Kendall – Grouse – Durango – Cortina – Chamonix (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

This continues the trip along Amundsen road I ended here, at  the branchoff to Arosa (

The road rises here, turns to the NE and runs along the foot of the snow mountains of the neighboring Kanin region.

The highest point is reached in Grouse from where the route runs straight again to the north along the border to Seefeld, but never crossing it. A nice ride with the bike I suppose.

Some very beautiful buildings in sight from the road in the Grouse region.

In Durango I reach this spectacular bridge. The river down the gorge comes from the frozen lake in Zermatt. The bridge seems to be made by Michael Linden with objects from Eric Linden. Simple but beautiful 😉 It seems to be an older build: The road parcels here are just named “Protected Land”. Probably, Amundsen Road officially ends here. 

I found the entrance to this wonderful wintergarden behind the “Yava Script Pod Station” ( “Xyza’s Place ” owned by Xyza Armistice is open to the public and worth an extended visit.

The speedmeter on the road at the Pod Station shows a record speed of 448.5 KpH! I have to travel this road on bike sometime soon 😉 The Yava Pod Station has rezzing enabled with a return time of 30 min. This comes very handy, as there is no Linden rezz zone for miles around 🙂

After this point, the road runs further down the slope through the SW corner of Cortina to reach Chamonix.

A wonderful view north of the road in Cortina. The parcel with this huge snow forest is owned by the “Domus – Rentals & Real Estate” group. Too bad it is not open to the public. On the hill in the background, wich is located in the Mimas and in the Thetis region, the terrain switches from snow to granite. The road along this hillrange runs along the whole north border of the Sansara Snwolands. I will sure travel this route another day 😉

In Chamonix (not to confuse with Chamonix City, the multisim wintersport region), a very cluttered sim, I reach a crossroad ( Even with some traffic 😉

One route starts just a short way to the west and runs along the north border of the Snowlands to the east. It is the same road I saw before from Cortina. The continuation of Amundsen Road runs to the north, to Pandora and to granite terrain. I think Amundsen Road ended officially on the bridge in Durango. The roads in these regions seem to be older,  no creations by the moles far around 😦

So I end my trip here and hope my report did give you desire to visit this nice route through a part of the Sansara Snowlands on your own 😉


be nice and have fun on the road …


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