Freebies at Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria

Simple offers in the Zoo of All Things some Freebies he did find on his travels around the Mainland. Most are hidden in plain sight 😉 Just right click and copy the objects (or choose buy and pay L$0). Most are set to notransfer, so your friends have to visit the zoo too 😉 Here are some examples:

Arcadium Asylum’s Pinball Machine and a Hobo couch from Barnesworth Anubis in the Cafe.

Alicia Stellas World Time Clock in the Cafe.

A beautiful Paper lantern from Yuniq Epoch on the central platform of the Panorama Building.

The Ice Cream Cart from feniks Stone.

The Landmark Givers on the Landing Point ( )

There are a lot more to find. Even some of the buildings are free to copy! Take your time to explore and tell your friends too 😉

See you at the Zoo 😉


be nice and have fun …


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