Simple’s Vehicles

Simple loves to travel the roads and routes of Secondlife. Over the years my inventory saw a lot of different vehicles come and go. Here I present the selected few that survived all cleanings. That means also that Simple will give the ‘business’ of documenting the roads of secondlife over to his alt Traveling Albatros before he really got started 😉

Some reasons: First, it gets just too time consuming and too complicated to clean up the inventory and the attachments after a building session to get ready for a smooth crossing of sim borders. It is my experience that it is critical on my limited bandwith to reduce inventory and particulary important to reduce the active scripts to an absolute minimum. Only so prepared, most of the time i can go for more than an hour without crashing on a border.

Second reason: Traveling Albatros just looks great as traveller. His style and accessories are listed on his page on the blog (coming soon). I almost forgot, how much fun it is, to style an avatar from scratch 😉
Third reason: On the road you get in situations where it is wise not to expose the ‘creator and managing director of the Lythria Zoo of All Things @ Lythria and of the Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja’. Anonymity for my main 😉

Of course the quality and fun of a trip depends mostly on the kind of vehicle used. Basically there are 2 types: the ones you ‘sit on’, like you use a furniture and the ones you ‘wear’ like an attachment. Usually the attached vehicles do not use much of the physics, they just replace the walking and running animation of the avatar with some animations of their own, add some gears and some effects. The vehicles you sit on are usually heavy scripted and take into account the physics of the world. i.e. you need some basic understanding what you are doing before you can use them and the bad scripted ones have a real problem crossing a sim border even in an average lag situation. Too bad you don’t see that when buying 😦 And – a big disadvantage – you need a parcel where you can rez objects to use them.

So now to Simple’s preferred vehicles:

This is Simple’s most used vehicle, the “Ruby Midnight Socks” (Attachment – by Casey Burleigh / Crimson Phoenix Creations). Such a beauty and very nice animated. But this one is just for show. It walks and gallops in the same speed as the avatar would walk or run. So, I really don’t know, why Simple prefers to ride than to walk – but of course, Attitude is an Artform – and a vice 😉

The attachments from Kimiko Dover are especially convenient: you don’t have to press a key to get going, just to change direction or gear. So you can cam around while driving. But I had to stop to use them on the road, I missed too many curves 😉 In the end, active in the inventory stayed only the Kayak (Attachment – by Kimiko Dover / Kimiko Industry). Be careful with her flying vehicles. They are not intended for the hasty user, because they act in the wind ‘virtually’ like the real ones. But when you master that, it is a great adventure and fun 😉

As aircraft for a trip, Simple prefers the “Talakin Waterbird” (flying vehicle (no wind) – by Tegen Barzane / Tegatti Engineering). I learned to fly that in one go, it is light enough to cross the borders without problem and I can fly so slow and low enough, that the scenery just has time to rezz 😉

Sometimes Simple crosses the sea and to that, a kayak isn’t the right vehicle. Then he rezzes the small boat “Talakin Small Boat 2.1” ((free!) – swimming vehicle – by Tegen Barzane / Talakin Boatyard). This is a vehicle you sit on, but very light. I never had any problem on borders, it’s free and it’s simple fun to drive, even though a little boring too …

Last but not least, the heavy motor: Simple tested a lot of bikes and cars. The bike that turned out to be the most usuable one is the  “~Nomad Custom~ Evil Fuck 1115” (road vehicle – by Muzzle Marshdevil / H&H Custom Cycles). In the first gear you can cross borders almost without problems. You still make your airjumps and rubberbandings, but usually you land in an acceptable short time on the other side of the border, facing in the right direction to go on driving. It is light but very functional scripted and animated. And a beauty 😉

This one and the Ruby Midnight Socks are on display in ‘real’ on the road entrance of the Simple’s Plebeja Mountain Retreat . That this is the only road motor on this list means also, that most of the cars and bikes I tested are not usable for travels on Secondlife Mainland. Beautiful yes, but some even do not survive any border!

So here are Simple’s hints if you are interested in vehicles in Secondlife:

  • do always test vehicles on sim borders before buying!
  • do not buy nocopy vehicles!
  • be sure that size and animations / positions are modifiable or fit your avatar!
  • do not let these roadwarriors spoil your fun on the road, just right-click and block them from your Secondlife!
  • last but not least: be open for adventures and respect the secondlife of the others. We are neighbors 😉

Please send a postcard of your travels to


see you at the Zoo 😉


be nice and have fun …


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