Lapara – Plebeja – Fucosa (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I ended here, on the bridge crossing from Arches to Lapara.

In Lapara the road reaches one of the wonders of secondlife, the “Mountain Avalanche Tunnel”, made by Mr. Garden Mole ( The hillside is on its maximum steepness here, an impressive sight. And an almost impossible building ground.

The tunnel is a wonderful solution to that problem and in itself a piece of art.

It is inhabited 😉

On the other side, the road begins to fall as the hillside is not so high anymore.

The route is build out of Garden Mole’s “LDPW_R6_loghillsideroad_sculpt” again and crosses, sometimes elevated, the difficult terrain through Plebeja.

A short bridge section just after the border to Plebeja crosses an indentation in the hillside. The waterfall is added by Simple Wunderlich – and not finished yet 😉

Mr. Garden Mole was also so very kind to place a rezz zone ( in front of Simple’s Mountain Retreat – “A long walk on the steepest mountainside in SL mainland. Explore the gardens, the waterfalls, the view from the top. Free Hanggliding! Some freebies. Buy Simple’s Meditation Books to support 😉 (Almost) everybody welcome – Be nice and have fun ;)”, the homeplace of my main 😉  Read more about this place here.

In the SE corner of Astylus is a wonderful building placed on the hilltop, owned by the Sugar Land group: “Enjoy all there is to enjoy but know that there is security on the hilltop at the house and also in the patio/swimming area both will boot you they are private please respect that” . It is really worth to rise the draw distance and swing the camera up for 😉 The wonderful waterfall arrangement you can admire best while traveling along route 3A on the other side of the hillrange.

Crossing to Fucosa begins another masterpiece of Mr. Garden Mole. The road runs over natural ground again, Mr. Mole just flattened the difficult ground out using “Atoll grass/rock cobble” from Igneous Mole and supported it with logs. The art is in the wonderful placing and composing of the plant and tree arrangements. It has an amazing ‘natural’ look. In some places, “Great Wall Ruin fragments” by Garden Mole keep the steep hillside from sliding on the trail.

Fucosa is a sim with an overdose on transport connections 😉 Through Fucosa run the High Mountain Road, the Railroad and the route 3A. No link between the routes anywhere. The secondlife routes where obviously not planned to build a network 😦 The High Mountain Road runs a very short way through the SE corner of Moth. The whole strip of the road through Moth is a rezz zone ( so I will continue this trip right here on another day.

I for sure will then have a closer look at this wonderful building in perfect view from the road.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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