The Animals in Simple’s Lythria Zoo of All Things

Of course, there ARE animals in the Zoo. But there is a huge problem with realistic animals in Second Life: Scripts, textures and sculpts add heavy to the lag – and as Lythria is an open sim with always almost the whole scenery in view, the animals have to be selected according to this main requirement – that the lag they induce stays bearable. That is why there are only 2 Zooby’s Animals on display 😉

At various places in the Zoo you find the following animals:

Expect the list to change 😉

Some of them react on touch, some react on nearby avatars, some are rideable. Check it out, don’t be shy. Except the raptors, no animal in the Zoo will bite 😉


Please donate generously if you like the place. All donations will be in favour of the continuous elaboration and extension of Simple’s Lythria Zoo of all Things (

And send a postcard of your visit to 😉


be nice and have fun …


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