Pavonia – Sabre – Nolidae (Route 6 – the High Mountain Road – Heterocera Atoll)

According to the maps on this trail is called “Route 6”. The land parcels inworld equally are named “Route 6”. In addition, the signs on the road give this route along the inside of the hillrange wich builds the backbone of the Heterocera Atoll the name “High Mountain Road”.

So let’s adopt this one. The moles really deserve to name the route, in my rating, one of the most beautiful made in whole Secondlife. Builder is Mr. Garden Mole.

We start in Pavonia The railroad ends here on a station made by Garden Mole. You can even rezz your stuff here, although there is no rezz zone sign up! The station seems not to be finished yet. As I visited, the station sign was still blank. You walk to the factory building to the north, “The Enginehouse”, also made by Mr. Garden Mole. It is worth some time. Walk around the building, past the “LDPW_traction-engine_rusty” also made by Garden Mole and you are on the road 😉

Or start straight at the first of many rezz zones along the route, in Sabre at

This is no trail for road vehicles. Over long distances there is no paved road, just the ‘natural’ ground. Please respect these signs:

In the rezz zone, the track just touches the NO corner of Sabre.

You see down on the very beautiful made “Friar Tucks Cottage – The Woods of Aine Medieval Village Homes – Spacious luxury medieval homes for rent, tree woodland quiet sim low lag” owned by “Mosaic Properties”. This property extends on the south of the road all the way in Nolidae also. Here the High Road needs to follow a wooden bridge because of the steep hillside.

Landscaping on mainland is sometimes a difficult task, you can rise and lower the groundlevel only max. +/- 4m. If the ground is too steep, there is no way to flatten a strip of land broad enough for a road. So even moles have to bridge this ‘natural’ obstacle 😉

The bridge reaches almost to the NO corner of Immidae. Where your horse will find solid ground again 😉

We will continue this route another day, until then

be nice and have fun on the road …


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