About Simple’s Meditation Books

I really love it, to travel the roads of the mainland and to admire what we residents paint on the canvas that Second Life offers. Too bad the most beautiful and extraordinary buildings and scenes often vanish in the visual noise of their neighbors. It is seldom easy to find the right angle and camera focus to get a single build or scene portrayed uncluttered by neighboring eyesores 😉

But the pictures are always worth the trouble. They are no substitute for the original buildings of course, but I hope I was able to catch the most of the soul of the creations. The texts are NOT selected to match the photographs. The interpretation of the text, the photographs, the combination of both and the sequence in wich they are placed, is alone the readers business! Because english is not my mother tongue, I literally stumble over some sentences or sayings in the books I read – and not because of their meaning. It may be a poetic word order or the melody of the text or sometimes just because I’m perplexed how it’s possible to express so much, so deep a wisdom in such ordinary words – language is a virus 😉 Like the photographs represent my view on a facet of the soul of Second Life, the texts represent a facet of my view of life, the universe and everything. Please do not blame the original authors, the texts are all rudely torn from their context 😉

My preferred vehicle is my loyal horse, a Ruby Midnight Socks from Casey Burleigh of Crimson Phoenix Creations (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monaco/203/153/21). It never lets me down on sim crossings, it looks fantastic, is beautifully animated and the scripted effects work even in very laggy sims 😉

The photographs are all original views from an official Linden road on the mainland. No parcel borders were crossed, no objects derendered, nothing later edited. Some were made with the official Linden Viewer, some with Kirstens Viewer, always in the most current versions. I intentionally do not include landmarks in the books: 1) There is no guarantee, that a building in Second Life will still be the same the next day and 2) I want to encourage you to travel the mainlands and make your own findings 😉

You find the books for sale at Simple’s Mountain Retreat @ Plebeja (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plebeja/217/187/223) and in Simple’s Lythria Zoo of All Things (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lythria/39/86/70). All sales of the books are in favor of the Lythria Zoo of All Things. And there are more of them in the making 😉


be nice and have fun …


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