Loveland – Bretton (Sansara Snowlands)

My first trip is a very, very short one, just 2 sims. A Proof of Concept 😉

We start in Loveland (, in the snowlands of Sansara. This is one of the oldest roads in Secondlife. A very short one, perhaps a proof of concept for Linden roads 😉 Made by Eric Linden (past Linden, even out of search). In the next region, Auschnar Run, starts Amundsen road, a recent addition to the road network. We will travel this one another time …

A steep wall of snow where the road just begins, without any formalities. High up you see the broken end of Amundsen Road with a snowman made by Hyper Mole.

Loveland is a deep gorge, wide just enough for a small creek and the road. The one (and only) dominating building is Castello Straulino in the NW. It is a nice and easy course, almost without any traffic 😉

There is no rezz zone along the route. You have to look for an open parcel, if you want to rez a vehicle. I just attached my horse for this short ride 😉

A very special scenery with these steep snowy hillsides. Fine to test some light and sky presets.

After a bridge and a turn we already are in Bretton. A smooth sim crossing.

The road ends here and there is no more protected land in Bretton to continue.

So I turned around and had a look at Castello Straulino.

The parcel was owned by “S&S Lands Trust” and was open to the public when I visited. A very nice building. Perhaps you can rent that. It seems to be ready to get furnished and decorated.

The footpath up from the road is a very fine work of landscaping. The building seems to be made by Lana Straulino and Syn Short.

Back where I started, I send my horse back and visited the snowman 😉

There are a lot more of these along Amundsen Road. This one is made by Hyper Mole (the Mole of Rantiness) and is called “snowman_pose4 (distressed)”. I like it 😉


be nice and have fun on the road …


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