Braggiani – Minarlo Vite – Scorze – Jiminy – Eldora – Kendall (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

I decided to postpone my visit to Chamonix City and to continue to follow Amundsen Road. I’m not yet in the mood for wintersports 😉

So I start where I ended here, in front of Snuggles Christmas Showcase in Bretton, just before the branch to the west, to Chamonix (

The road continues straight to the north, along the border from Minarlo Vite to Loon, but always staying in the Minarlo Vite sim.

Here squats on the roadside this nice penguin by Hyper Mole with his igloo. On the other side of the road, you see in Loon the amazing building of “The Office of Professor Kaos” created by Skaht Kaos.

Too bad the neighbors buildings do not respect this masterpiece. Thats one of the disadvantages in living on the mainland 😦

A little further, still in Loon, there waits an outpost of the Biker Parties Group –  “Visit the BikerParties Information Center with a list of great Biker Areas in SL and Biker Events Calendar, Biker Bar, Salt Flats, Riding Track, Boxing Club, Orientation Center full of free stuff. HWD Fine Leather and Tattoos.” They offer a rezz zone beside the road (

In the next sim, Scorze, the road turns slowly to the NE, crosses to Jiminy, runs through the NW corner there, crosses to Eldora now running to the west, crosses the SE corner of this sim and turns again to the north in Kendall. The selection of names in this part of the Mainland is uncomprehensible. Nothing to find about RL Minarlo Vite (I suspect some spelling mistake), Jiminy I connect to Jiminy Cricket, Scorze is a municipality in Italy, Eldora a small town in Iowa, Kendall is a widespread surname and several counties and towns in the USA seem to be named after one or the other member of this lineage 😉

In Scorze again an official rezz zone: Two more of Hyper Moles snowmans are hanging around here.

After the sim border to Jiminy waits Eric Lindens “Snowcat 1. 2 snowplow” to clear the road from any snowy obstacles. You can sit in it, but it is not a driveable vehicle. As far as I know, Eric Linden himself is long gone from the Lab.

A strange building on this side of the road. The parcel was claimed on Nov 19 2005! The building seems to be made by Mtbshinji Quan. It is odd: Both, the owner of the parcel and the creator of the building are much younger than the date when the parcel was claimed …

Eldora, the next sim, needed some clean up when I visited. Some unused parcels where the owners left object rezzing enabled and didn’t set an object return time or left the parcel cluttered themselves are sufficient to ruin the sight in a sim. Especially with objects with glow set to unbearable … 

In Kendall I reach the branchoff to Arosa. This is the start to a privately owned and maintained roadsystem wich stretches over at least 4 sims. I will revisit that another day.

In this corner of Kendall I found a scene, very secondlife 😉

Front to the road to Arosa, a wonderful luxurious “Bi-double House” by Novocaine Islay, in the backyard the beautiful “Sculpty Roof Cabin for all seasons” by Kallie Miles.  Both have the same owner, are on the same parcel and both wear proudly an Australian flag 😉

I really love these unexpected surprises en route. But for now, I have to break the trip along Amundsen Road and will continue another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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