Nolidae – Immidae – Perizoma – Taeniatum – Campion (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

This continues the trip I started here. You find the whole route on as “Route 6”. Here we will name this the “High Mountain Road” like the moles / LDPW named it inworld. I start where I ended the last section of the travel: stepping from the bridge crossing Nolidae on solid ground again (

If you increase your field of vision, you see the railroad down in Immidae. There are some simple but beautiful rural buildings between the road and the railway. This is desirable ground for the concerning builder: road and railway give visibility and in combination with the steep hillside, protect from neighbors unfitting builds.

It’s a short way to the next bridge. After leaving Nolidae there is a short stretch solid ground through Immidae, and straight after the border to Perizoma, Mr. Garden Mole had to conduct the route over a bridge again. We are coming near the highest point in whole Secondlife, so the hillside is very, very steep: the ground gets flat again at about 100m, the road is on 138m and the top of the hillrange at about 220m. 120m height in 30m distance!

The bridge runs through Perizoma. Its the same structure “LDPW_R6_plankbase” made by Garden Mole as the bridge to Nolidae. A very beautiful rezz zone here interrupts the plankway.

After the rezz zone, the bridge gets a little bit simpler. Now it’s based on the “LDPW_trestle_bridge_section”, made by Garden Mole.

Just before leaving Perizoma, I found this wonderful building “La Mandragola” made by Luna McMillan, I have to check out her stuff! The parcel “The Wizards’s House” belongs to Nephilim estates, according to the landinfo: “Visitors Welcome when the owner is away”. The parcel has even building enabled with a return time of 90min, that’s what I call hospitality!

In the next sim, Taeniatum, still on the bridge, you have a nice view down on the impressive buildings and vehicles of the “TRAIN & TRAM STORE –  H8 Motors Company”, “Home of the 1st sensor, high-prim, passenger trains. steam engine, locomotives, diesel electric, monorail, and trolley. Drive on Linden railroad, or automatic on your land. Railway track sets available”. 

The Store covers all of Taeniatum between railroad and High Mountain Road. The exhibited trains are absolutely fabulous, worth a long visit 😉

The bridge runs through to Campion, where I broke my trip again. I for sure will continue this route another day, until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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