How to support Simple’s Lythria Zoo of All Things

Simple’s Main is working blood, sweat and tears in RL to pay the tier for 1 mainland sim (US$195/month). That stays the definite limit of his financial investment in Second Life. But Simple himself wants to expand and already sees the Zoo growing over all sim borders 😉

The Lythria Zoo of All Things offers residents the opportunity to show their work to the public for free. With your support, you help Simple in expanding and improving the Zoo and the idea behind: To give other residents the opportunity he got – to contribute in a greater extent to the picture on the canvas Second Life. With your support at least in this part of Second Life, it will be our world, our Imagination again 😉 Be assured, that I will not try to make it ‘more predictable’, on the contrary 😉

How to support:

  • pay the donation boxes in Simple’s Zoo of All Things @ Lythria (, Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja ( or Simple’s Aquarium + Restplace @ Dimidiata (
  • buy a souvenir from the Zoo: a prefab for your garden (lol) or one of Simple’s Meditation Books, also proven to break the ice on parties 😉
  • donate your unused land tier, no matter how little, to Simple’s Land Group. Contact Simple Wunderlich inworld or on for an invitation to the group and for further informations.
  • participate in donating your creations (e.g. animals, furnitures) or technical assistance (e.g. scripters, graphic artists). Contact Simple Wunderlich inworld or on for the current needs.
  • participate in showing the world your artwork (or just your face) in the Lythria Zoo of All Things. Contact Simple Wunderlich inworld or on for further informations and conditions.
  • take your events to the Zoo. Not only the Event Arena in the sky can be used for larger group events. Basicly all public events are welcome, please contact Simple Wunderlich early inworld or on, that all arrangements can be made in time.
  • last but not least: visit the Zoo, visit often and bring your friends – the best support are returning visitors, that assures us, that the visit and therefore our work made an impression 😉

Thank you very much … 

And of course, send a postcard of your visit to 😉


be nice and have fun …


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