Simple is always looking for free Statues

In Plebeja ( and Lythria ( you find my collection of free statues. On my travels across the mainlands I’m always looking to add to the number of original statues / 3d Art from Second Life.

If you have a statue / 3d Art in your inventory from an original Second Life artist, please send it with a notecard to Simple Wunderlich. The object has to be copy / transfer and please make sure, that the original creator made it with the intend to be freely distributed…

If you find an object in the collection, that shouldn’t be for free, please inform me. I will remove it asap 😉

NEVER EVER PAY ANYTHING FOR THESE STATUES, and please do not try to resell them. If you find my boxes anywhere for sale, please inform me, that I can take appropriate actions…

Are you a sculptor yourself? It is the best promotion of your art, to give away an example for free 😉 Include a landmark and a notecard for your future customers. Send it with or without the box, but make sure that every object is copy / transfer. If you want, I will set it to not transferable…


be nice and have fun …


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