Suicidal Tendencies ‘again’ ?

read here and here all about the sad fact that

SL Shakespeare Company, Primtings, and sLiterary are Closing 😦

and then read here all the other perspectives to the story 😉 (rather long read, but it’s worth the time)

Sometimes I’m amazed that this virtual world still exists with all this drama …

I will remove the beautiful Primtings kiosks when they stop working.



be nice and have fun …


2 thoughts on “Suicidal Tendencies ‘again’ ?

  1. Well, the message of closure and that nothing can be done had to be sent. The first one a few months ago was just, maybe there’s hope, but apparently, theres not. 😦 Sorry the SLU folks didn’t like it, but then we never did PR much there due to time/resource constraints.

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