Lota – Euclidia – Parva – Deltote – Athetis (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This ends the trip I last ended here and started here. As I leave the rezz zone in Moth (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moth/239/33/128) this wonderful building came into view.

A “Brueghel Castle” by Oriolus Oliva. The land is open to the public.

Owned by ThomasD Felisimo and set to the “Sardines don’t Panic” group (group description: “Bring your towel”, members title: “Mostly Harmless”) 😉

This is an amazing work and creation. And some beautiful surprises inside. Mr. Felisimo seems to be a gentleman with a very fine taste 😉

A “Belle Belle Time Machine” made by Leyla Firefly.

Here in Lota, the hillside gets almost vertical again. Mr. Garden Mole did an amazing work in carving out a paved road made of “GreatWallCobbleRoad+patch” lined with “Great Wall Pillar fragment 1” (both made by Garden Mole) along this wall.

The route gives a wide open view to the parcels below with some wonderful creations. This one is owned by Mr. ThomasD Felisimo again …

Just before the crossing to Euclidia, a beautiful rezz zone (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lota/89/20/128). In Euclidia you can see the railway of the SLRR from the road, you don’t even have to rise up your draw distance very much. I usually travel at 176m and rise it to 256m for some pictures. I do not have enough bandwidth for more 😦

After a short bridge build using the “LDPW_trestle_bridge_section”, there is a privately owned path wich connects the High Mountain Road with the SLRR. The entry is not marked but easy to find. The land “The Swamp (Horses and Turtles)” is open to the public.

Just before the border another short bridge, the waterfall is added by Bree Birke, and then I arrive at the Parva rezz zone (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parva/27/225/128).

The High Mountain Road runs just through the NW corner of Parva. Like in Moth, the whole stretch of the road is set as rezz zone. There I found the “Route 6 Lookout Point”, privately owned by the “Paradise Railroad Holdings” group. It is a station for the Great Wall Pedaloon Tour by Pedal Balloon and the  Hooktip Horse Tour on Horseback by the Guided Tours Company. A TP point invites you to the hilltop, where a long ZipLine Ride down the hillside starts.

The road here and the first part in Deltote is made by Garden Mole out of “GreatWallCobbleGrassedRoadLumpy” – some rough terrain 😉

It follows, after that short stretch, in my opinion the most beautiful part of the route.

There are even some “Road Horse Trough” to find. Touch the lid to open them and get to the water 😉

On the parcel “Paradise Rendevous, The Tranquility Oasis” owned by Indyjoe Rinkitink a historic relic, a “Sally’s Genie Bottle, all proceeds go to 2006 Relay for Life” made by HoseQueen McLean. Still one of the most wonderful examples of secondlife creativity. The land is open to visit.

Some rats made by Garden Mole scurry over the pavement.

The High Mountain Road ends here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Athetis/122/105/114 at the Athetis rezz zone. I’m now at the foot of the Great Wall. This is a real antiquity, wich stretches over at least 12 regions. I for sure will travel that another time.

The “Bridle Path Horse Riding Depot, Come get a free horse to ride on a beautiful bridal trail or sit a spell and check out the strange artifacts. Trains to ride, too! Or explore the secret passage. Porch swing. SL Public Land Preserve $5 one-time fee to help keep SL free!” owned by the “Ravenglass Rentals” group / Prokofy Neva, offers a free “Crimson Phoenix Saddle Rezzer IV” to choose from 4 horses. Read the notecard, you have to join the open group before the ride. These are very nice and beautiful horses, a generous offer from Mr. Prokofy Neva. The parcel has access to the railway too.

There are 4 (!) routes running through Athetis. No connection for miles around 😉

But you can easy cross over the public Ravenglass Rentals land with the horse rezzer down to the railway and the Athetis RR Station (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Athetis/215/132/81).

Perhaps I will start a new trip there – another day 😉

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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