News from Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria, February (1)

First week of february and first strike from heaven against the Zoo 😉

Some Linden Overgod pressed the button and removed all megaprims from Mr. Crowley Avro from the grid. This action removed the original Exhibition Hall building without traces – As conscientious creator, Simple just had to rezz and position the backup from the inventory. I hope the powers do no repeat their punishment of innocents, the Zoo relies very much on megaprims 😉

Simple added ambient sounds to the Water Tower and the Ring of Fire and some bubble generators to the Dimidiata Aquarium ( 😉


And now I am experimenting with panorama photography. This is a first test:

The building in the Lythria Zoo of All Things is ready and a better example already on show. Climb the ropes to have an impression, what is to expect 😉

Yes – and honorable Mr. Pawpaw was here and mentioned the Zoo again in his highly recommended blog ( Simple bows deeply before pawpaw’s perseverance in documenting the Heterocera Atoll …

See you at the Zoo 😉


be nice and have fun …


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