Around Gaeta V (along Route 7) from Puccetta to Rebin

Let’s continue the trip along the coast of Gaeta V, where I left last time. The nearest rezz Zone is just around the corner on the inland route 7A:

On the landside of the road there lies the Emporium of the House of Byzanthine, on the seaside the wide Beach of Puccetta, both owned by Kirk Roelofs.

The Shop has “All kind of sounds sound and songs for builders, ambient loops song classical music, belly dances, ballet and music boxes, animals, birds, medieval, world music, ethno, christmas, wedding, MM board, full perm, freebies, medieval gregorian chant, oriental” and “Creative handmade textures and sounds. Full perm textures. 3D Building textures. Art Textures, Furniture textures, stone, rock, brick, wall plaster, Middle Eastern Textures, tibetan textures, oriental interior and exterior design, doors, windows, marble, carpet” for sale. Some very interesting stuff, I have to tell Simple about it 😉

The beach includes almost half of the region. It is called “La spiaggia di Puccetta” and open to the public. A wonderful place to enjoy the ocean view.

On the border to Sunspiral I had to get off the Steam Roller and switch to the Talakin Boat again. There is a free Sailboat Vendor by Abnor Mole placed on the dock for the unprepared traveler 😉

Here the SLURL’s to the rezz Zone:

Roadside is,

Dockside is

I follow the canal to the west. Still are rezz Zones placed on the region borders. The first one is on

In the next region, in Zeord, on the border to the sea region of Ruil, the sailing community finds on the “Barefoot Surf Side” a public dock: Return time is set to 30 min. But take care, this is no rezz Zone! So if you forget your time shopping from Barefoot Apparel, your boat will be returned and you have to start on the Zeord rezz Zone:

On the landside of the canal stretches the interesting “Barefoot Homes Second Display Site for pre-fab homes”. The Barefoot Designs wares are created by Jeremey Ryan.

This beautiful “(hh) Rowboat ‘Sunday Chiller'” made by Harry Quijote (Harry of Harry’s Houses) and owned by Areyn Laurasia waits on the canal for it’s boater, the dog has already boarded and takes his siesta in the meantime 😉

Another rezz Zone on the border:

Some very beautiful residencies are situated along the waterway. Here in Kinstall Hill, the next region, on the landside the “Mermaid Cove !” owned by “Guevara Ltd –  provides rental property and other services” and build by Fiddlejenny Rain. The House is from Fatima Ur, a “PINK Antique Artistry’s Victorian dream home”. You don’t have to buy anything to enjoy a visit to her “ANTIQUE ARTISTRY Victorian Houses, prefabs and garden center” …

On the seaside in Kinstall Hill the “Ridges Gaffe” owned by Ridge Maximus and guarded by two of the amazing predators by Zooby. The property is open to the public and has even building enabled. From his Picks: “its the bollocks – A nice place to relax and unwind, shame i havnt the same in rl”. It is an Innovatio House by Jacob Brenner from IMEGICA ARCHITECTURE & DECOR.

The route crosses the southeast corner of Cliansa Beach. This whole sea region is Protected Land and owned by Governor Linden. Building not enabled of course, but a return time of 10 min. allows you to leave your boat if needed 😉

You find the nearest rezz Zones in Ghambt on and The second one is very small, as it is not continued into the next region Densi Falls.

The route crosses the northwest corner of Ghambt and on the small parcel between canal and the sim border, I found the source of the beauty of this part of Route 7 😉

It’s because many of the residents and owners along the canal did use the palms and decorations from Joan Monstre of “joan – BUILDINGS & LANDSCAPING ” in This gives this part of the route a special coherent look. It is one consistent landscape, something you do not find in many places on the Mainland 😉

Even the private places like the wonderful “A piece of Paradise – ownd by the 3-AMIGOS-3. Family only!!!” do blend in.

After Densi Falls, the canal crosses the northwest corner of Derminis to end in Rebin. Here a look back ..

There is no rezz Zone in the Densi Falls region nor in Deminis. Nearest one is on the Rebin Dock (including a Free Sailboat Vendor by Mr. Abnor Mole, like on all these transfer points).

With some regret, I leave my Talakin Boat here to dry in my inventory and will resume my circumnavigation of Gaeta V another day soon – on the Steam Roller again 😉

until then

be nice and have fun …


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