTAIN SANCTUARY TWILIGHT GOTH AUSTRALIA AUSSIE UK US”. It is owned by <<~ The Silhillians ~>> group and build by Cirrus McKinney. As I visited, the parcels had building enabled with a return time of 5min.

The road leads a short way through Arimto to Yuliman. You have 3 regions to choose to rez your vehicle:

(, ( or (  😉

Along the sea on both side of the road through Arimto, Yuliman, Vuissant and neighboring regions is a large Beach Resort located with a lot of different places to rent. The descriptions of the parcels are very similar: “Yuliman Beach and Resort” – “which offers luxury living (houses, appartment, condos, home) on an tropical ocean front location, surrounded by Linden Ocean to sail in, Arimto, Vuissant and Hanaji as partner beach and resorts. Come live with us.” Access to some parcels is restricted to residents with age verification …

I do not like these oversized Beach resorts in RL and I’m not interested in wasting my time in a secondlife one, so I crossed these regions without a closer look 😉

Much more interested me this parcel in Loom. I found the portal just after the border to Yuliman. The land is described as “Progeny Role Play System” – “The Home of the Demonic Saint” and set to the “Ravensloft Real Estate” group. The building seems to be made by Super Dexing. Access too was restricted to Residents with age verification …

Because of the heavy traffic, I had a crash on the next region border. The rezz zones really are perfectly placed on this continent: (  😉

In Hanaji at last I left the neighborhood of the beach resort and found on the seaside just before the end of the cobbled road this nice scene.

The parcel is named “Tierra Flores”, owned by Senamun Llewellyn and set to a group called Ipet-Isut. From the group profile: “Ipet-Isut: The Great Temple of Amun, it’s name means “Most Sacred of Places”. Today it’s known as Karnak Temple and located in Luxor (formerly known as W’aset or Thebes), Egypt. – FREE Group for Ancient Egypt lovers, and especially those interested in this temple or the gods-goddess of the so called Theban Triad: Amun(-Ra), Mut and Khonsu.” It has building enabled and is set to a 5min. return time.

The usual road/canal transition in Hanaji: ( is the rezz zone on the end of the road, ( the rezz zone on the dock incl. a free sailboat vendor by Abnor Mole. So back in my Talakin Small Boat again 😉

A nice beach scenery on the start of the waterway. “Isla 8” is owned by Hami Hammerer and set to the Freebird Chicks Group. Too bad access is restricted to the group.

A little further down the canal in Bit Bat Bot (?^?) I found the home of the AZ Emporium by Aarcher Zenovka. “AZ Emporium – Village of Quilla, High Quality : Attention to Detail : Low Prims. Come see the eclectic mix of designs which include : House boats, luxurious furniture, trapeze swings, animated books, themed skyboxes, gypsy wagons, kayaks, camping equipment, fireplaces….and much more”.

On the landside is located the “AZ Camping Central : Tents : Backpacks : Sleeping Bags – Unique wearable items that can be used almost anywhere. Pitch a tent in some of the most beautiful sims or sit by a campfire with friends. Kayaks, sleeping bags, tents, campfires, backpacks, fishing set.” Very naturalistic and imaginative creations, I have to tell my main about it 😉

You can start your visit from the next rezz zone. The whole stretch of the waterway through the SW corner of Polimoc has building enabled: (

Next I passed 2 nice clubs right on the canal.

First on the landside the “Darken Souls Club & Beach – Contests, Events, & much more! KICKIN’ MUSIC & GREAT PEOPLE! A MUST SEE! Contact Trusty Jewell or Toohott Sweetwater if you have any questions” owned Trusty Jewell (since Dec 2008!).

The rezz zone on the border is very short: ( It is not continued into Eddison.

Here, on the seaside, i passed “Knuckleheads on the Beach – Determined to be the least annoying club in SL! Live music on Saturdays nights only, and we only have the best! 5 pm Bluemonk Rau, 6 pm Framulox Ezvalt, 7 pm Spike Luckstone. srv4u Conacher plays here when he’s not on the road! Come join us!”. The club is owned by Galilla Sinatra and set to the KnuckleHeads on the Beach group: “Knuckleheads on the Beach is a laid back club with something for everyone. Trivia, live music, beach, dancing, boating, blues, rock, oldies… and generally whatever we feel like doing at the time. Live shows every Sat! 6 pm – Framulox Ezvalt 7 pm – Spike Luckstone And Da Bluez Preacher at whenever he can!”

I need to plan a night out soon and check these places out 😉

On the seaside of the waterway, I have now a free view on the open waters of Torben, a protected Ocean Sim.

On the parcel of “Nick and Moon’s Beachfront Heaven” with public access, I found this beautiful “Free Swimming dolphin 1.03a Trans” made by Avi Savira from Tropical Creations! “You can ride, feed & command them to do tricks. Get a baby one too”.

I spend some time just watching him doing tricks and randomly swimming around. Too bad there is definitively not enough room in the pond in Lythria for a dolphin 😉 The dolphin and the parcel are owned by Flyrnick Sands.

In Starborn, the Route 7 changes from waterway to road again in the familiar way.

On the rezz zone on the Starborn dock, (, again with a free sailboat vendor by Abnor Mole, I break my circumnavigation of Gaeta V. I will resume soon, on horseback, as the surface of the road is made out of the wooden dock planking, for sure no road for a Steam Roller 😉

Until then

be nice and have fun …


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