News from Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

The Zoo of All Things saw some changes and additions in the last weeks not yet documented here.

Some entertainment at the cafe and at the garden tent:

Diego Calavera is created by Citizen Dreamscape. Touch him for some fine tunes 😉

For some sporting activity for those not interested in the exhibits, I placed a basketball shoot game from Abramelin Wolfe / Abranimations in front of the exihibition building. Touch the ball to start and touch the start button on the board to try to beat the highscore. Yes, parents, you can leave your children playing here. It is safe – as long as they don’t wander to the raptors 😉

At the Tomato Park ( I found some very nice animals. The Pigs are made by Gian Allstar. They seem to like it at the Zoo. Touch the trough to feed the family.

Beautifully animated bunnies made by Nicehoon Langer / Tomato Park inhabit several places now.

Touch the tree beside the entrance to the Watertower to feed the squirrels made by Nicehoon Langer / Tomato Park.

To satisfy the global thirst for wine, I expanded the vineyards. The birds and scarecrow are from Albert Beerbaum / Herbalys.

The most important change was the redesign of the Dimidiata Entrance. Check here, how it looked before. It was an isolated building of no further use – now it is really a part of the Zoo. Watch out, there is a sim border to cross when you enter the zoo there …

More to see in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria and as always – more to come soon 😉


be nice and have fun …


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