Campion – Campanula – Arches (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I started here.

The very appropriate road bed here consists of the “LDPW_R6_loghillsideroad_sculpt” made by Garden Mole. The sight is very typical for the High Mountain Road.

On my way to the location where I left, I met one of the “sitting girls” on the bridge. You find them more or less frequently along the routes. Always in this sitting pose, always girls, sometimes hidden in the bushes, sometimes like in this example, in the middle of the road, always with completed profiles, never newbies. Sometimes they sit on the same spot for days. They never answer. First I thought them playing one of these HUD games, now I believe that they are some kind of ghosts. It is a mystery and I like it this way. Please do not give me a technical explanation. Some time or other I will contact one – but not now, not soon 😉

The hillside in Campion is not worth a look. It is a pain for every concerning builder to see how these preferred locations are abused …

Just before the road crosses to Campanula, this strange tibetan influenced castle / monastery by Matty Rickenbacker: “Perched on some of the highest mountains in SL, the Monastery offers stunning views, cooling pools and a quiet place for contemplation and meditation. A rest stop along the path of enligthenment – travellers are always welcome. Nastame!”. I remember that I admired a tibetan building here already in 2008, when this road was just an almost impassable strip of protected land – that was Greenlaning at it’s best 😉

The highest point in Campion is to find on the parcel “Castle Bella” (, owned by the RatPac group and claimed in march 2008. It is open to the public and a small chapel was build on the top on 365m. The door was closed when I visited 😦

 A rather large rezz zone in Campanula (

The road swings very smooth along the hillside and if you rise your draw distance accordingly, it gives a nice view on the lands down to the railroad and the neighboring regions Sagittata and Foxglove.

In the next region, Arches, is the second place located, wich can call himself the highest point in secondlife. On the “Paraglider glide slope” of famous Kou Umaga (, the ‘natural’ ground reaches 365m too. The buildings at his homeplace are the only significant architecture for a long stretch of  this side of the hillrange.

He is a paraglider pilot (and teacher) and a rather roundish rabbit 😉 So he does not care very much about footpaths. The japanese archways lead straight up the hillside to his wonderful place. Check out his blog He is as much an excellent photographer, paraglider and aircraft pilot as an observant explorer of the wonders of secondlife. I love his work – even if I don’t understand any japanese 😉

After Kou Umaga’s place, Mr. Garden Mole had to run the road over a long bridge again. This time it is a real viaduct: “LDPW_R6_viaduct(8m)”. It follows the hillside until Lapara, where I will continue the trip another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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