News from Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

Only few but very impressive additions to Simple’s Zoo of All Things in the last weeks.

First the colours. It started with the idea to plant all the bright yellow Common Brooms from Plebeja around the Zoo (I really missed some colours here 😉 ) But this let the balance tilt too much, so to equalize, I had to add some bright red coloured trees too. I think it’s best to stop now, before it looks like under a rainbow 😉

And finally, I gave in to my long time desire: to buy and display the work of some of my favourite second life sculptors. Too bad, I do not have enough prims on disposal to display all the statues I like …

Buddha and Yak keep watch at the Cafe. The first is made by Ubu Yifu, the second by Light Waves.

On the platform in front of the Souvenir Kiosk, this wonderful Ganesha Statue by Pumpkin Tripsa (the same who made the human body parts I used for the figures on the Ring of Fire and the Watertower 😉 )

This statue is created by JubJub Forder from Relics.

In front of the Panoptikum and the Ring of Fire are two of the amazing Greenie Statues from Light Waves on display. The large lurking cat is part of the “Catastrophic”, a generous donation by Aztek Aeon from Ethereal. You find more Greenie statues at her exhibition at

On the platform to the Watertower the amazing statues of the First Nations Dancers Series by Cheen Pitney. And just on the end of the walkway the impressive Samson by Starax Statosky.

Last but not least, the ravine got inhabitated 😉 The Azziesaurus is created by Aztek Aeon.

And some more additions and redecorations, but too small to remember in detail. You have to come and look for yourself, there is always more to see in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria ( and as always – more to come soon 😉


be nice and have fun …

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