Auschnar Run – Piera Salino – Froumo – Braggiani (Amundsen Road – Sansara Snowlands)

Let’s continue the travel we started here. After the drop to Loveland begins Amundsen Road ( Let’s see off Mr. Hyper Moles Snowman “snowman_pose4 (distressed)” and start the long trip along the westside of the Sansara Snowlands to the north.

This road was first mentioned by Michael Linden on the LDPW Blog on 05-13-2010. Nothing more to find in the Wiki about it. The road is in parts still marked as offroad route on

The road consists of “WHWY 10m raised” made by Sylvan Mole and switches later to the “WHWY 10m segment03” made by Michael Linden. Beware of the “snowman_pose6 (throwing)” by Hyper Mole, lying in waiting on the snowbridge on the sim border to Piera Salino. It seems like there was a whole team of Moles (and Lindens) involved in building the road. The embankment here “LDPW_SnowyEmbankment” is made by Mr. Garden Mole. I found also creations from Naughty Mole, Mysti Mole, Inconspicuous Mole, Michael and Eric Linden and more along the route…

In Piera Salino the first of many penguins by Hyper Mole. They and the snowmans are the guardians of the road here 😉

You will meet some automated traffic on the road. There are the pods “YavaScript Pod S0 (Southwestern mountains)” by Yavanna Llanfair and the well known cars and trucks by AnnMarie Oleander / AnnMarie Otoole. Fortunately Amundsen Road is wide enough to support this traffic.

Still in Piera Salino, just before crossing the border to Froumo, the road turns to the north.

“snowman_pose3 hand on hip” by Hyper Mole in marks the first rezz zone on the way.

If you rise your draw distance you see the backside of Castello Straulino in Loveland, wich I visited here.

Hyper Mole’s “snowman_pose2 (waving)” welcomes me in Braggiani. The border crossings on the way are very smooth. I suppose it’s because of the emtpy scenery. Not many builds on the road, a lot of unused land (but not abandoned or for sale when I visited).

The few building Landowners wonderfully add with their decorations to the snowland theme. This one I found in front of “Timber Creek Outfitters-Fine Cabins & Cabin Furnishings” and seems to be made by Gretchen Janick. The road runs along the sim border but stays completely in Braggiani. So you see far into Bretton but do not have to fear a sim crossing while driving. This road seems to be  ready for a run with the bike 😉

Here,, just in front of “Snuggles Christmas Showcase” in Bretton, a nice openair store with funny decorations for christmas by Teagan Parnas, a road branches off.   

I accepted this distraction and went looking for Chamonix City. The parcels for this road are no longer named Amundsen Road. But the route still is made out of the “WHWY 10m segment03” from Michael Linden and made by Hyper Mole. It leads to the west to the ocean to this interesting looking entrance on a bridge.

Here starts Chamonix City. The sims are owned by the Chamonix City Group: “Fantastic winter sports community inside Second Life! Sims located to the west of Braggiani. Come visit GOHA ice hockey, and try out hockey, snowboarding, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, and more. Everything is free! Chamonix-Mont-Blanc  was the site of the 1924 Winter Olympics (the first Winter Olympics). It has been described as “the death-sport capital of the world”. There seems to be a lot to discover and explore 😉

So I break the trip along Amundsen Road here and will continue another day.

until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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