Primtings Museum @ Primtings

This is what Secondlife will lose, when the authorities decide to close down the sim (read here ‘all’ about it). I recommend all to visit this wonderful build and the collection of genuinely secondlife artwork as soon as possible: You find it here:

“The Prim’d Paintings Gallery – the interpretation of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims & other techniques. Edward Hopper, George Bellow, Escher, van Gogh, Magritte, Rembrandt 3d paintings”

Owned and created by Ina Centaur. Check out her profile here and visit her other stuff too. As an impressive builder and creator, she does leave a large footprint in the history of this virtual world …

The Primtings Museum is documented on the Web too:

Some of the artwork can be ‘used’. Sit in the bath and be Marat 😉

Some of the creators: Cel Edman, Eshi Otawara, Bryn Oh, Ub Yifu, Paula Dix, AM Radio, Solkide Auer, Zephyru Zapedski and a lot more

You missed something important in your second life if you never stood face to face with these wonderful masterpieces of second life artwork.


be nice and have fun


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