Captain Crazy aka Tactical Ormstein aka Vengeance Ethaniel aka Vengeance Scorpio aka Tactical Eizenhart

Traveling the Mainland roads you meet some very strange Avatars. But this guy topped all. It is the first (!) time in my secondlife, that an Avatar had a problem with my appearence. I was on the road, on my bike, (june 14.) camming around, when i received this IM:

<<captain crazy (aka tactical eizenhart, vengeance ethaniel, vengeance scorpio, tactical ormstein): “My avatar costs 9,000L so you look noobie compared to me.. Therefore i have to mute you.  Problems? Mini-map.  Muted ^^>>

I lol’d, tried to answer, and looked at his profile to talk via his Main. In my surprise, part in german. Later I received this as answer:

<<ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ (tactical.eizenhart): (Saved Wed Jun 15 03:10:37 2011)Learn to talk Englosh

ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ (tactical.eizenhart): English

ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ (tactical.eizenhart): Dumbass

ĆǻƤţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžƔ (tactical.eizenhart): Muted>>

And in that profile, it was clearly declared, that he wouldn’t take any conversation regarding this Alt. But you see, he did 😉 Because of this profile, I send a NC with the IM to his partner (his 5. Alt?) too, banned these 4 Avatars from my lands and thought the story ended. It wasn’t, today, 10 days later, I receive these in my Mail 😉

<<[3:39] Tactical Eizenhart: Noob

[3:39] Tactical Eizenhart: Face me in person not behind alts>>


<<[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: Yeh i don’t speak as many languages as you because i don’t have as much experience at practicing oral on foreign cock

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: Pwned

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: WELCOME TO MY PICKS

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: Vengeance Ethaniel, your god

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: Out

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: MUTED

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: ALL NAMES

[3:41] Vengeance Scorpio: ALL ACCOUNTS>>


<<[3:47] Tactical Ormstein: Here’s a landmark for you, pussie. If you don’t come to face me in person then you SHALL go on ALL of my profile picks as the biggest pussie on Second Life and DAMN will your name bring up a shitload of results in the search. I’ll be there all day. YOU CHOOSE. Fear me or face me.

Tactical Ormstein has offered you ‘Atlantis: Where new meets old…, Atlantis (226, 226, 22)’ in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

[3:47] Tactical Ormstein: MUTED>>

He wants me to face him and muted me the same time ?? I lol’d again and answered of course 😉

<<sorry, now i have to AR you. Why do you have a problem with an AV that doesn’t cost 9’000 L$ ?? I didn’t cause any harm to you, why do you have to insult me?? what’s your problem??>>


<<and the only one hiding behind alts is you. I didn’t contact you on any of my alts …>>


<<you are the first (!) person in all my time in SL that has a problem with my AV. So the problem is not with me, it is on your side. Can I help you with anything? You got problems? Need psych help?>>

I went there in the evening, as I found time to login, but the sim was empty. I wandered around, waited for a while (a nice place by the way. I will visit there again). But he didn’t show. So who’s the pussy now 😉 I had to send him this:

<<Hi, I was on Atlantis and waited 1/2h where are you? Who’s the pussy now 😉 Sorry that was your last chance for a date with me, have a nice sl>>

Of course I didn’t AR him. It isn’t worth it – for now. It is still fun 😉

But again, I emphasize: The SL residents are a really nice bunch of people, especially these traveling the Mainland roads. This was the first ‘bad’ encounter. It makes me sad, thinking about the RL person behind this guy. There has to be a truckload of problems on his shoulders to act like that against a person he never met before.


be nice and have fun 😉


4 thoughts on “Captain Crazy aka Tactical Ormstein aka Vengeance Ethaniel aka Vengeance Scorpio aka Tactical Eizenhart

  1. Seems more people had a problem with this guy. After a call I did a check. This is the actual situation as of oct 2011:
    – There is a new Account ĆǻPţåĬŊ-ĈŗĄžY (CaptainCrazy)
    “***OFFICIAL SL BIRTHDATE: 9/21/2006***
    British male.
    ~*~*~ Owner of Dark Autumn ~*~*~
    Leader of the ﻜƬЄǻMÞυηĶ ŖЄﻜįﻜƬǻηÇЄ
    Been here for 5 years, my avatar has developed SO much in this time..Want an example of my evolution on Second Life then watch this:

    It shows just how much i give a crap about your shit!
    Professional builder, 3D model artist and animator (12 years). I also DJ (5 years) and create textures (12 years).” Birthdate 21 August 2011.
    New account but the same bigmouth 😉
    – Tactical Ormstein, Vengeance Ethaniel, Vengeance Scorpio and Tactical Eizenhart are all out of search …

  2. oh i have had many a run in with this guy found his real life fb copy his pictures
    &re named my fb ArmouredFury CaptainCrazy ShroudedBlackheart
    sent him messages he really should not leave his facebook open lol
    alas i am banned from fb now and his real life fb is not open anymore i just felt that i had to take him down a peg or two i am hard of hearing so i can not voice in sl

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